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  1. I have this exact Nets prototype logos picture saved on phone and have no idea why I've never deleted it. Most of these are extremely 1997
  2. I didn't know that one in the upper left was still being used? I'm certain I've seen the top right thing for the past year. In regards to the jingle, I don't know if NBC was the first "successful" jingle (likely not, but it's the biggest example I could think of), but I've notice a lot of brands are now really pushing some sort of "sound" to associate with their brands on their commercials and it's incredibly annoying. For a long time Sonic had some sort of sound on their commercials, and now it's been updated for some reason, which is weird thing that company actually spent money on. I haven't seen a commercial without Charlie Puth in like 6 months, so I have no idea if Subway still uses that awful "neon light, but it's dying" sound. Now Rocket Mortgage has some unnecesary two notes at the beginning of each of their commercials. There are a bunch of other brands who do this and I have no idea why it's become "a thing"
  3. I have no idea how Nuggets fans view Billups, and not only does Carmelo seem like a clear choice over him, but there's at least five other guys you could put on there over him?
  4. I totally forgot Dusty Baker is managing the Astros this year, which gives me like a 20% rooting interest for them now.
  5. The Dodgers had 16 guys pitch at least 15 innings this year. 14 of them had ERAs below four, 10 of them below 3.2. In fact, their pitching staff has led the National League in ERA each of the past four seasons. This is over the course of full seasons, not a limited sample size of the playoffs. And their postseason batting average ranks almost right in line with their postseason ERA rank, meaning you could say their hitting has been the problem in the playoffs these past few years. If you can think of someone who was available who had 1. better regular season numbers to justify taking their spot on the staff and 2. Better postseason numbers that you can't statistically prove is not a fluke, I'd love to hear it. I think Dodgers are lame, too. But Mookie Betts is cool as hell no matter who he plays for and the Dodgers got a top five player in baseball. I don't think I'm going out on a limb in saying anyone they gave up to get him will have a career like he has. But my favorite team didn't trade him away so I have no reason to act like I hate him now.
  6. Didn't he sign like a 12 year extension? It's not like he's a one year rental.
  7. Can't find anyone to go with! I've had them since the first season, but the people I had them with with moved to a different part of the old stadium, and then my friends and his wife got tickets with me, then they had two kids and can barely make it to enough games for them to spend that much on a whole season (they also had a habit of cancelling at the last minute). Everyone I know wants to go one game a year. And people my age apparently can't commit to any plans more than a day in advance. Can't really justify the price for two tickets for all the games. It's a real bummer because I could park at work for free and walk over.
  8. This makes me sad about likely cancelling my season tickets.
  9. Are there guys available who have won multiple NBA titles?
  10. I never attended any of the cup races there but as much of a pain as it was to bring the Cup Series to Kentucky this seems strange to take it away so soon. I really hope NASCAR goes to some sort of rotating schedule for a few tracks. Like three of five get a race each year and they rotate around. I'd also love for the Championship race to be moved around more frequently. I'd really like for three or four of the 1.5 mile tracks races to go away. There's no reason for Kansas to have two.
  11. Between both pitching gems and that weird rundown, playoff baseball has already been fun and hilarious.
  12. I can't name any other of the top of my head (outside of my example below) but there are a few teams who wear a different font for training camp only. The Bengals have been sticking with block font even though they updated their uniform 15+ years ago.
  13. Apparently it's the RAC in New Jersey. The windows on the side (and I imagine the roof?) look pretty cool. Looks like the Nets played at least their first NJ season there and this was their first game of that season, 1977.
  14. As a Grizzlies fan, the right side of that uniform is so stupid, and it's the only thing I've ever disliked about any of the team's uniforms.
  15. I've noticed it before, but it sounds like she's talking with a cough drop in her mouth. That said, I could name a hundred other people I'd rather not hear announce a basketball game. I think Doris is great. Then again the Grizzlies technically didn't even make the playoffs, so I never reached the "My team is playing poorly and about to get swept, so now I don't like the announcers" part of the season.