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  1. Rewatchables is great. NBA Ringer has really hit its stride. The Larry Wilmore show is excellent. Bill Simmons' celebrity interviews are generally very good. Why he can't see that his over the top Boston homerism (and lately, over the top LeBron hate) hurts far more than it helps is beyond me. That stupid deflategate trial is probably what killed his HBO show, and yet.
  2. LeBron missed six weeks. Lonzo has been out half the season. Ingram missed a quarter of the year. This was always going to be a throwaway season for LA, but they had injury disaster. Their trades were stupid too. Zubac should still be on that team.
  3. This is where I am with Major League Baseball these days: https://deadspin.com/does-mlb-care-if-no-one-cares-1833054171 Moneyball was great, but the sport has turned into a real-life fantasy league. I don't know who it's for anymore.
  4. I stopped listening ages ago. They were the best basketball podcast when they combined Wos, Trey, Amin, Windhorst and Rachel Nichols, but Jade as a performer stinks and the post-ESPN show had too much of the bad stuff. They switched to Trey bossa noving stuff, right? That's not okay. I wish them well, but the magic they had is long, long gone.
  5. So you get $5 off and no 4K option. Is the UFC community okay with this? You're paying $60/year just for access to buy more $60 PPVs (intro price notwithstanding). I think ESPN+ is a great deal and I have no interest in the UFC content at all. Interesting to see ESPN branch out the platform for more uses like this. It's too bad they couldn't get Champions League rights; I don't think I would have paid over the top for access to those games, but it would have been nice for a non-Bleacher Report option.
  6. Ah. Is $60 the going rate for UFC PPVs? If not, doesn't it feel like if you pay $5/month, you should get a break on the full price of the big show?
  7. I think it's cool that MLS stadiums at least look distinct from other American sports. They'll never be as beautiful at the Munich Allianz Stadium, but I'm sure there are people who drive by the Minnesota Allianz and think it's pretty awesome.
  8. How will the ESPN+ deal affect bars and other places like that? Don't they currently have special distribution deals?
  9. I think we can retire the Fitzpatrick/Harvard joke just like we can retire the Magic Eye/sailboat joke. The obvious observation seldom needs to be shared.
  10. Navy and red may be tough for color blindness, especially for a night game. I'm in favor of as much distinction as possible.
  11. SKC is in all light blue, and Colorado is in their traditional burgundy/light blue set, meaning both teams are wearing light blue shorts (though slightly different shades). Sporting KC's other option is all black, and I can't think that provides significantly more contrast to the dark Colorado set. I don't have much of a point here, other than to say maybe there is a need for third kits in MLS.
  12. Welcome to MLS Cincinnati! Nippert Stadium looks awesome and people have shown up! It's awesome. The pitch quality seems to be garbage for some reason, but the brick aesthetic of the football stadium kind of makes up for it; I hope the new FCC stadium keeps that look.
  13. The Argentina shirt looks like Adidas is deliberately showing how little they care. It's the barest minimum of effort to reflect the basic element of an iconic design. I look forward to NYCFC using that Columbia template next season.
  14. Speaking of black and pink, the Sounders are in their "Nightfall" set today in Chicago. It looks like a lovely, sunny afternoon in suburban Chicago, so the nightime effect of the shirts is a little dampened. Related, I often walk by the Sounders/Seahawks downtown pro shop. I couldn't help myself this week and picked up a replica black/pink shirt. I ended up choosing the replica over the authentic first for price, but also because the pink three stripes are appliques on the authentic shirt compared to sewn on the replica, and I don't trust all of those graphics in the wash.
  15. Which is such a gift. DC made the playoffs on the back of finishing the back end of their season at Audi Field. As a Sounders fan, I'm scared of late-season Timbers.