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  1. The Notre Dame name might have to be a little different due to some of the revision the Maximum Football game went through with their generic college teams. To be honest, Notre Dame is just giving us a realistic football game. Now in the game they can win zero College Football playoff games, just like real life.
  2. I didn't like how quarter and time we're anchored at the bottom, and not in the middle like everything else. Bothered me the whole game.
  3. I guess it's about time. But as someone who lives in the market, I can't think of how the new ones won't look bad, given some of the stuff we've seen recently. Cleveland/Tampa Bay's recent look gives me hope, but The Falcons/Rams do not.
  4. This certainly throws my planned vacation for a loop. I usually take at least Wednesday-Friday off for a normal tourney. Might take that Sweet 16 Monday off instead. I was thinking about how strange the at-large picture will look this year. It seems like a lot of large conference teams that would find themselves on the bubble will look a lot worse, record-wise. Those teams usually have to stack up easy wins at the beginning of the season, and just do ok in their conference. So with a handful of easy games disappearing from their schedule, and these teams likely having the same amount of losses as usual (provided a lot of postponed conference games are made up), are we looking at .500-level teams getting at-large bids this year?
  5. It really feels nice not to be annoyed by any of the teams in the playoffs. While I'd prefer the Super Bowl winner not come from the Saints/Buccaneers game, I wouldn't hate it.
  6. I just want to say I appreciate y'all learning about where I live. Even if it's all forgotten about tomorrow.
  7. The ads at the bottom of the page now pop up or change while I'm typing. This happens about every 8 seconds, but i becomes the "active" part of the web page, so I have to click back into the reply box every 8 seconds.
  8. I'm watching the Ravens-Titans game, and I have never heard anyone call Derrick Henry "King Henry" before. Is this a new thing? Did I miss this because I haven't seen the Titans play in over a year? Is this an actual nickname, or one those weird internet slang instances of people calling someone else "King" because they agree with them on some minor detail like "I also think scrambled eggs are the best eggs. Here you go King" and then they post some jpeg of a crown?
  9. I know COVID is causing a lot of stress/depression/anxiety/etc. among everyone, but there's been a few players stepping away from their teams midway through the season. It just seems like strange timing with all of them happening as new semesters start up.
  10. Did I miss some grand announcement from all the college football announcer that they'd all work in the phrase "2 deep" in every game this year? It's always just been called "the depth chart" and I don't know when the big meeting was that "depth chart" isn't cool anymore. I've never heard the phrase used on a broadcast until this year. Related: the phrase "hat on a hat." I swear Kirk Herbstreit gets paid anytime he uses that phrase.
  11. I'm a Cincinnati fan and I've watched all their games this year. And I don't think they're one of the best four teams in the country. But we didn't need to play the games to tell you that the four best teams in the country are Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson and Notre Dame. I get that the AAC isn't on the same level of any P5 conference, but Cincinnati really has no choice in how good the teams in their conference are. They can only play who they play. If the Playoff Committee isn't going to take these teams seriously then it's time, and I never thought I'd say this, to separate the Power 5 from everyone else. Not only should the Group of 5 make their own playoff, they should stop playing the P5. If you want to prove how tough your schedule is, don't play the Tulsas of the world since they're so beneath you. I also think we shouldn't be ranking the teams until like Week 5.
  12. I know the College Football Playoffs Selection Committee only exists so ESPN can have a high ratings program in December in addition to their NFL coverage, but at this point just make it a formula. Is that similar to the BCS? Yes. Will football fans have to learn how to do math? Yes. Put out all the metrics the committee says they want, make them quantitative and index them so they're all even, because everyone always argues what's more important. Everyone knows where they stand at all times. The "eye test" only exists for former football players and old guys to talk up their favorite teams every week. It's literally the only way to rig the system is to use someone thing so unexplainable. I don't need a bunch of CTE brains telling me the six things they remembered about each team from the past 12 weeks.
  13. The Cleveland Jakes. Or better yet: The Cleveland The Jake. Each year a different Jake is rotated as the logo. Think of the merchandise sales!
  14. I'm just as sad about the font choice on the banner
  15. My friend was the general manager of this team and it makes me extra sad.