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  1. Well, imagine my surprise when I went to the main site just now, and could actually read the comments posted for some logos! I don't what changed (nothing did at my end), but thanks, I guess.
  2. I have tried everything I can think of, involving Disqus and this site, and I still cannot read the comments in the individual logos part of the main sportslogos.net site. There has been no response here. After close to ten years of contributing to this site on a nearly daily basis, I have had no choice lately but to give up trying. I may check in in a year or so to see if you have fixed this.
  3. On the "mothership" logos site, one of the more interesting/entertaining parts is the comments section for each logo, which for years has been "powered by Disqus." For several months, I have encountered an issue of those comments being hidden, replaced with "blog comments powered by Disqus." Up until today, I had found the workaround had been to come here to the Forums side, log out, and then to log in again. This brought the main site's comments section back. Today, I have tried that repeatedly, but I still only see blog comments powered by Disqus. This is a serious problem regarding return traffic. Without the comments, things can be pretty static on the main logos side... Coincidence or not, the "new logos and random logos" section in the lower left, which usually rotates to other logos every few minutes, seems stuck on the same selection. Yes, I have cleared my cache, with no improvement.
  4. It is a small improvement over the NASL version... https://scontent.fyxd2-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t45.1600-4/cp0/q90/c0.11.720.376/s552x414/29964441_6101714021521_2705062079097733120_n.png.jpg?_nc_cat=0&efg=eyJxZV9ncm91cHMiOlsibm9fc2FmZV9pbWFnZV9mb3JfYWRzX2ltYWdlIl19&_nc_eui2=AeHOOkNepUus2Df7l1asymGlBxWrKEmDXC69Yu_wGIWJFdLMT0CWoS8267PoRpaurTqORr7yDkRmlkntTagaijPRsCNxAOSUfJ9fTIeDsKOkqw&oh=59191aee0fc74b31a056edbb16b20eda&oe=5BA91ED3
  5. Overall, very good work! A nice thing about these concepts is they use a variety of styles, so they don't look as though they were all done by the same designer (although they were). As my username implies, I, too, am a fan of heraldic design. As such, I feel a need to point out for this Toronto set that the 'belt' used by the Duke of York as a badge is really a garter, as in the Order of the Garter he is entitled to display as a member. Many Scottish clan badges use similar looking belts, so it is confusing. Given the heraldic references, I am somewhat dissatisfied with how stylised (1970s logo style) the garter and the trillium are. A touch more realism would make them ring truer for me, recognising that heraldic art is inherently stylised, even when blazoned as 'proper.' As examples of what I am talking about, I like the trilliums used in the arms of the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists and the way the garter is portrayed on the Queen's arms. It comes down to adding a little more realistic detail, but not too much.
  6. Thanks for your reply, and I totally sympathise with your situation. This was not meant to be any form of attack, just a suggestion for improvement. My suggestion still stands, as being a clear one-stop place for fans to contribute news and updates (both for you and for other users to see), and for you to review them whenever time allows. This would surely save you some time, or time for any volunteer moderators who might help you out in this (my next helpful suggestion).
  7. The problem with the ads covering the logos seems to be resolved. Thanks! Moving on to something else: I have seen others express frustration at trying to get new of updates to this site, and I have also been frustrated to see updates and corrections ignored here for years. I was just looking for the appropriate place to contribute the news today that the CFL Edmonton Eskimos have taken the step (for the first time) of asking their fans in a survey what their views on the nickname are, but I couldn't find any place other than this part of the forum. http://edmontonjournal.com/sports/football/cfl/edmonton-eskimos/edmonton-eskimos-pose-question-of-name-change-in-fan-survey/wcm/08d8b090-a938-447d-9768-28a6a023f12f So, here is my suggestion: an official thread within the forum where news, updates, corrections, etc. can be posted by site followers, which the administrators can review and act on when and as they see fit.
  8. I did another (rough) version of Johnny Canuck about 4 years ago, that I kind of like.
  9. As a reference to the logo for the proposed team of the same name from 1984: I agree with MSO94's assessment. I think the colours could be made more unique. Perhaps a teal or turquoise (what I see in the originating post is light blue), red, and gold, with white?
  10. Traditionally, all cricket teams wore all white. Similar to baseball, there is only one player from the batting team on the field of play surrounded by the defending team, so there is not a big issue of telling teams apart. Still, for the viewers, it is confusing.
