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  1. I'm totally on board with the Eagles fauxbacks however, should go all the way and make the helmet logo all silver with a white outline.
  2. From '82-'95 The Rams and Raiders were in LA and the Chargers were in San Diego and was pretty sustainable. Portland to me would be another Jacksonville. Yeah there would be interest the first few years but Portland is more of a college football town, much like Jacksonville, with both Oregon and Oregon St.
  3. The bay that separates Tampa and St Pete is called Tampa Bay so they named the teams after that to include the metropolitan area as a whole.
  4. A whole lot of us from SE Pennsylvania would take great offense to this name.
  5. Maybe the Texans can wear the original white helmet that was shown at the press conference with the Battle Red? Just a thought.
  6. How about this idea? Go back to how you had it where each week represented a different decade but only go up to the 1990's. That would take you to week 8. Then they start all over again and the teams that were at home in the first 8 weeks would be on the road the second 8 weeks. Example being if a team was at home for week 1 (1920's) then they would be on the road for week 9 (1920's again) and so on and so on until week 16. That way each team can wear a home and away version of the uniforms from each decade. Then make week 17 be a combined 2000's/2010's since most teams haven't changed their uniforms much in that time period. The teams that have changed them can decide which decade they will wear for week 17.
  7. I've personally have always liked the look of Estonia's flag. Simple design with great color combination. I also like the flag from the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since that is the place I was born.
  8. Saw Dale Earnhardt Sr win his only Daytona 500 in 1998.
  9. May I request just one more if you are still doing these? Dale Earnhardt Sr. Thanks a bunch these are pretty cool.
  10. Philadelphia Eagles, Flyers, and Phillies. 80's logos for Eagles and Phillies if possible.
  11. Philadelphia Eagles home, Philadelphia Flyers home, Penn State Home
  12. rob in kelly green, 4671 in silver, Kelly green leaf, silver star, black outline.
  13. I love that Flyers jersey as well, I grew up with it. Didn't realize it was out of the ordinary at the time. Would this technically be BFBS though? Since black is one of their primary colors I love that jersey as well. Got a John LeClair one hanging in my closet. It wasn't out of the ordinary. This jersey started out as an alt but eventually replaced the orange jersey as the primary colored jersey.
  14. Not only that but the Super Bowl logo is so bland and boring now that I would just rather not have it on a jersey.
  15. Nice to see the Rams in their throwback uniforms. Shame they got the toilet seat collar.
  16. rob4671

    Titans uniforms

    I think i might have to with nfl rules but I think the logo looks better. I will give it a shot though TV numbers are not required TV numbers are required either on the sleeves or the shoulders in the NFL.
  17. These are just downright bad. He has actually made the Jaguars' current unis look good. Although his helmet does look better.
  18. Outlining the numbers with red would be a good way not to overpower the Ironwings.
  19. rob4671

    Chrome Logos

    Can I get the following logos please? Thanks so much in advanced.
  20. 1) Eagles 2) Bucs 3) Seahawks 30) Giants 31) Redskins 32) Cowboys
  21. rob4671

    MLB Fauxbacks

    This thread is awesome! Takes me back to the mid to late 70's again. Now where did I put those corduroy pants and my Star Wars shirt?
  22. And how is Dole not put for Hawaii?