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  1. Posted in the NBA season thread, but TNT can dump that shot clock on the court right now.
  2. TNT can :censored: right off with the shot clock on the court.
  3. I like Lou Will, Montrezl and Pat Beverly. Your mileage may vary on Mo Harkless, JaMychel Green, and Landry Shamet. Yeah, the Lakers are screwed if anything happens to LeBron or AD, but Danny Green, Avery Bradley, Jared Dudley, KCP, Quinn Cook and JaVale are all good. Dwight can be good, and people say nice things about Troy Daniels. Also, if anything happens to PG -- with two bad shoulders -- and Kawhi -- who has a degenerative thigh condition -- the Clips don't look so good. Regardless, the roster each team starts with isn't what they'll end with, so who knows. To be on topic, the Lakers have better uniforms.
  4. That's their right, and also a great way to continue to remain a free agent desert. Sacramento got its arena. Maybe Vivek can sell the team to a city and an owner who would give a :censored:?
  5. Hield said that no good FAs ever go to Sacramento and he's right. Sacramento can pay him what he wants, pay Fox what he wants, pay Marvin Bagley what he wants, and they can find themselves -- in face of all odds -- competitive with a young core. Instead they want to nickel and dime a good shooter and give that money to Trevor Ariza. Okay, whatever.
  6. https://deadspin.com/why-nfl-officiating-is-such-a- :censored:show-right-now-1839105323
  7. It'll be crazy when Montrezl Harrell gets a max deal.
  8. You know, when the new Key Arena opens in Seattle, we're going to have a similar experience: more and more stuff is going to want to be here and it's going to be awesome. As it is right now, Seattle is losing a lot of concert acts that are going to Tacoma, and it's a bummer if you like things like Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga. I'm still frustrated that the anchor tenant will be NHL hockey, and any NBA/WNBA franchise will need to compete with hockey for preferred dates. It's backwards to this region's priorities, but it seems like the promise of NBA alone wasn't enough to get the Key renovation done. And should Ballmer not find what he needs in Inglewood, the Hansen site in Seattle's stadium district (2 miles south of the Key and situated in an industrial area with the baseball and football stadiums -- what a concept) might still be in play. If Seattle is going to poach a team, I'd rather have the Clippers or Pelicans roster anyway.
  9. It's gross, right? I guess you can say youve made it when your domestic soccer federation is as corrupt and nepotistic as FIFA, but no one paying to see the games wants this. I remember how exciting 2014 was and how it felt like better days for the USMNT were just around the corner. Well... Maybe in 2026? At least we're guaranteed to be in that World Cup. And really, all things considered, missing the Qatar Misery Cup wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Yes, a shame to waste the prime of Sargent and Pulisic and Morris and Weah, but otherwise, we could take a pass and be okay with it.
  10. Good for Beal. Get paid while you can! The 2020 FA market is going to be so sad compared to today. Lots of RFAs, though even then, I expect Siakam to be locked up any day now. Is the biggest 2020 free agent now Brandon Ingram? Who am I missing?
  11. So....if we had it do over again, does Sacramento still fight tooth and nail to keep the team it seems to no longer care for? Because there's still a Sonic-sized hole in Seattle we're filling with hockey and XFL.
  12. If that happens, watch how fast I change my tune on Kawhi and PG.
  13. And that's where I am. For better or for worse, this is "Clippers" to me: By and large, those Clippers teams were not very good. However, that doesn't mean they didn't look very good -- because they had an awesome uniform! And if they want to tap into a currently niche look that appeals to their core audience of hipsters and contrarians, they already had a built-in yacht rock look. If the Lakers are the team of Nipsy Hussle, why can't the Clips be the team of Seals and Crofts?