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  1. Little Montreal Machine looking. Remember to know thou logo history before venturing forward.
  2. Nice rip of the WNBA for the RFL logo too. Val Ackerman
  3. Hey Foghorn Longhorn, I am extremely annoying? Compared to asking where you can get a "personlized number" number for a cruddy Newark Scares minor league replica jersey, get a grip. Newark is not something you want to brag about. Lakewood BlueClaws 4ever
  4. Terrible. Don't quit the day job. Larry Dierker.
  5. Kinda of what they already have isn't it? Dan Driessen.
  6. I'm having a Steve Garvey, Garry Templeton 1984 San Diego Padres flashback. Please help stamp out brown and orange in sports color combinations forever. These are very bad... Goose Goosage
  7. Nothing unique here. Carbon Copy.
  8. Sounds like the number of Diamondbacks combinations. Yielding a grand total of 214,617,600 possible uniform combinations. Jerry Colangelo
  9. NFL Europe League Uniforms http://www.oursportscentral.com/uniforms/wlafunis.html.
  10. Dull and predictable. It's the Tennessee Titans silhouette, number and secondary logo positions. Give us something new and different instead of retread NFL Reebok templates from current NFL teams and then we can shower praise, Not now. Steve McNair
  11. Hey logo lovers- All leagues spend a lot of money and effort to develop new logos and uniforms. Why should a bunch of amateurs like us screw up all the hard work that must go into these projects? If we were all so smart, we'd be getting paid to do the work, not complain about it right? Let the Leagues have their confidentiality, they have earned it. All in good fun. Alexander Julian
  12. LA Express brought us Steve Young. Logo is too busy. Remember Les S. More.
  13. http://www.miaminewtimes.com/issues/2005-0...ws/feature.html Agree. Dolphins logo during the Shula years is the best. The newer version is too cartoony. And by the way, the Dolphins drop shadow lettering on their numbers has got to go. Give me Paul Warfield 1972 jersey for my money. SME Design, Phoenix Design Works and Joe Bosacks of the world go away... and let history be our guide not Illustrator 10.0 Logoman