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  1. i would say go purple and cant wait to see the mountain themed jersey kudos bj
  2. Yeha like a alternate with just the mountain or a mountain pattern
  3. there i personaly like it but maybe try a more funky design
  4. my predictions. Eastern Conference: 1-Washington Capitals 2-Philadelphia Flyers 3-Tampa Bay Lightning 4-Pittsburgh Penguins 5-New Jersey Devils 6-Buffalo Sabres 7-Carolina Hurricanes 8-Montreal Canadiens ------------------------ 9-Toronto Maple Leafs 10-New York Rangers 11-Ottawa Senators 12-New York Islanders 13-Florida Panthers 14-Atlanta Thrashers 15-Boston Bruins Western Conference 1-Colorado Avalanche 2-Hamilton Coyotes 3-Chicago Blackhawks 4-Vancouver Canucks 5-Detroit Red Wings 6-Anaheim Ducks 7-Columbus Blue Jackets 8-Edmonton Oilers ----------------------- 9-Nashville Predators 10-Calgary Flames 11-St. Louis Blues 12-Dallas Stars 13-Minnesota Wild 14-Los Angeles Kings 15-San Jose Sharks PLAYOFFS: Conferance: -------- 1-Washington VS. 3-Tampa Bay = Caps in 7 3-Chicago VS. 1-Colorado= Colorado in 4 -------- STANLEY CUP FINALS Colorado vs. Caps = Avalanche in 4
  5. Its gonna be the Yankees and Rockies in the world series people with my ROCKS kicking nys butt Down Goes Babe Down Goes Babe PS. I Love Babe Ruth
  6. my rockies are gonna win the world series i just know it
  7. Not the Rockies or the Twins or what team did you like again? im from colorado so im a Rockies Girl GO ROCKIES
  8. all good i can make topics now So whos gonna win the series guys?
  10. PM a mod. I can't help you there.

  11. LilBigKelly

    MiLB Re-Brands

    Sorry for posting this here BUT HELP IT WONT LET ME MAKE TOPICS i got the validation email and i went to validation section but it cant find my validation request or something HELP HELP HELP