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  1. Depends on the franchise. The Aaron Rodgers Packers have Super Bowl expectations every year, so not making one for a decade because of bad coaching is extremely frustrating. For the Bills though, they could lose next weekend and it would be fine. Sad, but fine. The Bills simply haven't been expected to win games in a quarter of a decade, so this run is incredible and fulfilling in ways Buffalo fans haven't been able to enjoy since the Clinton administration.
  2. You know what's been nice tonight? No :censored:ty reffing.
  3. If the Bills score here, feels like game over. This is as complete a game the Bills have had all season. I hope the fourth quarter is as mostly uneventful as the three previous. Feels like a real workmanlike playoff game.
  4. The Rams look awesome in blue pants and bone. It's a home run in the winter weather.
  5. Bills/Browns in the AFCCG is what America wants. Chiefs/Ravens is what I expect. I'm keeping the faith though!
  6. Cool. Now do college football for the last ten years.
  7. Is it just weed? If so, weed is legal in like half the United States. If it's not just weed, that's something else. Speaking of football McNairs, sometimes I think great QBs of the 2000s and marvel that Steve McNair was murdered. Crazy world sometimes.
  8. There's a big chunk of Seattle that hates Bezos and would like him more if he brought the Sonics home. And it's :censored:ing pocket change for him, which is maddening to me.
  9. I just saw the 1,000,000-post marker in the main sports logo forum and got excited. That it was moved to the weird discussion forum is funny because it's in both the wrong and right place, which is why "News" and "Discussion" should be rejoined.
  10. You'd have to imagine Chris Hansen is dead to the league after trying to derail the Kings' arena effort.
  11. I really like that Alouettes logo and hadn't seen it before. In contrast to my previous comments, I like it even though it doesn't look like a sports logo. However, it does look like something that would have been created in the 70s, which it feels like CF Footballs tried for but way over-efforted. And that's a whole lot of effort just to rip off Bloomington. Great googily moogily.
  12. I noticed the other day the board was at 999,625 or whatever. Now past a million! Wow!
  13. You know how 80s cartoons weren't actually cartoons, but instead 24-minute commercials for toys? I think that's sports branding in the 2020s. Nike and the leagues know that fans will buy whatever the hell teams put out. Nice, ugly, cool, whatever. The diehards will always buy the new jersey and hat and sweatshirt every single season. What I think they're chasing now is the core of people who would otherwise never, ever ever buy sports-branded merchandise. And, to be honest, prior to MLS, that was pretty much me. I always thought sports-branded merchandise was so garish that I would never wear it. But then some of the late 2000s MLS gear, to me, actually looked cool. Not cool for sports, but cool in and of itself. Now I have a closet with about 10 different MLS jerseys from different teams because I think, in general, they're nice aesthetically in and of themselves. That new CF Montreal logo is a head turner (in apparently Indianapolis too). I could totally see a CF Montreal toque becoming a hot thing in Montreal, the same way this became a hot thing in Seattle for a while: (Seriously. That season those hats were uniformly everywhere but also impossible to find.) Merchandising has always been part of pro sports, but I think it's driving far more decision-making than it ever has before. You can only sell 70,000 tickets to a game, but you can sell 7,000,000 knit hats. That's a lot of potential $$$, so you better be casting the widest net. Hence hypebeast gear now, whatever else the next trend is next.
  14. Fair enough. This isn't the NBA. However, this looks sportsy: And in a way I can't adequately describe, so does this: I keep on looking for the matching Hunter boots with the CFM gear.
  15. Los Angeles vs. Green Bay Baltimore vs. Buffalo Cleveland vs. Kansas City Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans
  16. It's aesthetically better than last year's Fire logo, but that's if you're looking it in a vacuum. I'd rather have clubbed foot snowflake on my hat than the Fire crown. However, the Fire crown at least understands it's engaged in a sporting activity. This new Montreal identity looks more like a new seasonal line at Roots. What does any of the new logo have to do with soccer? I'm generally okay with out-there ideas -- see my continued appreciation for the new Rams -- but this just feels silly. Like, if you don't want to do sports branding, don't do it!
  17. I mean, they'll sell the :censored: out of toques. So they've got that going for them.
  18. They play soccer in the spring, summer and fall. I don't understand the snowflake. It looks okay if there were another Olympics being hosted in Montreal (though I think Salt Lake City did that?). But as a single-sport logo, seems kinda dumb.
  19. Like this? I can kind of see a bit of that spirit in the new logo, but it's really not all the way there.
  20. I think it's a great move for the Nets and the Rockets. It's a good move for the Cavs, who now have Love, Drummond, Allen and SexLand. They're not a Finals team or anything, but that could be a really competitive team next year. Especially if they can get out of the Love deal.
  21. There's also the possibility the end up with something like Iceland, which everyone loved: