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  1. Are guys like McHugh and Olczyk going to also do other NBC coverage? I know TNT is somewhat it's own thing and they split rights to sports with just about every other network. McHugh does some pregame stuff for SNF, and Eddie is always involved with Triple Crown coverage.

  2. 6 minutes ago, DG_ThenNowForever said:


    They barely made it past the Nets and were gifted a young ATL team without Trae Young for the second half of the series.


    Bud won in spite of himself. Giannis is that good.

    By that logic, shouldn't he still get fired?

  3. The NBA draft is such a crapshoot anymore, especially as the top picks become all about potential since their only 19 (but my mind is old).


    Here are the Bucks first round picks since Giannis:


    Jabari Parker - 2nd

    Rashad Vaughn - 17th

    Thon Maker - 10th

    DJ Wilson - 17th

    Done DiVincenzo - 17th

    Kevin Porter Jr. - 30th

    RJ Hampton - 24th


    One, this follows up the point by @Sport . The Bucks routinely picked in the teens. Any tanking they did, did not work because their two highest selections have yet to pan out (I wanted both to pan out).


    Two, Khris Middleton was picked in the second round! By the Pistons!


    Three, the only other player on this list that has been remotely important for the team was DiVincenzo, who got hurt and missed most (all?) of the playoffs.


    I also hate that less than three weeks ago, Budenholzer was almost "not good enough" to coach this team.

  4. I might be the only person in the world who feels this way but I kinda miss the BFBS MLB era where Cincinnati, Oakland, Kansas City, and the Mets had unnecessary black on their uniforms.


    I also miss the brick red Astros set, especially the white uniform with pinstripes.

  5. 2 hours ago, Digby said:

    Well the Nets are deeply gross and unlikeable, but otherwise it is nice to see a new crop of elite teams and up-and-coming stars. 

    I fully expect to be tired of all of these teams in about four years.

  6. This is as open as the NBA playoffs have been in a while and it's wonderful. As much as everyone loves dynasties and they give people reasons to watch, I like this better. I usually have a rooting interest - for the Grizzlies (rarely there), for Lebron (often there), against James Harden (sometimes there?) - but not really having that in the second round is great. I guess I'm somewhat rooting against the Nets, but I like Kevin Durant enough that I wouldn't be disappointed by it.

  7. A few years before the Saints won the Super Bowl, they were considering some uniform changes. One of the options they tested was was a black uniform with 2009-Jaguars-eqsue piping on the front of the jersey and I think they were thinking of having a gold jersey on the road instead of a white one based on the pictures I saw. Instead of a block number font, they had a number font that was closer to the "SAINTS" wordmark they have.

    The other option they had was like a chest stripe somewhere between the Broncos and the uniforms Texas Tech had when Michael Crabtree was there.


    Obviously they didn't change them.

  8. 2 hours ago, Seadragon76 said:


    Why do you think I want the hitting coach to be tossed into Puget Sound? No team should be hitting below .200 at worst.


    Whatever happened to patience and working the count and taking advantage of 2-0 and 3-0 counts?

    I hear taking advantage of 3-0 counts is frowned upon in some clubhouses.

  9. The one year I played football (fourth grade) I was given no. 2. I played Safety and Left Guard. Single Digit on the O-Line!


    I don't hate the new NFL rule, it's just different, for now. I feel bad for Reggie Bush who wanted to do this 15 years ago and the league said no.

  10. I live in Cincinnati.

    I'm [slightly] younger than Sean.

    I hate the Bengals and wish they would relocate to another city.

    Every city has a player like Ken Anderson that deserves to be in the Hall of Fame and there's usually no real reason to keep most of those guys out, other than some idea that can't be quantified, even when the things that can be quantified say the likely deserve to be there.

    I never knew there were so many people worried about protecting the supposed sanctity of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. They could induct Correll Buckhalter & Lee Suggs tomorrow and I'd be like "sure of course, why not."

  11. Suggs' shot reminds me of that buzzer beater Lebron hit in 09 against the Magic. They ended up losing the series so it didn't really matter in the end.


    I really wanted Gonzaga to win. I'm not really sure I'd consider this choking. The two Suggs fouls at the beginning pretty much ended the game though and was wild.

    It sucks because they did everything we ask of non-Power conference teams in any sport. They scheduled extremely well outside their conference and kicked ass the entire way. These were clearly the two best teams in basketball this year (which was nice to have them both play in the championship). One just happened to play a very tough conference twice a week while the other played in a conference with a bunch of schools that don't really matter.

  12. 10 hours ago, seasaltvanilla said:


    I know I'm being very picky about this, and it's a very small detail, but these aren't the same:




    I guess never saw the Memphis Helmets up close. I saw them from the normal TV angle and just assumed they were the same, which was very confusing at the time. This makes way more sense now.

  13. Memphis even had the Bengals helmet design for a few games. My biggest with the Memphis look is still my biggest issue with the leaks: what happens with the stripes on the white uniform. The Bengals colors are Orange and Black, so when we take one of those away and replace it with a white background, it just seems incomplete. With the Memphis uniforms, they could technically just leave the "sleeve" portion black, but using the fill tool for sleeves is such a lazy and terrible looking design on any football jersey.

  14. I don't hate it. The number font is very Coyotes-esque (it's not quite the current one without the shadow). I kinda wish they went with a standard block font with a heavy-ish outline. I"m very happy they didn't try anything regarding the color rush, because those were straight trash.


    So we've seen the apparent black and orange jerseys, but I'm nervous about the white jerseys. Are the stripes just going to be black? Because that would look kinda dumb. If there's going to be two black stripes and one orange stripes, then they should brought that same design to the black/orange jerseys.

  15. This certainly throws my planned vacation for a loop. I usually take at least Wednesday-Friday off for a normal tourney. Might take that Sweet 16 Monday off instead.


    I was thinking about how strange the at-large picture will look this year. It seems like a lot of large conference teams that would find themselves on the bubble will look a lot worse, record-wise. Those teams usually have to stack up easy wins at the beginning of the season, and just do ok in their conference. So with a handful of easy games disappearing from their schedule, and these teams likely having the same amount of losses as usual (provided a lot of postponed conference games are made up), are we looking at .500-level teams getting at-large bids this year?

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