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  1. This is partially correct. They did update the palettes and logos for the Buccaneers and the Broncos, however, the game also uses the same palettes and logos for the classic teams. So the '79 Buccaneers for example wear red jerseys instead of the creamsicles. (At least for the Genesis version.)
  2. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  3. They already updated the logo back in the '90s.
  4. That is just how the C looks using one of the bold variants of Futura.
  5. gsn93

    Name That Font!

    Ad Lib is a close match match to it.
  6. If I remember correctly, Joe Buck and Cris Collinsworth actually did call games together around fifteen years ago when Cris was over at Fox.
  7. A sports related one between the Avalanche and the Blue Jackets. Granted they both use different elements, but considering both teams are alphabetically next to each other I can't help notice the similar structure between the two.
  8. You are absolutely right; along with the Vikings, Rams, and Lions. It appears that they never bother to change the grayed out logos file. Color Logos: Grayed out Logos:
  9. I wouldn't necessarily call their 1997 set awful by any stretch of the imagination. Sure it was bit on the generic side, but it was a clean non-gimmicky set. I prefer the white jersey over the navy one because of the better color distribution with the striping. I can't go wrong with either their previous or current sets. Both solid looks in my opinion.
  10. I was thinking the same thing when he was showing off the original non-red version of the logo earlier in the video.
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    NHL 2017-18

    I never had any issues with the Lady Liberty logo and jersey designs, but the re-worked primary is horrible. I was always bugged by how they put emphasis on the "N" in the New [y]ork and how the shield wraps around it.
  12. Another overtime game for the series. I can't believe it.
  13. Yes, you are seeing it correctly the stripes are only on the right arm.
  14. That's a very good idea.Agreed. Although, what's to stop them from creating a account just so they have access to concepts? Set it up so you need to reach a certain number of posts to unlocked access to the Concepts forum.
  15. Personally, few of them look decent, however, I can't say that about the rest of the lot. Same here.
  16. Personally, I always liked the old Ducks' look. It was nice to see those jerseys in action again. Futura?I think he was referring to the Wild Wing jersey.
  17. I like them. The lack of hem stripes on the jerseys are the only thing I don't care for.
  18. I had the same thought when making this. I was switching back and forth between the Red-Black-White pattern and the Red-White-Black pattern on the hem. I eventually decided to used the first since I thought it looked better. Anyways, here's the second go-around at it.
  19. It's a concept for the Senators featuring a similar design to the original 1992 set, while using the current profile view logo and classic =O= on the sleeves. Any comments?
  20. I always thought it was pointless in having two Everyone ratings. Change Everyone 10+ with the old Kids to Adults rating, while retaining the ages 10 and up distinction. It wouldn't be too redundant, or clash with the Everyone rating.
  21. Those Islanders' jerseys probably could have lasted longer if they kept the original striping pattern shown in the picture. EDIT: I was about to say the same. The hem stripes also look similar to the old Mighty Ducks jerseys from the same period.
  22. I think these might be one of my favorites currently in the NHL. The only change I can think of is having the Texas logo on the shoulders.