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  1. This is my first time watching the NBA Award show. Pass.
  2. The goal for Nike was to change the NBA to the pro soccer/college football model. And they've succeeded with the NBA! Color Rush is probably as close as we'll get with the NFL, right?
  3. Let's just wait and see what 2026 looks like before we make any statements we want to take back, okay?
  4. Agreed. They're the simplest of the new set, but also the only ones with any personality.
  5. What are the Pelicans doing with all those picks in one draft? What is Atlanta doing?
  6. This just reads to me like baseball is a mess.
  7. There was an article on NBC Sports yesterday that said Steven's devotion to Hayward lost the locker room. Could explain why Horford is walking away from $30m.
  8. In spring 2018, there were rumors the Cavs could have had Kemba Walker for the Celtics pick (that ended up being Sexton). Who would you have rather had? Sexton now or Kemba then?
  9. Hulu crapped out so no Mexico v Canada. FFS.
  10. Huh. It looked like trash on TV. Watching Messi play for Argentina is so depressing. He had those three brutal Finals losses in a row and it just feels so dispiriting to watch him play for the national team. Everyone is waiting for him to be brilliant, and he is, but the wins don't come.
  11. Are they in a dome? Everything about the presentation is really dull.
  12. ESPN+ needs to bump up the crowd in their mix. The atmosphere is so dull for these matches.
  13. And Durant still played in game 5 anyway. SMDH.
  14. Yeah. Two rotation players and two picks is a player and pick removed from LeBron for a player a lot less good. Did LeBron just reset trade expectations?
  15. Utah might win 60 games next year. Good for them, building the right way and everything.
  16. VAR is kind of killing Copa America. Turning soccer into football is a terrible, terrible idea.
  17. I've read that Horford is both staying and leaving, so who knows. But yeah, IT is probably smiling somewhere. Ainge did him wrong and the Celtics are paying a price.
  18. Congrats again to Toronto. The parade looks awesome! Also, hey everyone, LaVar Ball!
  19. Best case for the Pels: - Zion is a hit - BI and Zo hit their fourth/third years, stay healthy, and show why they were top picks - That 4th pick turns into something good - They win 40-50 games and are in the playoff hunt - The Lakers implode over the next five years and the remaining two picks turn into top tend Worst case for the Pels: - BI and Zo are busts - Zion's lack of shooting hurts him a lot - Lakers win big and those picks keep on remaining in the 20s - Pels pack up and move to Seattle Reality will be somewhere in between. Based on LA's recent experience? I'd be optimistic as a NO fan.
  20. I have a Johnny Canuck hat that I bought in Vancouver six or seven years ago. People like to ask me what it is and who's on it. Some folks from Vancouver/BC have told me how much they like Johnny Canuck. I also have an old Messier-era Canucks jersey I've worn a handful of times. People tell me how gross navy and maroon look together. (Actually, just kidding, I never wear that jersey.) That skating logo is top class, but so is the face-in-V one:
  21. Non-max Lakers options listed here: https://www.espn.com/nba/insider/story/_/id/26987922/top-lakers-free-agent-targets-play-lebron-anthony-davis Intriguing ideas (+ 2018 salary): - Pat Beverly ($5.5M) - Danny Green ($10M) - Avery Bradley ($8.8M) - Nerlens Noel ($1.9M) Apparently, LA might have just $23M in space. Seems like getting three of those four could be possible to fill out the roster. A starting five of LeBron, AD, Beverly, Green and Noel is...a team. But, for what it's worth, the last championship Lakers team started Kobe, Pau, Derek Fisher, Metta World Peace, and Andrew Bynum. So..who the hell knows. EDIT: I forgot Kuzma
  22. I've been listening to The Ringer's podcasts lately (some might say first mistake, I know), but they keep on going on and on about Toronto's depth compared to Golden State, except that Toronto played 8 guys all through the Finals. If Golden State was fully healthy, they would have had their starting 5 (Klay, KD, Steph, Draymond, Boogie), plus minutes for Cook, Looney, Livingston, Iggy, and maybe even McKinnie, Bogut, Bell and Jerebko. I know they played more of their bench than they wanted to, but Kerr generally plays 10+ guys in the playoffs. You need depth to make it through the regular season, but you need health to be successful in the playoffs.
  23. I just looked up a bunch of those guys. In general, they all became who they are by their third season (Steph and Jimmy Butler took a little bit longer). So either BI and Lonzo are about to take a huge leap, or they're going to be mid-level dudes for a long time. Either way, I do think they're competent and have the potential to be very, very good. But your point was more about the benefits of smart drafting. And I agree; there are lots of dudes being found late in the first or in the second, and top three picks are not a guarantee of long-term success. So, I guess, absent a sure-thing like Zion or, um, Lonzo, I'd be moving top picks for good players.
  24. Comes in the league, revitalizes a garbage franchise twice, never has any legal issues, goes to 8 straight Finals, opens a school for kids on his own dime, encourages his peers to make as much money as possible, makes the league a buttload of money, and seems to be a great father and husband. What a piece of :censored:.