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  1. I don't know if thus is a small detail, but... I don't like when collegiate women's teams have male nicknames. Eg: Providence Friars ... should be Providence Nuns Fairfield Stags ... should be Fairfield Does Colorado State, URI, Fordham Rams .... should be Ewes South Carolina Gamecocks .... should be SC Hens It also works in the reverse: University of Delaware men's teams should be the Blue Roosters, not the Blue Hens The only school to do it correctly is Wyoming... they refer to their women teams as Cowgirls.
  2. Are throwbacks the wrong uniform? Ha ha. Preview for tonight?
  3. I am trying to create a weathered logo. So that it looks not only vintage, but as if it was painted 30 years ago. Anybody know a good tutorial for AI? And a good site to find weather/scratched images to use? I think it uses an opacity mask.
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