  11. Not a bad thought. I won't go further than these quick mock-ups unless W-B/S actually wants one. I also caught a gap in the earlier design, by the mouth. While a diamond made of bolts is an interesting idea, I don't think I could pull that off recognisably.
  12. Definitely tacked on. Just a quick concept, and I agree the bolts could be integrated better.
  13. I was just looking at the updated logo for the AHL Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, and was disappointed to see that the Golden Triangle (symbolic of Pittsburgh) had been added to the existing, different penguin used by WB/S. That got me thinking about a more appropriate background, and after learning that Scranton is the Electric City and Wilkes-Barre the Diamond City, I came up with this rough concept. I don't plan to do anything more with this, but I wanted to share the idea.
  14. I like this work. The red, green and white were the colours of the original 1917 Stanley Cup champion Seattle Metropolitans. This concept is clearly built on that team, with the red S and the striping also harking back to that team. Changing the colours may work, but it would lose some of that history.
  15. One recent change here I do not like is the obtrusive ads that actually cover part of the logo one is trying to get a good look at. Despite closing those ads and repeatedly providing them feedback that they are covering content, this persists, and some ads can't even be closed. I understand that this is how the site can pay for itself and make some money, but the ads that cover the content are really going too far. I otherwise have enjoyed this site for a long time, and am a daily visitor. In some cases, corrections I have suggested have gone unnoticed for years, but it *is* a large site to administer.
  16. Good work- it is progressing, but it seems a little flat and static. Having asymmetrical shading may add some depth, and the pupils need to focus on us, if it is facing forward. You are aware that the Victoria Cougars have already existed in both the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (the last non-NHL Stanley Cup winners, in 1925) and the junior Western Hockey League (now in Prince George)?
  17. How would you fix it? To my eye, it is a clash of the rest of the head having some visual depth, while the tongue is drawn in more 2D. This applies to the teeth, too- adding some teeth behind the tongue may help for both.
  18. The earliest sports nicknames (almost) always had some meaning behind them, like Tigers if they wore striped shirts or socks, Pirates if they stole a player from another team, Blueshirts because they wore blue shirts, etc. That's how nicknames come about for people, too- some observation, comment, feature, event, etc. provides the inspiration. In more modern times, the names are sometimes chosen for alliteration, through a contest, or because the owner likes the sound of it. Some examples (in my mind) include the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Tennessee Titans, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Los Angeles Kings, and the Atlanta Falcons, but even in such cases, there is usually some story concocted to "explain" the name. The official story for the Penguins still does not make any sense: "[it] was inspired by the fact that the team was to play in the "Igloo", the nickname of the Pittsburgh Civic Arena" - Penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere, while igloos were invented in the Arctic (far North).
  19. While interpreting "Lions" as sea lions makes some sense in the Pacific Northwest, this team was explicitly named for "The Lions," twin mountain peaks visible from Vancouver (also referred to in naming the Lions Gate Bridge). They are the snow-capped peaks on the left side of this image. So, mountain lions is a very strongly entrenched interpretation for this team. All that said, I like your concept, which could still be adapted with only slight changes to be a mountain lion (cougar).
  20. The high school version is better, but it clearly is based on the Richmond Raiders of the PIFL.
  21. After years of commenting at the site of the error itself, this may be a better place to say it: The WHL former team Calgary Centennials logo is shown in blue, which it never was. It was, in fact, red and black- and the Canadian 1967 centennial logo included in it is not a "star tree," but a highly stylised maple leaf! While I'm reliving my youth, the logo shown for the original WHL Edmonton Oil Kings is wrong- the version posted there is for the short-lived second incarnation, when the Flin Flon Bombers were moved to Edmonton for 2 years before moving on to become the also short-lived Spokane Flyers. Second incarnation: Original version (the current team uses a modified version): They also often used another version in print, and sometimes on uniforms, for the original Oil Kings: thanks
  22. I wasn't thinking you were! I agree on the kerning...if anything, the official guide has the first 's' practically attached to then 'A'. Ligatures (e.g. attaching the A and the s) were purposely included in logos of that era (and to this day) to prevent people from messing with the spacing! Too bad they messed up the original, in the Astros' case.
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