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  1. That is pretty damn cool. It sure as hell isn't traditional, but the idea behind it is fantastic. The, uh, Little Mermaid homerun mural on the other hand...
  2. The NFL is at a crossroads, which path will they take?
  3. Everything looks pretty decent. I'd like to point out that the "O" logo reminded me of Oklahoma State instantly. I am not really thinking the duck logo would fly (no pun intended, well... no) because it just looks too cartoony or clipartsy to me. I love the idea of the go green uniform and the yellow uni was executed to perfection in my mind, great work.
  4. I like those little moving player pics they show at the bottom of the screen, Favre looks like a child molester in his.
  5. You're in luck, I happened to have something 100x700 lying around. BJBerthiaume, I would just go with the max 860 x 140 sig.
  6. I'm not positive, but I think they're too big. Edit- Yep, too big.
  7. So is this the first time the Vikings have worn their throwbacks twice in one season? Personally, I think they look horrible, even if the helmet color is accurate. I say they get a yellow alternate, it'd look bad, but not throwback bad, and it'd give us all something else to bitch and moan about.
  8. The uniform colors in this Chiefs-Chargers game are simply BEAUTIFUL. Chiefs in white jerseys/red pants vs. Chargers in powder blue jerseys/white pants looks so incredible I want to cry. I might need to tape this game, I know for sure a picture of it is making my desktop. It's truly the most magically satisfying uniform matchup I have ever beheld.
  9. I heard a couple rumors on various sites saying that the Vikings will go with purple jerseys and pants today. Let's all hope these rumors are true, it's just something different!
  10. Good night nurse. This thread is music to the eyes. If it would turn as well as these concepts, I wouldn't be opposed to a Pro Combat week in the NFL, or something similar put on by Reebok. You are my favorite person in the world.
  11. Clemson is wearing theirs right now vs. South Carolina on ESPN. My God, I'm gonna give Nike a big ol' two thumbs down for this little project they did. I mean, what, after FSU and TCU they basically gave everyone a standard, uninspired paint-by-number template. You could make a pretty accurate guess on the order they designed the teams, the best ones were first, then they got lazy and put like Clemson's out on the field.
  12. Quoted because it is truthful. I do not disagree with a single thing said. Happy Thanksgiving to you, sir!
  13. Mauer would have been unanimous if some retart, probably from Detroit, hadn't voted for Miguel Cabrera. MIGUEL CABRERA!?
  14. Yes, my dream came true yesterday. I'm sure it's happened many a time before, but an all-black uni vs. an all-white uni is a TV watcher's dream.
  15. Some observations... -Steelers and Bengals, not so sharp. Whoever comes out top doesn't look good enough to get anywhere in the playoffs. -The Chargers! Broncos are really looking, well, bad. SD will come out on top. -The Browns should be completely ashamed of their performance, and probably just kill themselves. -Brett Favre should be getting serious MVP consideration. He hasn't showed any signs of slowing down and has turned me into a believer.