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  1. Do you think if the refs had a yellow shirt they'd wear a yellow shirt for this one?
  2. MLS IS a second-rate JV league though, and there's no shame in that. MLS was on a good clip of rebranding and naming teams. But then circa Atlanta/Orlando/NYCFC/Miami, they kind of went overboard with the United/FC/CF etc. However, the Columbus SC is the absolute bottom of the barrel. It reeks more of new owner meddling than the broader MLS naming issue (which, considering MLB and NFL are beginning to ape the approach, perhaps isn't so bad after all).
  3. That would have been wonderful. The rich kids who don't care about soccer would have been able to create special club for themselves without bothering everyone else. More teams should do this.
  4. I'll just say it: Colin Kaepernick had starting level QB talent and was blackballed from the league. Tebow is a circus show. If Tebow should be able to walk back into a training camp, Kap should have received a shot. Several shots.
  5. The new Columbus C could pretty easily be a Cleveland C if it needed to be, right?
  6. The brand reeks of stupid people thinking they're smart. Can you imagine if Hank and Hal Steinbrenner decided the interlocking NY didn't celebrate the Yankees brand enough? There's a certain grace to leaving well enough alone. Especially the season after winning a title.
  7. Never facing real consequences of actions.
  8. I don't particularly want or need to see Tim Tebow involved with professional football ever again. Without clicking any links, this feels more akin to Brock Lesnar signing with the Minnesota Vikings than it does a legitimate football move. Also, hasn't Tebow been out of the NFL for like a decade?
  9. They live such nice lives. Why do they have to mess things up for people? Like, constantly?
  10. Infuriating, isn't it? We're being ruled by idiot children were handed everything and think they're geniuses. Just think of how stupid it will all be 20 years from now.
  11. The Bugs Bunny crew had lasting recognition as "Looney Tunes" and not "Merrie Melodies," which is what their shorts were also called (I'm probably oversimplifying this). Of course, both were a knock-off of the established Disney "Silly Symphonies," which amazingly aren't as remembered as the Warner Brothers production (which is probably the only time a Disney animated property lags behind a competitor). On the topic, it was until 2015 or so that I realized this said "CHAMPION" and not "CHAMPIONSHIP":
  12. They absolutely were. David Stern was behind all of that, whether directly or close enough. They pushed hard to get Jordan and Bird in McDonald's ads and it most certainly worked. I see NBA and NFL players in all kinds of commercials. Why isn't there a State Farm commercial with a baseball player? Why don't I see Andrew McCutcheon guest hosting SNL? Why don't I see Clayton Kershaw cameos in Star Wars or Marvel properties? I don't know. I just feel like unless I make an effort to watch baseball, I otherwise wouldn't know it existed.
  13. He came in last in his group, but he ran a 10.36 100m. The Olympic cut-off is 10.05. Yes, that's half a second, but Metcalf is twice the size of those other dudes and is a professional football player. That's pretty amazing he could run that fast.
  14. I also think Ichiro came at a time when MLB felt it important to market its players. I feel like there's a WWE thing going on with it now, with no player allowed to be bigger than the game.
  15. Maybe because it's the daytime, but there's way more visual contrast between green Seattle and green Portland than there was Colorado/Minnesota last night.
  16. That's a really dumb logo and Columbus (Crew) SC should be embarrassed. I'm sure it's a ploy to coincidence with their new stadium, but they already did made their big move by keeping the team in Columbus to begin with. Hopefully it's just some military-adjacent logo they're coming up to shore up that market. The Crew is a good name that's worth keeping.
  17. Fun weekend in MLS so far. Chicharito is being what he was supposed to be when he was signed to LA Galaxy, and Colorado had a fun come from behind win over Minnesota. The jewel is tomorrow's Seattle/Portland game. Super pumped for that game played in front of real people with both teams healthy.
  18. I'm having a tough time distinguishing between Minnesota and Colorado on my iPad. Minnesota doesn't have a set that will contrast well with Colorado, and you hate to see the home team forced into its alt because of the road team, but the Rapids probably should have been in green tonight.
  19. I've always thought the Saints were the worst offender of this. 22 and 67 there have especially see-through pants, and in different lighting (and heaven forbid wet weather), they look like they're barely there.
  20. Still, green vs. green is dumb and dark green vs. dark purple would be terrible for some as well. The MLS is really messing up this year.
  21. I've been to NFL games and seen a ton of absolute meatheads. However, those meatheads were not the majority, or else the experience would have been chaos. Not every Bills fans are jumping through tables; just the ones you see on TV. Most people just want to watch the game and go home. Very few want to punch walls during the draft and shove their wives even when they know they're being filmed. (Also, a lot of those dudes breaking TVs during big play videos are clearly staged, right?)
  22. Why is everyone so fragile in baseball?
  23. "Chill babe. I'm just punching walls. I'll fix it later!" Something tells me that's happened before, especially her punching him and him pushing her away. That's real sad. Note to people: Don't let sports affect you like this. Especially not draft night!