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  1. I got my MacBook in August for school and I'm so proud of it haha. As Fraser pointed out with his PC problems I can agree I've had a lot of problems on my PC's. I would like to say I'd never go back to PC, but I still have one with Windows 7. I use my Mac way more and can't wait to save some money and grab a iMac in the future. I never would have bought my Mac if I wasn't studying in graphic design. But now all I want is Apple products.
  2. Skedden

    Colorado Avalanche

    The first time I looked at these I really didn't know what to say. Now that I look at them again, I would love to see that home jersey be the current third jersey for Colorado
  3. The home and road jerseys look great. IMO, the current thirds are amazing Btw, the San Jose jerseys look really good too, nice job
  4. Status-quo. boo. I agree with that boo, lol. Their pre-RBK set were arguably the best in the league
  5. Thats really good, I enjoyed watching it. Btw, what's that song called?
  6. Hey this this is my first so I thought I'd throw it up here. I was gonna submit it on Puckdrawn for the Maple Leafs rebranding contest but the contest date was changed and I missed the deadline lol. But anyways I didn't make the jerseys but feel free to. Btw, I'm not a Leafs fan haha. -Skedden
  7. Thanks for the feedback, and this is what I came up with I originally had this circle around it but my teacher told me it I didn't need it so I took it out. It let's me have my name around the circle which I like
  8. I just wanna make it clear I didn't copy any other logo's when I made it, and also I've actually never ever seen that Safe Auto logo.. But I am thinking of altering my logo
  9. Hey I'm kinda new here (in terms of posting, which I'll be doing more of) and I'll start by posting a logo I've made. In one of my classes we were told to make a logo, and I have made this, my teacher seemed to like it. I'm looking for feedback and constructive criticism on it. Anyways here it is: It's my initials S & S. It can get away with even being S2 which I also like
  10. Hey your work is great JNutini, but would you be able to tackle my logo? If you can thanks in advance
  11. Hey how about a Colorado Avalanche one?