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  1. The Vegas third is alright but both the grey helmet, grey pants. and white gloves throws it way off.
  2. I'm surprised that it took them this long. I hope they somehow throw the moose head logo they had and make it primary.
  3. I'm not feeling the name and the logo. I kind of wish that they carry the Furies name over from the CWHL in my opinion.
  4. I'm surprised that Ayr Centennials is moving up from Jr.C to Jr.B but at the same time I'm surprised that the Kitchener Dutchmen lasted this long mainly with being overshadowed by the Kitchener Rangers.
  5. Good grief what the actual hell are they wearing?
  6. My hometown jr.B team the Chatham Maroons showoff their 60th anniversary logo via Twitter.
  7. I hope they at least make the jerseys based on these classic!
  8. In the PJHL Jr.C, Wallaceburg Lakers had been rebranded to the Wallaceburg Thunderhawks. Story Old: New: Meanwhile, the Wheatley Sharks revealed their 25th-anniversary logo. All the pictures came from Facebook. Thunderhawks Jr.C page Wheatley Sharks Page
  9. I wouldn't be surprised that the Ice would wear the same jersey design as the Jets, and Moose in the next two years or sooner.
  10. That logo looks so good I can smell an alternate jersey in the near future!
  11. I used to use Photobucket, before they put that 3rd party stupidity, their site is slow to load from both upload, and download, it was a pain in the butt. Now I upload most of my concepts to Google photos, and some on my DeviantART. I'll might considering imgur site down the road.
  12. About time they change their jerseys, now change the logo and we're good!
  13. They need to go back to those jerseys and quick.
  14. Am I'm the only one that think the star is a ninja star?
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