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  1. I LOVE the simplicity/no outlines on the alternates. By not making them stand out, they stand out*. *This statement brought to you by Oxymoron Monday
  2. I'm not surprised at all that Jans is no longer with the club. Soccer has a problem all around the world with racism, and like you said, McCa...SPORT, it's not a good look for your coach to be associated with that. The comments on the story literally anywhere it's been posted are kinda sad. I'm not really upset with the decision at all and, as a white person, I don't think it's really my call to make on who should or shouldn't be upset regarding at the usage of the word. It's a disappointing and unfortunate situation all around.
  3. I've always thought the DH should be forced to play one inning at each position, including pitcher.
  4. Yeah that's pretty disgusting, and the police officer in the press conference said so as well. While looking for some other confirmation that it was real, I saw: "Kobe and three others killed" "Kobe and his four daughters killed" "Kobe and four others killed" "Rick Fox was aboard the helicopter as well" The first three were all on various news broadcasts on television. And the last one somebody decided to make that up on social media I guess, because the was the only place I saw it. And then people ran with it. It's pretty gross that everyone (news-related or not) wanted to just be the first to report anything rather than be accurate in any way. If your first thought when someone dies is to post it anywhere so you can be the first to share a piece of news that someone else doesn't know (because that's all the dead person is to you at that point), then that's sad.
  5. Not saying I agree with this method, but if some voters were certain that Jeter would get voted in, maybe they cast votes for some more downballot guys to keep them on the ballot?
  6. As someone who worked for the Freedom for 3 years and a resident of NKY, I LOVE this change. This had been considered by previous ownership (RIP) almost 8 years ago. I'm happy with it. The colors are nice, too. Hopefully this will end all the local old people calling their stadium the "Freedom Center" which is the shorthand name for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center downtown.
  7. Oh I'm not advocating for the idea. It's a :censored:ty idea. The NBA playoffs are fine. I think most of the people who them changed aren't going to watch them anyway.
  8. If the goal is to get the best two teams in the Finals, just eliminate the playoffs and put the two best teams there. If you're the best team in your conference, prove it, and win the games to get you to the Finals. If you lose, too bad? Earlier last decade we were close to having a Grizzlies/Pacers NBA Finals. I would have loved that.
  9. What's below the Bucs helmet? Can't quite make that out.
  10. I'm aware of how it works. But I just want to pretend for a few seconds that all rich people aren't dicks. Let me have my dream! I don't think anyone will have an easier/harder time asking for public funds for a stadium regardless of how much they paid to own a team.
  11. My problem with the $400 million fee is that Cincinnati paid $150 million. If that $150 fee is still the case, that's $250 million leftover for a new team that could go towards a stadium, instead of getting the taxpayers to pay for it.
  12. I don't care who the Bengals draft at this point. I just hope they're bad. Bad enough for everything to come together and the Bengals leave town. That's the dream.
  13. Seeing a lot of stuff about how Joe Burrow never gave up on his dream. He didn't get recruited by his number 1 school out of high school and then transferred when he wasn't the starter at Ohio State. When did everyone flip on "Transferring is for millennial kids who can't wait their turn something something participation trophies" to "transferring is known as never giving up on your dreams"?
  14. I can't name a rivalry I watch every year, where I don't even care who wins. I'd much rather have the worse team win, with the hope that neither of them go to the playoff. So, go Michigan?
  15. March 9, 2000. Kenyon Martin breaks his leg int he Conference USA Tournament. I'm taking a huge step here, but I honestly believe that team was Final Four at worst with him healthy. Instead they lose in the second round to Tulsa, coached by Bill Self. That was my first full year getting into sports. Yikes.