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  1. Nice article on their throwbacks for all sports, in celebration of University anniversary:
  2. The new plate is nice, but too Newport-based. The color is Newport colonial blue, and the boat is one of the America's Cup boats. But the generic wave background is iconic, and applies to most of the state. They took 17 years to build a really strong brand around the wave, and then axed it! I wish they had just updated the look.
  3. When you combine the helmet, number typeface and uniform, it looks horrible. It's like slapping the a 1970s pirates painters cap with the Yankees home jersey and the 80s Expos uniform number font. The uniform should be based on the primary logo, which is a battered flag. So, the lines in the uniform should have a town/curved look to them. Next, the number typeface is too futuristic. This typeface would be a better match: I'm ok with the helmet logo size.
  4. I don't know if thus is a small detail, but... I don't like when collegiate women's teams have male nicknames. Eg: Providence Friars ... should be Providence Nuns Fairfield Stags ... should be Fairfield Does Colorado State, URI, Fordham Rams .... should be Ewes South Carolina Gamecocks .... should be SC Hens It also works in the reverse: University of Delaware men's teams should be the Blue Roosters, not the Blue Hens The only school to do it correctly is Wyoming... they refer to their women teams as Cowgirls.
  5. Source: Thoughts?
  6. The new logo is too clean. Their programming is usually not clean comedy, therefore the logo should not be clean.
  7. Instead of picking teams that I dislike, I will pick teams that are just lame: logo-wise, name-wise, stadium-wise, etc. MLB - Texas Rangers NHL - Atlanta Thrashers NFL - Houston Texans NCAAF - Boston College Eagles NCAAB - University of South Florida MLS - Sporting KC La Liga - Atletico Madrid EPL - Chelsea
  8. google is never a bust:
  9. That's an awful lot of hype and concern over a man who has only won State of Ohio high school basketball championships. I remember when American sports used to be about winning. *sigh*
  10. I've had the new search page randomly served to me sporadically for a few months. Obviously users will be forced to love and embrace these changes, since most users do not use the advanced features or options in search. I'm surprised that this new GUI seems to be a reaction to Bing. Anybody else?
  11. I agree with you. I'm a huge soccer fan, but I like to know exactly how much time is left. We do have the technology to make it happen. How can we trusts soccer refs anyway? We know how corrupt they can be. I don't see this as a big issue, the only thing I would change in soccer is: No championships can be decided on penalty kicks! Keep playing until somebody wins.
  12. Are you concerned that, were the Orioles to wear Black Sox uniforms, you would tune into the game, get confused and think you were watching a revived Negro League game? Um, no. Does Jeremy Guthrie pitch for the Baltimore Black Sox? Um, no. Do you understand the purpose of graphic design? Um, no. I send one light-hearted response and losers (with no reason) jump all over me.
  13. Are you aware the the 45's simply changed their name when they moved into the Astrodome? And that the Nets simply changed their name from NY to NJ when they moved to NJ. Yeah, I don't get that either. Wearing the throwback uniform of an unrelated team of the same name is okay, but wearing a throwback to a uniform the same team wore in another city, or with an old name, is "silly"? I don't see the logic. Apparently you don't understand that uniforms serve a few purposes, one of them helping spectators identify who the teams are. So, a throwback to an old uniform by the same team is fine. Let's take the Red Sox. Whether the Boston Red Sox are wearing a 1974, 1986, 2003 or 2009 road uniform, they all contain words and logos that indicate that players/coaches in this uniform are members of the Boston Red Sox, a baseball team. Which would be true. If the BoSox were to don the 1902 road unis of the Boston Somersets, for example, they would be showing the viewer that the people wearing these uniforms are the Boston Somersets, which would be false. This really isn't a hard concept to grasp people. Uniforms serve a purpose. They're more than a revenue source for teams.