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  1. Kyle Orton was pretty good in Buffalo.
  2. I feel like they're always wearing this. Or maybe it's because they have so many jerseys with a circle logo in the middle that I get confused.
  3. I was a big defender of the Rams in the offseason, but now after seeing them trot out their worst combos week after week -- monochrome -- I'm less so. I think the bone looks good contrasted to blue pants, and the blue looks contrasted to yellow pants, but they continually do neither. By Reebok-designed, I meant with all that superfluous piping. The Vikings, Falcons and Cardinals all unveiled pretty similar looks around the same time, but only the Cardinals remain. It can't be much longer? The Bengals probably deserve to be in that category as well. The Texans and 49ers do not, however. Texans went traditional and it's holding up just fine, and the 49ers reverted to their classic 80s look with minor template changes.
  4. I'm just assuming it's time. I think they're the last remaining 2000s Reebok-designed team, right?
  5. A Tampa Bay/Seattle NFC title game would be wonderful for the league.
  6. On the one hand, the Cardinals black jerseys look cool. On the other hand, cardinals are red. I'm really looking forward to new Arizona jerseys next season.
  7. They barely made it past Minnesota. Seattle has a history of playing to the level of their opponents, but they also have a history of being smoke and mirrors.
  8. I think they look great. Far from the best uniform of all time, but it's not egregious. Looks a lot better than the all-blue + silver helmet look the Patriots have.
  9. Titans paid the NFL $350K for the ability to take an extra week off in the middle of the season, blow up their opponents' schedules, and force the NFL and networks to move multiple games around in immediate timelines. Seems about fair. If I were a team that was looking for some extra time off in mid-November, I'd have some positive tests too. Get that extra break and pay a rounding error for the privilege.
  10. If AB had ended up in Seattle I would have thought it a bold move that would launch the offense to the stratosphere. But because he's in Tampa Bay, it's a bad move destined to fail just like his last three stops. That's how fickle I am!
  11. NY Giants vs. Philadelphia Detroit vs. Atlanta Dallas vs. Washington Buffalo vs. NY Jets Carolina vs. New Orleans Green Bay vs. Houston Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Cincinnati Seattle vs. Arizona San Francisco vs. New England Kansas City vs. Denver Jacksonville vs. LA Chargers Tampa Bay vs. Las Vegas Chicago vs. LA Rams
  12. Not sure the point you're trying to make.
  13. Huh. I never thought about that. Kind of funny, considering what a stupid name "Lakers" is.
  14. Bot linking to images already in-thread Detroit Lions colors for the Lakers is kind of dumb. Just make a proper purple set and call it good.
  15. I've never really understood the championship process for college football. For most other American sports, there's a playoff model and if a 5 seed or whatever wins, so be it. But with college football, there's a real aversion to even giving a 5 seed a chance. Each team plays dramatically different schedules, so there's no real way to compare teams until they play each other in an elimination tournament. A lot of entrenched college fandom seems to not want to even grant that shot, but instead entrench some combination of OSU, LSU, Alabama and random SEC/Pac-12/ACC team of the moment to compete for the title. Not even European soccer is that staid. Yes, Barcelona and Bayern win year-in and year-out, but it's not like they've limited the Champions League to just 8 teams (yet; I know that discussion is underway too). Sports are weird because on the one hand the ideal is pure competition and living with the results on the field. On the other hand, there's so much maneuvering to avoid any actual real competition in favor of reinforcing the status quo. I prefer when athletics are an escape from reality.
  16. This is really interesting: While 3 is more than 2, that midrange shot is there for anyone who can hit it. AD is a person who makes that shot reliably, which is one of the reasons (that plus his-all NBA defense and height and everything else he does) the Lakers won the Finals.
  17. Super excited for the Dodgers and super happy to see Atlanta lose.
  18. They're the suckiest bunch of sucks who ever sucked. That or they hate their coach that badly. I bet it's that.
  19. Has anyone ever said curbsTOMped? Because that's what it was.
  20. The man turned down millions from the Lakers so he could tweet without penalty. What a life!
  21. The joke is Magic always posts incredibly obvious comments about Dodgers and Lakers games. I think it's charming.
  22. Fair enough....but read the Twitter thread. It's all Melo. Anyway, my favorite Nugget to watch was Earl Boykins.