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  1. I really miss sports and the only things I've filled them with are old wrestling and the extended 90 Day Fiance universe.
  2. Check him for CTE before you cancel him. But otherwise, yikes.
  3. I remember on ESPN once Bill Parcells said "let's see him hang a few in the gym before we start calling him the best ever." He was talking about Michael Vick, who at the time seemed like a game-breaking talent. While Mahomes has that Super Bowl trophy over Vick, we've seen plenty of QBs who were the next big thing that were only a great thing for one year. Mahomes is a good guy and I hope he wins a bunch of titles if only to step over Brady. But while I don't like the guy, I respect that Brady has six Super Bowl wins and no one else does.
  4. I'd have to think the tipping point is one more. But maybe it should just be the one. As it is, they can slide Nashville into the Dallas group and each group is whole. Sucks if you've been prepping for different teams, but also it's just a fake tournament. But yeah. If one more team pulls, that's it. Though I could totally be on board with calling it right now.
  5. https://www.espn.com/soccer/fc-dallas/story/4130103/fc-dallas-out-of-mls-is-back-tournament-amid-coronavirus-cases?linkId=93047409 I'm super pumped for the return of MLS, but maybe this shouldn't be happening this week.
  6. I think those look pretty slick! And also...kind of makes you think about what it would look like for baseball players to just wear a soccer jersey like those (a la the shorts White Sox uniforms of the 70s) today. MLB has a history of pullovers; why not also more traditional soccer-style jerseys? Not to replace but to supplement button-down shirts. I think the teal D-backs and patterned Braves especially could look great on a baseball field.
  7. Part of the protests against institutional racism are examining how and why some people are disproportionately arrested compared to other people, and how society creates circumstances that make some people more likely to commit crimes than others. The easy example is a lot of black people are in jail for selling weed while a lot of suburban white kids doing the same never have that fear. And getting popped for dealing when you're 19 has dramatically different life outcomes. A harder example worth diving deeper is the prison to school pipeline. It doesn't matter if a person deserves angel wings or not; it's not really worth bringing up. No one deserves extrajudicial execution, full stop.
  8. One more example of how the XFL was ahead of its time.
  9. Yes, but I was hoping the Bills would win the AFC East
  10. Cam looked washed at the end of his time with the Panthers. I wish Cam the greatest success but the Pats the greatest failure so I don't know what outcome I want here. But @Tracy Jordan is absolutely right: the Bills should have picked up Cam instead of that elite backup they drafted.
  11. In case you need to get ready for MLS Coronavirus Cup 2020, Fanatics is discounting 2020 kits. I ordered one of those ugly 25th anniversary Sounders replica kits for a good price of $67+tax. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to pricing, but here you go: https://www.fanatics.com/mls/jerseys/o-1311+d-20889045+z-98818-3756440245?ab={wt-static_graphic}{dm-FDC}{pt-league}{al-B1_Spot}{ct-MLS_KITS}
  12. I've ordered some other stuff on Amazon, I think, that was delayed for months, only to be delivered the next week. I don't trust Fanatics the same way I trust Amazon, but I believe it'll come when it comes. September is totally fine; I'm in no rush.
  13. IMPORTANT UPDATE! I ordered a 2020 Rams away Robert Woods jersey. It's scheduled to arrive in late September. Keep your eyes peeled to this space for future updates.
  14. I love the fake crowd noise on the Norwich/Man U game. Yes, it's phony but also makes a big difference. And it reminds me of 80s WWF, which is a benefit.
  15. Dear Lakers, Go eff yourselves. Sincerely, the NBA
  16. I saw a gag on Reddit that said 2020 is proof time travel exists; someone keeps coming back to try and fix things but instead makes them worse. I.e., the appearance and sudden disappearance of murder hornets. And, presumably, an alien invasion. Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.
  17. We can't just sequester old people to their homes forever. And masks are to prevent spread to others, not to protect against infection. If we all just wore masks and washed our hands for a few months, we'd make a huge dent in the spread of the illness. It's what other countries have done. Italy was an epicenter and is down to something like 80 cases. We can get there too!
  18. Fortunately, old folks never go to restaurants or grocery stores or visit with their grandkids.
  19. Agreed. "Climate Pledge" is Branded Content for Amazon's climate work. All of the zero-waste features they're incorporating into the arena are really cool and exciting and should set the standard of expectations for arenas to come. But I can't think anyone will hear "Climate Pledge Arena" and think about zero waste or whatever; it more immediately sounds like a more aromatic wood cleaner, given our general expectations for arena and stadium branding.
  20. Counterpoint (not really, but this just popped up in my feed): I don't think it's going to happen.
  21. In contrast to @BringBackTheVet, I agree. The Diamondbacks have rebranded too much and lost their original charm. I don't think their original set was the best in baseball history or anything, but they looked like a consistent, thoughtfully-designed baseball team: I guess these are better than the dotted uniforms they had worn the last season or two, but they're soulless in a way the original set wasn't.
  22. The NFL went with a uniform distributor who decided that making fabric colors we had all previously seen with our own eyes is now impossible. Have we ever done NFNS -- Nike for Nike's sake? Because that's the underpinning of most of their design and textile decisions, it feels like.
  23. https://www.wtsp.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/florida-coronavirus-numbers-june26/67-8de17be9-e4ef-4ef4-9dbe-fb7f434fe538 It's really almost impossible to be that incredibly reckless and stupid with public health. I like the NBA as much as anybody, but there are reports the damage from COVID to lung capacity is permanent. People should stay away from that state; Florida doesn't care about its citizens and I don't know why we should it expect it to care about pro athletes. The cleaning staff in the hotels aren't quarantined too, you know?
  24. Sooooo many of you were begging for a yellow jersey, and here it is. Where's all of the emojis and gifs and all of that?