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  1. Edge jerseys (made in Canada) are nice and you can feel the quality. I have four 1.0s and 2 2.0s, including a game-worn.
  2. Those numbers have officially grown on me. I get that Viking old style now.
  3. I can't believe we have autists in here arguing about some blurry mirror reflection. I guarantee the road uniform is a mirror of the home uniform. BTW, I love them. I think the numbers will grow on me. It's good to be unique.
  4. Lol at le Reddit guy who said the pants are going to be grey.
  5. Anyone else think this may lead to new uniforms? Or will we wait for the new stadium to open?
  6. First thing I noticed what the shortening of the horns and them taking away most of those stupid lines. Me gusta.
  7. I have a thing for monochrome football uniforms, and I like most of the current EDGE NHL jerseys.
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