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  1. OP stands for Old Playground (hint Bruce Hornsby and the Range ) I'm trying to make some sort of beveled look (like Fraser Davidson or Brandon Moore do) but my skill levels do not apply lancealot, you mean like this? to be honest I dont see the C...I mean if I looked hard I could get it but on the first glance the O doesnt strike me as C This intertwined fonts always bother me...the workflow...I position the fonts, convert them to outlines, offset path and then lock that layer and use the knife tool on the colored fonts to make this effect...but that knife tool always leaves a hairline split and it's a nightmare to change colors of this because I have to work with 5-6 parts of each letter, I can not group it... Do you guys have any other workflow for this, something more efficient?
  2. Making a new logo for my basketball team...and I'm trying to go extra simple, so I decided to use the OP initials and throw in some basketball details... This is what I have for now....also, I am yet to decide on the team colors...talking about doing thigs backwards I like the second one...but something looks off...maybe the white space on the bottom part of the P, the part where it intersects with the's the same width as the other offset paths on the OP but it looks smaller for some reason Also, the O is centered, and it looks weird when the left side of the logo is empty and the right side is half the size because of the letter P....but the logo looks really weird to me if I center OP, I don't know...
  3. I'm looking for a tutorial on making this type of typography, I don't know its exact name so I came up with my own I know how to make it, but I think my way is pretty brute-force I use the knife tool and it leaves a hairline split on the object and therefore can't properly apply offset path...
  4. Jigga man built his career on biting styles and jocking trends so whatever the new revamp Nets uni/logo will be, I can guarantee it will be a ripoff hyped as "fresh" and "new". Also, about the "rocawear is 700M $ company - how is he not style savy" comments, which are beyond ridiculous, because if that's the merit then Coca Cola is the finest beverage on this planet and we should all drink it gallons daily because 30000000 zillion dollars in sales mean something and - who are we to know better? Amirite bro?
  5. Yes CJWorks, spot on! I'm trying to get behind the "science" on the radially arched lettering. Maybe I should've asked "How did the do it before Illustrator-Photoshop-text path era" ?
  6. I've looked around online for a decent tutorials or guidelines on creating a radially arched lettering. I'm trying to figure out what are the "rules" when making a radially arched name on the back of the jersey, so I took Mr. Air's jersey for reference. The angle of each letter depends on total number of letters in the players last name I suppose, but how do I get to that number? Is this the right way? I can't figure out how to start arching (I don't want to resort to Photoshops warp text effect because it looks awful), and what is the reference point from which they arch the I on the right track with my current idea?
  7. Great topic. Few things I noticed with the NBA. Retro is the only thing going on right now. Probably has to do with lazy designers and the whole "recycling" generation going on right now. I dont like anything adidas did for the NBA apparel except the jersey number shirts. I just dont, they are too stale for my taste. Everyone can point out few staple designs of the 90s NBA. Also, early 00s. But last few years? Champion was probably the best NBA outfitter. Rawlings, Nike, Reebok, they had good moments. Adidas doesn't cut it. Just doesn't. Champion had a strong "USA" style about them, and it was an important part of the whole NBA imagery, which I soaked in as a kid in the 90s watching the NBA here from Europe. Adidas is sterile and boring, and no matter what anybody says, that's just how it is. Or could you show me otherwise?
  8. Maaan where do you get all these websites.... THANKS!
  9. Anyone have an idea what font is the #34 ?
  10. Do you have any other All-Star (Dallas 2010) related logos? I write a blog and it would be great to have them all (being honest hehe), I don't need images wider than 600 px... Celeb game, Rookie challange, D-League Dream factory, HORSE, Shooting stars, Skills challenge, 3 point and dunk If you do - great! I'm going all over the place on and there's only PATHETIC 100x50 type of logos there, I don't get it why do they "hide" them