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  1. i think this logo would work better on the shield
  2. This is great. It would be cool if you did some for the other BCS bowls as well.
  3. i like the uniform set with the white helmet better than the red. maybe you could add some type of stripe or something on the back of the jerseys to balance the design on the front? overall, very nice concept.
  4. I think the two tone numbers work. I'd like to see a lighter blue alt, though
  5. I like how people actually believe that the colts and jags concepts on here were made by nike. ridiculous.
  6. drknox5

    Suns Concept

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Here's the final version.
  7. i think the diagonal wordmark looks good in the logo, but on the uniforms it looks a little dated. I think an updated wordmark and number font would do wonders for the uniforms.
  8. drknox5

    Suns Concept

    ok, i got rid of the "armpit hair" on the jerseys. I can't decide if i'd rather have orange or purple for the text and numbers on the homes. thoughts?
  9. can i get a texas tech of one michael crabtree if you have the time? thanks.
  10. drknox5

    Suns Concept

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I took some of the suggestions and added a sun trim on the shorts and around the armholes to make it more unique. I also fixed the collar and changed the text and number colors. Let me know what you think.
  11. drknox5

    Suns Concept

    I don't like all of the gray that the suns have in the current set of uniforms, especially since it's inconsistent between the home and road.
  12. Can i get a White Roddy Beaubois one? thanks a lot.
  13. Here's one i made of nelson cruz. It's my first try, so i'll probably use more shading when i do another one.
  14. ugh, mediafire is blocked on my university's network.