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  1. True -- I acknowledged in my first post that they weren't all his fault. Though, if it's tipped by one guy and lands in the hands of another, doesn't that mean Baker is throwing into too much traffic? Seahawks definitely got a boost from the refs today, absolutely. It also felt like the Seahawks' win was inevitable in the second half, even when they were down for a bit. Russell Wilson was generally getting whatever he wanted after some bad first drives, and that was the game. In 2019, San Francisco may be legit good, and the Browns -- for all of that -- are looking at a top ten pick. Ouch.
  2. Dalton is an interesting idea. The Browns are in win-now mode but don't have the QB to win now. They're almost begging for a Brad Johnson in Tampa or Trent Dilfer in Baltimore situation. Just need someone to not screw up. Or throw 3 picks.
  3. Not all of them were exactly his fault, but Baker Mayfield has been picked three times today. During the MNF game against SF, I posited that he might not be that good. I stand by that. Do the Browns still have a bunch of draft picks? What is the trade value for Baker Mayfield + some other stuff for a competent QB? How far away is Nick Foles? What about Teddy Bridgewater?
  4. Agreed. With the exception of this... I think everything they've done post bird-head logo has been routinely terrific. All of these are awesome:
  5. I think they should have rebranded completely to the vice look. They already have ready-to-go black/white/pink/blue shirts and people clearly love the look. There have been other instances where an alt replaced the regular look; the Dallas Stars immediately come to mind but I'm sure there are others. There's nothing inherently wrong with the red/yellow/black Heat. The Vice look is just better.
  6. But it's a rule that should have been in place already.
  7. You don't think PI should be reviewable? Why not?
  8. Some of those bad calls happen in the fourth quarter when the game is out of hand. Others happen in the middle of the second when the game is still tight and a bad or missed call is the difference between a score or a punt. When the Bills played the Pats, they were driving at the end of the 2nd. There was an obvious face mask on Josh Allen by the Pats but it wasn't called and you can't ask for that to be reviewed. Instead of stopping the clock and moving the Bills up into scoring range, they ended the half with a missed 49-yard FG, ending the first half down 13-3 instead of 13-6 or 13-10. In a 16-10 game, those 3 points are huge. So it's not just the big misses, but also the little ones along the way that are huge momentum shifters. Like when refs decide to call holding and blocks in the back or when they don't.
  9. Is this a ref thing or a Pats thing?
  10. I normally think the Pats always have an easy street schedule, and in playing the AFC East, they generally do. However, I just looked up 2019 for them and it's not really that simple. They play both New York teams next, but then: vs Cleveland at Baltimore Bye at Philly vs Dallas at Houston vs KC Of those, only Cleveland is trash. A 3-3 split may not be likely, but it is possible, especially since the Pats haven't played a good offense yet.
  11. Here's the 49ers the rest of the way, bye week already behind them: at Rams at Redskins vs. Panthers at Cardinals vs. Seahawks vs. Cardinals vs. Packers at Ravens at Saints vs. Falcons vs. Rams at Seahawks I can see them 7-1 by the team they meet the Seahawks the first time, and 9-6 the second time. Everyone playing the NFC East and AFC North really lucked out this season.
  12. ITT (and the NBA) Purple Rain, Raspberry Beret and Little Red Corvette. Add in When Doves Cry, Let's Go Crazy and 1999, and you kind of have a "popular conception of Prince" Bingo. I'm not saying Prince didn't have an incredible career. I'm just saying that, for most people, you could put a cap on his career with Batdance. Unless there's a banger on HITNRUN Phase Two I missed.
  13. I think the Jazz will be very good...but I can't forget how they wilted against the Rockets and how Donovan Mitchell couldn't beat France and how Mike Conley is great but never when it matters most. I'm rooting for their success, but not expecting it.
  14. It really all depends on who they get. $100 to be four rows away from, I don't know, Johnny Manziel? Nevermind...you're right. I don't know how much I'd pay to see the Seattle Dragons, but I know it's well south of $100. Maybe $20?
  15. Not watching, but I appreciate Atlanta getting destroyed in a stadium they didn't need paid for by people who shouldn't have had to.
  16. Or Minnesota could stop tapping the Prince well. The guy had a multi-decade career and he's remembered for, like, 6 songs from the 80s. It's nice they honor him, but unless they start pulling from his deep catalogue, I'm done. I just looked up other famous Minnesotans. Other famous Minnesotan options include: Warren Burger, Loni Anderson, Bob Dylan, Damien Demento, Charles Lindbergh, Paul Molitor, Charles Schultz, Stifler, and Winona Ryder. Of course, they really ought to honor Garrison Keillor, because that's the true soul of the genteel Midwest (minus -- or maybe plus! -- the grabass).
  17. The Trop is as depressing in person as it is on TV. Dark, boring, ugly, and devoid of any character. The only thing it has going for it now is it represents a bygone age. Otherwise, it -- and a St. Petersburg-based baseball team -- shouldn't exist.
  18. Deadspin apparently has ESPN's memo, but as far as I can see, didn't share it: https://deadspin.com/internal-memo-espn-forbids-discussion-of-chinese-polit-1838881032
  19. It's weird that they're in a different building, but the court still says Moda Center.
  20. Is this supposed to be some kind of insult that Richard Sherman smokes dope? In what decade is that supposed to be a bad thing?
  21. Adam Silver is really talented at walking on a razor's edge: https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/27797311/nba-commissioner-adam-silver-reacts-chinese-tv-cancels-game-broadcasts
  22. I had the same issue last year when watching the Wizards vs the Pistons (or something like that) when both teams were in colored uniforms. There's a reason we had white vs a colored uniform for centuries. Visibility really does matter.
  23. The prospect of opening a gate-driven league in 2020 is terrifying. These people are nuts.
  24. Isn't it customary to offer a price break for a full season?