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  1. Very nice poster! good hierarchy and color choices (not to mention ripping on those cake eaters form Edina ;)). It's a very impressive poster! I went and played at Eagan, and dated quite a few girls from Rosemount so it's fun to see local schools on here. Rosemount/Eagan next week will be fun!
  2. Shoot guys, I meant to write NOT preprogrammed onto a computer. I ended up using this one but I'll keep the others in mine next presentation. Thanks!
  3. I was wondering if anyone had a good recommendation for a good clean font for a design presentation I'm giving on Wednesday. Ild prefer to use something now preprogrammed into computers. I'm torn between sans serif and serif because the design is for a children's toy, but the presentation is very formal so it could go either way. All recommendations are appreciated! Thanks!
  4. I tend to give Marinelli the benefit of the doubt with the 0-16 as head coach thing. The next year he came to the bears and did a great job with their defense. I have always been very impressed with what he's done and getting the best out of players. I think he's going to succeed with the Bucs. If I were a Bucs fan, I would be more happy about getting Marinelli than Lovie. The Bears defense the last few years was incredibly disciplined and performed better than they looked on the page. He and Lovie left and they just fell apart (granted injuries and age played a part) But that just one guy's opinion. Who knows what the year will bring?
  5. I'm sorry, what am I missing? What's pissing you off? I'm actually jealous. Between Lovie and Marinelli, that defense is gonna be lights out. Great hire (imo)
  6. does anyone know what Oklahoma St will be wearing the Cotton Bowl yet? Black vs gold/color vs color could be cool
  7. why? they were 10-6 last year and upgraded most positions. I'm not surprised in was an interception considering they have 2 of the best corners in the game last year and some pretty good safeties.
  8. Not a fan, but from Iowa. Personally, I think they really need to use the Cyclone more as it's super unique. The block "I" with "state" is well done, and clean - but there's no special identity there - any state school could do that. Overall I do think ISU fans/grads miss the Cyclone. I can definitely agree with that thought. Between Iowa State, Indiana and now Illinois you have a lot of school in that small area using a block I logo. Going back to the Cyclone would definitely be more unique and stand out against the crowd. Personally, I would like to see them do some sort of throwback look with this logo. I know I am most likely in the minority on this one but I think with some updates that it could be a good look. pic removed I think most students prefer the new logos that Bosack did. http://www.iowastate...1cc4c03286.html The I state is used a ton but I don't think most people like it. It is used most on campus and documents etc. I have NEVER seen this one of apparel and it is nowhere on campus. I think most current students dislike the old Cyclone logo with the blue. And current students LOVE the throwback Cy
  9. I had an interview for a graphic design internship in the ISU Building at Trice and the guy designing the uniform showed me a little sneak peak. I can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure it was 1923. I didn't particularly like the design and it didn't seem very professionally done. The guy had no background in uniform design, just doing website headers and stuff.
  10. Practice? We're talking bout PRACTICE? But really- why look bad in practice? if you can do nice looking game pants, why have plain white ones? It's not that the teams are too cheap to buy white pants, its that they don't want white pants because they are CHEAP
  11. Holy ! that's a thing of beauty. Great job. I especially love the pursuit uniformsand the website. Tempted to buy one!
  12. I like that logo but those uniforms.... and you can't get rid of purple in a vikings concept. C'mon
  13. I thought that Navigators logo was yours GFB? Am I wrong? I definitely recognize it though
  14. no oh god no (new horrible facemask photo)