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  1. Looks like The Marlins are going to throwback this year to the original orange and blue Miami Marlins. A fried of mine went into a Lids and found the game day hat. Haven't seen anything official yet.
  2. I really like the darker green ad black concepts that were posted. Like the logo not a fan of this color green.
  3. If noticed that Carolina keeps saying the black jersey will remain unchanged for next season. Sounds too me that it will be gone in two years.
  4. The white I can kinda get on board with because of the black, but the both just looks so goofy. That damn logo is way to high.
  5. Nope, they would still look like generic, cookie cutter garbage. I miss this already Id take this back, Phantom yoke and all.
  6. I cant get over how cheap these look. Especially with the logo and everything crammed up top.
  7. I Had hopes based on the teasers. My official fan opinion. F-ING Horrible, So boring. The Crest looks tiny and way to high up. Lack of silver sucks. No inclusion of the Third Jersey logo. The jerseys have the sheen of fake chinese knockoffs. Im very very disappointed. I hate the squared offness of the shoulder yoke too. If this is what the fans wanted then we really do have some stupid fans.
  8. Absolutely hated the phantom yoke on the old ones so any improvement on that helped but its basically a wash by them take out te waist flags. Really like the newer 3d logo. It looks like the same process the blue jays did to there jersey logo in 2012. Right now I like the road jersey more. I'm not a fan of tie downs for a newer team. I really hope they are going to surprise us with a should patch. I'm not a fan of jerseys without them. I really hope they are waiting to hold
  9. Are we sure the new canes pic isn't part of the road jersey?
  10. Looks like they may throw the flag on the front. Might have some connection with "newstorm" since its not really a hurricane flag. If it is I'm excited and think its superior to the hurricane logo. I'm really liking the depth of that patch in the preview. Only thing that could screw this up is the hem removal.
  11. It appears as if its already going in the right direction in my book. Canes getting rid of the shoulder stripes. As a lot of people said, the only thing I hope they don't get rid of completly is the hem pattern
  12. No, not once have they worn the grays. They did start something new and have worn the orange jerseys on the road twice.
  13. Have any teams actually worn their Batting Pratice hats during a game yet as the New Era president was hinting at during that interview. I'm really liking the orange billed Marlins hat and would love to see it in a game.
  14. All the jerseys actually have the silver. Makes them stand out better I think