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  1. I've never understood Ooey Pooey. That'd make sense if it was UIPUI, but it's not.
  2. An update to Atlanta's pants Buffalo will be up later today. $5 to you if you can guess which three players's names and numbers I used.
  3. Growing up, I watched ESPNews more than I did Sportscenter, and I was much more familiar with the anchors there than the Sportscenter ones. I remember getting most of my breaking sports news from their little area in the bottom right where'd they'd have like 20 characters to break the story. Isn't there a member of these boards who actually stumped the Schwab?
  4. While I work on an Atlanta update, here's the Cowboys. I've always hated the wild inconsistencies between the Cowboys home and away uniforms. I've used the colors on the current away, but design from the current home uniforms. I used the stripe pattern from the sleeves on the pants, but left the helmet blank, and I think an all silver helmet with just a logo looks nice. If I were to add a stripe to the helmet, it'd be the same as the pants. The collar stripe is equivalent to one of the sleeve stripes.
  5. I really don't think it's too big of a problem, and you're solution certainly works, but it's just the groupings they have now work so well. NKU and Wright State are an hour apart, same with YSU and Cleveland State. IUPUI & NKU are two hours apart (not really an issue) but Cleveland State and Wright State are 3+ hours apart. It was even better when Valpo was paired with UIC (pre-IUPUI). *I didn't read a few posts above where this was essentially laid out already. I also thought Robert Morris was in Eastern PA
  6. I used to work for this team for a few years, and have given them nothing but crap since then, but they absolutely nailed this. The previous owner (RIP) had been considering this name change about 10+ years before this.
  7. No one else in the league is remotely close to be considered a travel partner in men's basketball.
  8. Sure, why not, here's Atlanta. The late 90s Super Bowl era Falcons look is my favorite and it's imitated here. I didn't have a problem with the number font from this last Falcons era, so I kept it. I love the gray pants Atlanta had at that time so I brought them back, and that's all they have. The sleeve design is take from the wings(?) of the falcon logo. I made the alternate uniform's numbers gray as a nod to the late 70s/80s Falcons uniforms. Those teams were not very good!
  9. To make sure I didn't save all the hard teams for last, I knocked out my hometown Bengals first, back in November, and looking at all the NFL redesigns, we all had the same idea! I moved the tiger stripes (difficult to make in paint!) to the sleeves, and returned the team to a block number font, but the one they had in the late 80s, with the curved sevens. This is one of a few instances where the same exact stripe patterns don't appear helmet/jersey/pants. My sub-rule here is that unique helmet stripes are fine in the cases of the Bengals and Rams. If using the stripe from the jerseys and pants is too weird, and single stripes or no stripes is ok.
  10. My only issue would be the number font, but everything else looks really nice. It looks like the number were chosen to match the wordmark? They seem slightly too wide. Nice work in using red/gold yellow, but still distinguishing enough from San Francisco/Washington. Those helmets remind of the Bengals prototype they ended up not going with.
  11. I realized I picked one of the most boring teams to put first, but I didn't want to scare anyone away! So here's the Titans. The original Tennessee Titans uniforms are one of my favorites, and i don't think they needed to change, but rather than just recreate it, I made some updates. Over the course of their originals we saw red used to various degrees in graphics and accessories, but it was never on the uniform, so I added it back into the scheme with a nod to the shoulder yoke/stripe from their original uniforms. I though about filling them in but opted against, as I really liked the look of a stripes-only-no-fill shoulder area. At the end of their Adidas era, the Cincinnati Bearcats football team a similar look and I enjoyed it. It's also inspired by the current Columbus Blue Jackets jerseys. In the name of consistency, those stripes made their way to the pants and helmet. I opted not to bring the Light Blue/Red combo to the forefront, because I really like Navy and Light Blue despite every NBA team using it in 2007. I brought back the white helmet the team had for 20 years. I also wanted to use a font similar to the Oilers years, but not exactly.
