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  1. No screenshot, but MLB The Show 19 continues to use the wrong caps for the 1998 Devil Rays. The entire time that Tampa Bay wore the gradient uniform, they always wore the cap with the TB and the fish. But for years, the game has used the fish-only caps that were unveiled at the uniform announcement a few years before the team began play, but were never actually worn on-field in the 90s or 2000. For what it's worth, the Rays organization themselves seem to have trouble with this, as the team wore the fish-only caps during their first Devil Rays throwback game in 2009. And since then, they've used that cap as the basis for their fauxback home Sunday cap (which is gorgeous enough to forgive).
  2. I've been playing as the Browns lately in Madden Franchise Mode, and I've been using a mix-and-match uniform for the home uni, using the current Color Rush jersey and the 2010's home pants, the opposite for the away uniform with the 2010's away jersey and the Color Rush pants, with the 2010's alternate brown socks with orange stripes for both unis. It's essentially taking the Color Rush jersey and creating a full uniform set from it.
  3. Agreed. I'm certainly no fan of the Bucs' current uniforms, but I could live with them if they had normal looking block numbers. I know it's a tired joke at this point, but I don't understand how it got past the concept stage at Nike or Buccaneers management without someone pointing out that they look like an alarm clock.
  4. I spent way too long trying to figure out how The Foo Fighters' "Dirty Water" related to Boston in any way. Your song makes more sense.
  5. I don't know many respectable people who ever liked him.
  6. Indiana can take Bubba back. We don't want him.
  7. Dumping navy altogether? No thank you. That's what gets you the awful yellow monstrosities they created for the away version of their fauxbacks that would have never been created even by the most outlandish sports uniform designers in the 1970s. But I've long said that the fauxbacks can be the base design of a redesign that more efficiently utilizes all three team colors.
  8. My only fear with a black jersey and black pants is that they'll inevitably pair that combo with all black socks. Leave that garbage for Color Rush games in the past.
  9. I have always advocated for a white outline on the logo, but after seeing the new navy and red cap, I immediately changed my mind. That cap is perfect, to the point where I'm actually tempted to buy one, and I don't own any MLB caps other than Rays caps (with the exception of a Blue Jays cap my friend gave me after he got a Spring Training bat boy job).
  10. Come on, Bolts. It's not that hard. Either embrace the best uniform you've ever had... ... or the goofiest one.
  11. It's not great, but it could have been a lot worse. I also admire that they didn't make it comically large like the 125th Anniversary patch in 1994. The mothership does ask an interesting question: Will it change colors for different teams? I could go either way on it. I do like seeing the batterman logo in team colors, but at the same time, there's something to be said for MLB standing strong on their branding across the board.
  12. Agreed. For one, "jet black" is a thing. Second, there's usually black lettering on military jets. If they're leaning into the more military-based imagery (which Nike most certainly will), it makes sense, even more than green, in my opinion, but obviously they're not getting rid of green (nor should they).
  13. The Arena Football League is a professional football league.
  14. I loved my black John Lynch Buccaneers jersey. I always used those in Madden.
  15. Team ownership has gone on record (and reiterated since yesterday) that they are not considering relocation. I know everyone gets off on the idea of moving the Rays and Athletics, but let's let the teams and cities deal with that issue and allow fans to keep their teams.
  16. I have the same issue with my New Era Tampa Bay Lightning cap. I tried wearing it with my new Lightning shirt, and it looked like two completely different colors. I've got a Zephyr brand Lightning cap as well, and it matches the jersey color way more closely than NE does.
  17. Coming from a lifelong Bucs fan who started in the last couple sessions of the Creamsicle era, yes, I liked the 1997 rebrand, but I think those uniforms were starting to show their age. Sticking with a dark red and darker pewter, along with black trim, made for an overly-dark uniform, and there wasn't a need for double outlines on the numbers.
  18. Red, orange, and a touch of either black or pewter (not both) is all the team needs. You don't have to choose between the dainty Bucco Bruce or the unnecessarily aggressive current skull. There's a happy medium that isn't too soft or edgy.
  19. I was going to make the same point. "We've always done it that way" doesn't make a lot of sense when there are valid alternatives to make it look better.
  20. Thank you. Just because the "Greek" or "tribal" logos from the 1970s were unique doesn't mean they were good. There have been plenty of uniform designs over the decades that were unique but aesthetically bad, and they should stay in the past.
  21. Is this a road alt, or are they going to force a powder blue uniform with the city name on the home fans?
  22. Do they need a white outline? No, they don't. Would they look better with one? Yes, they would.
  23. This might be the first time I've seen that patch/logo straight and not at an angle. The neck on that guitar is way too short.
  24. That video was full of closeups and quick cuts. There's only one real shot of the full jersey (the one in the thumbnail of the video), and it only lingers on that shot for half a second. You never really get a full sense of the overall product, just bits and pieces that they know will pop, especially when only shown briefly.
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