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  1. Maybe you can find out this fall on "The Mysery Index" starring Tahani from the Good Place and those guys from that show! Only on TBS!
  2. I might be in the minority, but I don't like new Premier League look. It looks like they just took the default Calibri font and colored some text boxes in PowerPoint. I really like the old font they used.
  3. I was just thinking about starting this thread last week! Specifically, baseball: 0-9 for fielders 10-19 for fielders (15 and 19 sometimes for pitchers) 27 and 29 for pitchers 32, 34-39 for pitchers 44 is for sluggers only Most 50s for pitchers, though 51 for outfielders (Ichiro/Bernie Williams) Most of these were ingrained in my mind based one my team having players in certain positions wear these numbers growing up.
  4. Love what you did with the Bears. (I was planning an NFL redesign thread and that was almost my exact Bears idea!). Also love the amount of color on the Dolphins uniforms. Great job on pretty much all of these.
  5. I think the Brewers home and away look right now is the best they've had. With navy. And gold. Not Navy and yellow, not blue and yellow. Not Ball in glove with updated colors. This exact thing.
  6. I agree. It's one of my favorite looks in baseball.
  7. Cincinnati (also Under Armour) is getting new jerseys this year. Judging by the updates to the football uniforms, they'll be pretty minor. No unveiling date yet.
  8. As a Grizzlies fan, I was happy to get Allen back in the Conley deal. He could be a good player and he can be fun to watch. But I'm already tired of him.
  9. A's, Astros, Giants, Dodgers, Angels, Tigers, Brewers, and Reds wore the font at one time or another.
  10. I thought the term Franchisee might work, but then the term "Atlanta Hawks franchisee" makes it seem like there's multiple Atlanta Hawks organizations running around, when maybe we should get the first one in working order (unnecessary dig at the Hawks, Yeah!). But now I think "Team shareholder" works the best. It's flows somewhat well and I can easily hear Mike Breen saying it during it. I've always thought the term "minority owner" rather than "minority team owner" sounded a little off. (My friend and I have been writing a pilot for the past few years and we've had this strange phrasing included in an episode). Also, major props to everyone for having almost two pages of a discussion around a current event, and not one person used the word "narrative". It's the little things.
  11. I guess the blueprint is an Open Cup run?
  12. As a Grizzlies fan, I'm happy for Conley, as the Jazz could be a team that makes some significant noise next year (much like Gasol going to Toronto). I'm happy to get Morant tomorrow and get the rebuild started with some good pieces. Have to figure that Korver and Crowder get dealt again/bought out?
  13. I feel like this one's pretty common knowledge at this point, but Khris Davis has .247 each of the past four seasons. The Cincinnati Reds also have a 9 game winning streak in the World Series. Sammy Sosa his 50+ home runs four times, and three of them were 60+ home run seasons. Hank Aaron never hit 50 home runs in a season, and his career high, 47, came when he was 37.
  14. The thing that bothers me the most about the Lakers' look is how inconsistent it is. I've always been a believer in that a home and away uniforms (in basketball) should follow the same template. If there's no side panels on the home, there should be none on the roads. The striping pattern is especially weird to me because the on the yellow uniforms, the stripes appear "within" the armholes, while the jersey color appears again on the outside of the stripe. While on the purple uniform, they appear on the edge. It's like they made one of those "Spot the Differences" between these two pictures. As a side note, I've always hated (too strong of a word) stripes like the ones on the yellow uniform. I'm a big fan of three even stripes on waistbands and armholes for basketball, but the jersey color should either be in the middle of the three, or not at all present - in this case purple/white/purple. Though I will give Nike credit here for not having yet another NBA team with solid stripes at the neck and armholes. That just looks lazy and uninspired.
  15. I think a lot of people were in that same boat regarding Porter. There were rumors at the time that NYRB were after Koch, and I think the team didn't want to risk losing him, so they gave him a deal that maybe Koch wasn't ready for. I think the Reds did this same thing with Bryan Price a few years ago. Some guys excel at certain positions or at certain levels, but aren't ready for more responsibility/broader success at another level or position.