  12. I haven't made uniform concepts outside of video games or the fantasy leagues here in a long time, but I was going through some old files on an old computer and found some NFL stuff I started working on in 2014, so I thought, what better time to finish it than now? I've actually been working on these since November, but really kicked it into gear in mid-March, with all that time I saved from my commute to work (it's really only 30 minutes a day). A few things up front: The plan is to get to the entire NFL. I think some NFL uniforms are great already, so I'll only make minimal tweaks to them. I use Microsoft Paint, so I feel I need to set an expectation here. To save space, when I post a concept, I won't post all possibilities of mixing and matching of jerseys and pants, but I'll make sure each individual part gets posted. I'm not focusing on creating throwback uniforms of color rush uniforms, just a Home/Away/Sometimes an Alternate. I have no idea whose template it is that I'm using, but shout out to them for making it. I made some small tweaks and made a paint version of it. I'm a fan of block number fonts, but I don't think every team needs them. In fact, I made it a goal up front to half no more than half of the league use standard block number fonts. I know people are big fans of uniforms that existed when they were a kid. So am I. For this reason, you'll likely see the Eagles wearing whatever they call that teal color they were now and not Kelly Green. And the Rams will be wearing Navy and Gold (actual gold not yellow), but more on them later. I am older than that statement makes me seem. During this design process I realized that I love two things: helmets with no stripes, and silver/gray pants. If a team had gray pants at any point in their history, they're likely coming back. I also don't like wordmarks on the front of football jerseys and I don't know why. Perhaps the biggest theme of this entire series is stripe consistency. I know this means different things to different people. But to me it means the striping on the pants, uniform, and helmet share common elements in their setup. This will mostly involve tweaks to helmets and pants. Look, I love the pants stripes that the Brown, Texans, Bears, Packers, 49ers, and eleven other teams wear. It's a good look. But it often has nothing to do with what's going on the jersey, and that bugs me. So as long as we're open to some pants and helmets that deviate from that, we're almost guaranteed to have a good time. So with that we begin the 17th NFL Redesign series that started here since the NFL Draft. First up, the Chicago Bears. All I did with the logo was remove the inner outline. I think it looks better this way, and is consistent with the one on the helmet. So there you have it. I've always been bothered that the Bears' home and away uniforms use two different striping patterns. I've always been more of a fan of the one they use on their away uniforms. The striping pattern also makes its way down to the pants. I removed the GSH lettering as well, I hope I'm not cursed now or something. Moving forward, does anyone know of a website to upload images, where it doesn't make them blurry? These were made in paint and they came out online with a certain Bigfoot quality.
  13. Can we talk about how bad the NASCAR on FOX theme is? It sounds like two separate songs mashed together, with no regard for tempo and key.
  14. Obviously, It's Always Sunny calls to mind: the Phillies (Chase Utley & Ryan Howard appearing, as well as the episodes revolving around the World Series), the Eagles (Super Bowl episode with Jason Kelce and someone else appearing and the Flyers (when Mac wins the radio contest) I don't think Parks and Rec even actually mentions the Pacers, but Detlef Schrempf and Roy Hibbert appear a few times. They also go to Lucas Oil Stadium with Andrew Luck and a few other Colts. Friends also routinely mentions Knicks games and tickets. Mike proposes to Phoebe at a Knicks or Rangers game. In Letterkenny, while the teams are fictional, I've spotted Predators, Blackhawks, and Stars uniform templates in the hockey scenes.
  15. I always had a soft spot for those wide shoulder Sixers uniforms because the Cincinnati Bearcats were wearing the same style at the time (in my extremely biased opinion, the best college basketball uniform of all-time). weird, that I'm wearing the shirts from that uniform right now. Looking back on it, that whole identity was strange. I loved the blue uniforms, but they made no sense because there's no blue anywhere else in those uniforms. I remember playing NBA Live 2001 on the original PlayStation and, before I saw them worn on TV, they wore those in a random game and 10 year-old me thought it was so weird that I told my mom about it.
  16. It's like they wanted to capitalize on the "everything is space now" design from the 90s, but were like 3 years too late. And, you know, the fact that the sun doesn't have any rings. Just like the Suns.
  17. These numbers are almost identical to what the Sonics were wearing around the same time. (96 Finals era when they added red.) Could have been a manufacturer thing? But yes they are ugly
  18. Watching The Last Dance, as well as some old sporting events from 15-20 years ago, I miss the feeling of watching sports when I was younger. But sports just felt different when I was younger. They felt bigger, more important. I think it happened when I started to become older than some of the athletes participating, or maybe I just need more time removed this past decade. Or maybe it's because, while I still like and enjoy watching sports, I don't care about them. Does that make sense?
  19. As someone from Cincinnati who doesn't care about the Bengals, I was happy about the Tee Higgins pick. This draft feels more fun than any int he past ten years, as the Bengals would always picks some offensive lineman or a linebacker from Nevada. This past year was the least football I've watched in my life, so it's nice to know who both of the picks by the Bengals are.
  20. I could list a bunch that only really appeal to me and people who live within 25 miles of me, but in more general terms, I'd love to see a few about: Emergency Goalies in general. I'm fascinated by that whole thing. The history of The US International University basketball team. The Super Bowl Halftime Show
  21. I LOVE the simplicity/no outlines on the alternates. By not making them stand out, they stand out*. *This statement brought to you by Oxymoron Monday
  22. I'm not surprised at all that Jans is no longer with the club. Soccer has a problem all around the world with racism, and like you said, McCa...SPORT, it's not a good look for your coach to be associated with that. The comments on the story literally anywhere it's been posted are kinda sad. I'm not really upset with the decision at all and, as a white person, I don't think it's really my call to make on who should or shouldn't be upset regarding at the usage of the word. It's a disappointing and unfortunate situation all around.
  23. I've always thought the DH should be forced to play one inning at each position, including pitcher.
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