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  1. For a league whose fans love to go on and on about how *organic* their team and following is, the league also loves to just be a knockoff replica of what's happening in Europe, specifically England.
  2. I just noticed the Celebrity game uniforms are the same template that the University of Buffalo wears at home. Now it's lame.
  3. I know I'm in the minority on this one, but I love everything about the current Brewers look. Navy and gold is great combination, and I'm sad the Rams have gone away from it.
  4. I thought Indiana's "IU" logo was a menorah. I was seven, not Jewish, and had no idea how many candle belonged on a menorah.
  5. FC Cincinnati's colors don't blend well with stripes like that, The colors are both two dark to be overlapping each other as shown in that concept. I wasn't really a fan of the last USL kits, as there were sublimated diamonds within orange stripes. The diamonds were darker than the usual orange and made them look brown. I really don't know what I'd prefer for "my team" but I'd know it when i see it.
  6. Yep, that was you! Dry seats sound like a much better bet.
  7. In the creepiest post of the day, I think I was sitting one row behind you and about three seats to the right.
  8. They also had a blue alternate (which didn't really fit the scheme at the time, but incorporated the original colors)
  9. Maybe it's lame, but I'd buy the Florence (KY) Freedom of the Frontier League. I interned there for a summer, and then worked as the sound guy for two years, and was some of the most fun I've ever had (despite the internship being unpaid). I have no idea how much it'd cost. I feel like it's still fun enough to own a pro team, but it'd be more of a local/community thing, which I think would be more fun. Also, it being the Frontier League, I feel like you can get away with more things marketing/production/promotion wise vs. a larger league. I might pay to renovate Cincinnati's US Bank Arena, rather than a new tax, so we could have the NCAA Tournament.
  10. I don't get the hate for the Brewers current identity (the Times New Roman number look, not all the indecision about what logo to use). It's one of my favorite in the entire league.
  11. I feel less like I'm looking at a league logo page, and more like I'm just scrolling through someone's Behance page.
  12. Well it looks like every other logo. I think they chose the 'capital lowercase U because the tail/line on the right of the U matches up the one on the left of the lowercase B to form double lines that you;d see on a road. (Someone works in marketing!)
  13. Ohhhhh I just noticed the side panels are one-side only (home and away). I like these, a lot. As a Grizzlies fan, I'm happy.
  14. I was excited when I first saw Conrad's rendering, but these....they look cheap as hell. I'm glad the shorts have wide panels (I love wide panels on shorts, with no panels on the jerseys), but the striping makes these look like some generic shorts from KMart. The black side panel...woof.