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  1. It's not so easy when you have the better quality ones. guest23- Doesn't matter. It's still never a legit authentic jersey. Unless you buy one worn "on field" by a player, you're still getting a replica. That's why it's funny to me that people make such a big deal of it.
  2. Oh and another thing: Even when you buy an authentic from an official seller- you're still not getting a legit on-field jersey. They don't have the draw-string sleeves or anything like that. So you're kind of getting duped anyway in to thinking you're getting the real deal when you aren't.
  3. Know what's funny? The people here talking up buying legit Authentics are the same guys that wont spring for over 200 bucks for a pair of quality jeans, a shirt, etc. Yet their sweat-shop produced mesh cheap shirts have to be official or they're "low quality". The gap between quality is very narrow. Sure, you want to think it isn't since you're paying more. It's like saying your Lexus is so much better quality than the Toyota that came off the same line... sure, it makes you feel good to think so- but really? You may have a slightly better vehicle, but for the price? If you were smart you would have just got the Yota. We all know the official jersey costs are ridiculously high for what they are and for how often they become outdated. It's those distributers that need to change their prices. No one wants to buy a cheap jersey for 250$ that they can only wear once a week to games, yet it becomes irrelevant once the player is traded or the team switches designs. Here's one I got for 40 flat... and I'd buy 10 more of these over a 250 dollar sweat-shop produced SLIGHTLY better quality version:
  4. And then you put it in the washing machine and start to see the true integrity of the jersey. Mine's looked just as good after several washes. Main thing is- it looks far better than the crappy replica I paid for for 80 dollars not too long ago. Half the price (less, actually), much better quality (than replica), and looks better. All the NFL has to is charge fair prices. That's all. They're making a product that has a a shelf life of 2 years max. If I pay for an A|X shirt for 200 dollars, I know I can wear it for 2 years and look nice. If I buy a Chris Johnson jersey, he'll be traded or walk via FA within 1 year...and I've got a worthless 300 dollar jersey hanging in the closet leaving me praying that someone else by last name Johnson comes along and wears 28 again for the Titans. Unlikely. Just doesn't make sense.
  5. People feel like elitists when they pay for overpriced anal rape they call "authentic jerseys". They feel they're more moral or better... and it pisses them off to the core to see people wearing a shirt that cost 5x's less but you have to take a magnifying glass to tell the difference. It's sort of like a Lexus owner downing a Toyota driver. Great... you've got your little decal that lets you know you spent more and might have a slightly better product. But really... you were just taken advantage of, and now you're pissed off to realize it. Difference with jerseys is... no one else knows. Which makes it worse. They wish there was something on the jersey that everyone else could see and say "oh, he spent 300 dollars on that one- look at him!"... but there's not. And they hate it. But they can't stoop to the lows of buying a 'fake' jersey. Noooo... that's just wrong. Who cares if they more than likely pirated thousands of dollars worth of music, movies, software, etc... this is different! And you're going to hear why! It's a shirt. It's not an authentic jersey. The ones NFL.com sell aren't authentic jerseys. Not even close. But they're made in a sweat-shop that has an official license! Who cares? And stop pretending the money goes to hard-working designers that made the logo 60 years ago.
  6. I wonder what team Lebron will run to when he fails to win in Miami? He might make this thread 5 times before his career is over...
  7. that's an L + 7.

  8. That's cool, thanks anyway. What do you mean by 'REAL' Titans 50th patch? That is the 'real' one. lol Unless you're referring to the AFL 50th patch, but it's a bit bland. What I mean is a REAL physical patch which I've seen on eBay already (as well as the other "50th" patches). I collect sports logo patches and have over 2000 in my collection. Got ya.
  9. That's cool, thanks anyway. What do you mean by 'REAL' Titans 50th patch? That is the 'real' one. lol Unless you're referring to the AFL 50th patch, but it's a bit bland.
  10. These are beautiful, fellas. Great work. Here's my request- http://www.titansonline.com/assets/images/...iversary400.jpg http://www.sportslogos.net.com/~asgsport/images6/Titans_50.gif I'd convert them, but I'm hoping there are better versions of this patch somewhere and I'm just not sure where to find it. If you don't want to fool with it, that's cool. Thanks for this thread though.
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