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  1. where did you get the redskins jersey layout i would like to make a 49ers one nice work :}{

  2. If we're counting wrestling as a sport, some more motorsports paint schemes: Madusa is a 2-time champion driver, former wrestler. And there was once a bunch of WWF/WCW-themed trucks.
  3. Nice find, I forgot about that great paint scheme...and I once had a diecast too.
  4. Incredible story and hopefully the lightning strike will open some new opportunities to you because you have to try new things in your life. Nice work on the uniforms. Good luck with sales.
  5. When you spray "fixative" on the decals, what product do you use? Would regular spray clearcoat (Satin or matte) work? Thinking of making my son some custom diecast vehicles.
  6. That fleur just doesn't work with the M to me. It looks like the M is either kicking it, or vacuuming it up.
  7. Wasn't just the helmet. This paint scheme was used when Gibbs went into the Pro Football HOF:
  8. I feel like they've gotten obliterated on national television every time they've worn these. They just remind me of the darkest parts of the Jim Zorn era (as opposed to the oh-so-magical times we're experiencing now). Hopefully this combo never sees the light of day again. Yeah, the Steelers obliterated them. When they wore them against Dallas in 2009, the Cowboys beat the Skins 7-6 on a last-minute TD pass...Skins were shutting Dallas out 6-0 for the whole game and lost at the end. Was a crazy game actually. Story behind the uniforms: http://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Daily/Issues/2008/11/Issue-38/Franchises/Players-The-Impetus-Behind-Redskins-All-Burgundy-Uniforms.aspx
  9. I don't mind all of them. Jagr remains more productive than most because of his size, patience, stickhandling, & able to create space without speed. Guys like Iginla & Recchi, those are players I get tired of... chasing rings instead of playing for fun. Does anyone really play just for fun or the love of the game? Most if not all play for rings and make the most money they can make for themselves.The thing I love about Chip Kelly is that he got rid of players that did it for the money, and acquired players that love footballDon't be naive...they're all playing for the money. The only one that really, actually might be doing it for the "love of the game" could be Tim Tebow.
  10. I'd like them better without hoods.
  11. Irony...Vick will be wearing the Steelers' prison uniforms this season. He chose #2. Source: http://www.steelersdepot.com/2015/08/new-steelers-qb-michael-vick-to-wear-no-2/ Can't wait to see him in:
  12. Any NFL game played in Wembley Stadium is wrong.
  13. Nice. Where's Eli on the Chargers If not for the bogus salary cap penalty, we would have seen this too:
  14. Par for the course here. I don't fault a business man expanding his brand and market. Well done, Michael. The Jumpman logo will look odd but it's a silouette of one of the greatest athletes of all time, so I doubt any football player is going to be ashamed of wearing it. Maybe he'll turn it into a player making a football catch in the Jordan pose. But, he shouldn't have to, he's Michael Jordan.
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