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  1. I suppose it could be, but I don't think that it is. First, I've never seen anything anywhere that said Alzado was in any sort of college all-star game. Second, Yankton College was a tiny NAIA school in South Dakota, the players didn't get any press nationally and so they likely wouldn't have been considered for any national all-star game for these reasons. Finally, the circumstances of Alzado's being drafted implies that he was not known to be a pro prospect. A Broncos scout had a car break-down in Montana, passed the time by watching film of a Montana Tech game vs. Yankton College where he noticed Alzado and the Broncos drafted him the next year in the 4th round. I also notice that the numbers on the uniform is different from what he wore throughout his pro career. I have no information on what number he wore in college. But again, the colors aren't even close for Yankton College.
  2. This is Lyle Alzado's 1972 rookie card. What jersey is he wearing? He was a Denver Bronco from 1971-1978 so there's really no chance this is another NFL team. I've never seen any other Broncos wearing a jersey with a shoulder "crest" like this and this page shows that no other Bronco in the 1972 (or 1971 or 1973) Topps card set was wearing anything like this. He went to college at Yankton College in SD. The college has been closed since 1984. However, when they were still around their colors were brown (or black) and yellow/gold. He wasn't picked for a pro bowl until 1977 so it's not an "all-star" jersey. Yankton College was a tiny NAIA school and Alzado wasn't a well known pro prospect so I don't believe it's likely that this is some sort of college "all-star" jersey either I've seen this card dozens of times but never thought of it as being odd until I saw it again today. Any ideas on what it is? Is it just some odd practice jersey?
  3. We have a winner. Cal was one of the first ones I looked at too, but that particular logo isn't on the site. I was sure I saw it here but I guess not. Thanks a lot all for your suggestions. I was really going nuts.
  4. OK... I've been looking on the site for over an hour for a logo that I KNOW I have seen before. It's a simple bear silhouette. Side view, walking; not super detailed. If I recall it was an older logo and I remember thinking it looked retro. Similar to the old-school Boston Bruins, except it actually looks like a bear. Can anyone help me out?
  5. My wife's small hometown HS football team is ending their "co-op" with the next town over in a year or two and going solo. I've been curious what their uniforms would be and I thought it would be a fun idea to post it in here to see what some of you guys think their design should be. Their name is the Bears, town name is Marion. Colors are Maroon and silver, white has been used as an accent in the past. Let's see what you guys think... Post your designs and I'll post mine when I'm done with it.
  6. I'm thinking about starting a "helmet project" type site based upon my state's high school uniforms. I intend to base it upon this template: What I'm looking for is a source that has a large-ish collection of uniforms based upon this template that I can reference whenever "this" looks like "that." Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  7. SO SICK! I love 'em. Those helmets are legit too! I agree that there's something "off" with the pant stripe though... maybe the piping?
  8. I've been starting to make templates of some of my local HS teams in hopes of starting a "helmet project" type site with the jerseys. Speaking of... and slightly off topic, anyone know of a source of completed college/pro/HS templates based upon this template?
  9. I'm a broncos fan but HATE their current helmet. My favs are 1. Rams/Eagles 2. Browns 3. Jets
  10. As a Broncos fan I've got to say your logo and color scheme are SICK... filthy, nasty sick sick goodness! The uni style is a bit more modern than my taste, but it is still a HUGE improvement over what we've got now. I love all the logos really... Dolphins jerseys look awesome, but I'm curious how something like the "sun" elements would translate to 3D. This is all awesome.. good work.