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  1. The collar ruins it. Pretty gross. The Wild were the only team to reveal a good jersey this offseason.
  2. All these new uniforms coming out make me love my Lightning's set even more (even though I wasn't too fond on them before they added the black)
  3. So now this board is complaining about jerseys being too boring? ...Is this real life? Don't really like them, btw
  4. Edge jerseys (made in Canada) are nice and you can feel the quality. I have four 1.0s and 2 2.0s, including a game-worn.
  5. The stripes are screenprinted. Gotcha. For some reason I thought they would be material, but just like my Bills authentic they were printed on. I'm dumb.
  6. Random question, but I didn't want to start a new thread. Anyone here have an authentic Reebok Bengals jersey? Are the stripes supposed to be screenprinted on the jersey?
  7. And you thought the Lightning's new duds were bland? These take the cake.
  8. Those numbers have officially grown on me. I get that Viking old style now.
  9. "@wobby: "Subject to change, but looking like Patterson will wear 84 (college number), Rhodes 29 and Floyd 76. #Vikings" from Twitter
  10. I can't believe we have autists in here arguing about some blurry mirror reflection. I guarantee the road uniform is a mirror of the home uniform. BTW, I love them. I think the numbers will grow on me. It's good to be unique.
  11. Lol at le Reddit guy who said the pants are going to be grey.
  12. It would be so much better if the pants and the jersey matched.
  13. I wish my Bolts would burn these :censored:ing awful uniforms, we have been nothing but hideous since we have changed to them. I hate to be superstitious but c'mon