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  1. Nah these templates are my own creation for my sportswear brand I have. AFLW jersey made for a Disney X AFLW commercial
  2. So I started working on a concept the other day where NFL teams were converted to NRL uniforms. I am considering adding names on the back of the jerseys to add that bit extra element of the NFL touch to the designs. I'm not sure if I'll do every team as most teams uniforms are really quite bland and lack some form of design element. New England Patriots New Orleans Saints Seattle Seahawks Tennessee Titans
  3. OK some I'm looking at online domains for my clothing brand and need a consensus of what option is best. I've asked a few people privately and each response has been different all with valid points to it obviously I want the right fit going forward. These are the options I'm looking at:
  4. NBA 2K E League Article NBA 2K‘s popularity is impossible to ignore. On any given night, you’ll see NBA players tweeting about NBA 2K, whether it’s complaining about their overall rating or trash talking the rest of the league about their skill level. NBA 2K has successfully become part of the of the basketball conversation everywhere, and 2K Sports teamed up with the NBA to take that popularity to a new level with the announcement of the first official NBA 2K eSports league earlier this year. The official NBA 2K League will feature real eSports teams for 17 of the 30 NBA franchises in its inaugural season. This marks the first eSports league owned and operated by a major professional sports league, with the first season set to tipoff in 2018. Tryouts and roster construction are still ongoing, but it’s a fascinating idea. eSports as an industry is on the rise, as is the competitive NBA 2K scene, and the NBA has always been fairly progressive with regards to trying new things. One of the many upcoming steps in the development of the NBA 2K League is the league’s official logo, which the NBA revealed on Monday. The official logo features a mix between the NBA’s classic red and blue colors, the NBA 2K font we’re all so used to seeing, and a resemblance of the seam on a basketball. The NBA also dropped a video revealing the process behind coming up with the logo. Now that the NBA 2K League has showed off its logo, it’s time for the 17 teams involved to get in on the fun and unveil theirs. If you want to check them all out, have no fear, as every team will reveal theirs this week.
  5. My apologies. I do love my story bridge and southern cross logo I have just used them before for some of my other product range and didn't want to be recycling the same design.
  6. Well the Story Bridge does become a highlight during our Riverfire and New Years celebration when fireworks are launched off of it. The stars represent the Southern Cross a constellation that reflects in all Australian national and state flags as well as the New Zealand flag.
  7. Some of the T-shirts I've designed as well
  8. I've been working on a concept to take to a Local representative team in my city of Brisbane to help establish my clothing brand. I have been looking at their current logo which gives me clipart vibes so I decided to start from there and build a catalogue to approach the team in what my company could do as a full rebrand. Any feedback would be appreciated. Current Logo My Arcane Rebrand Logo Options With the logo I'm considering something stylised like this for the Brisbane City Hall variation. Uniforms Accessories
  9. Big year in terms of my company starting to get product from its own signature range and client range. here is some of the recent products my company has turned from concept to reality including a marquee signing of a major Australian business. Major signing of National Storage which had a Brisbane and Melbourne basketball team Kings uniform Eighters uniform Huslas (Hustlers) Arcane Signature Retail Range NLSC (NBA Live Series Center) NBA2K18 Shirt Creator PSN: dragon4thQ
  10. Well I didn't win this entry did which was #4
  11. They signed the deal with the NBL last year last year every team had a different design template now this year team has the same design but just i their team colours which sucks. Thank you for voting
  12. A bit of influence from the design was wanting to recreate this logo by hand in vector and using the uniform as part of the design
  13. So my local NBL the Brisbane Bullets team had a design a t-shirt competition and I decided to submit an entry. The four finalist designs were announced yesterday and my design entry is 1 of them and is the main image on their splash screen for the voting on their Facebook page. The voting closes in approximately 22.5 hours from when this is posted. Competitions rules and prize Voting link: My Design Entry Other Designs Concepts