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  1. NFL CBA approved by NFL players. 6 wildcard games starting this season. 3 on Saturday. 3 on Sunday. It’s going to be the best weekend of football all year. Can’t wait!!!
  2. Can we please get Zookie's picks for this weekends conference championship games?
  3. For the Cleveland Browns it's same as it ever was...
  4. Well the Cleveland Browns :censored: the bed again...
  5. The Cleveland Browns have Browns Backers Worldwide club. LA Clippers claim to have a Clipper Nation. C'mon, really?
  6. Although I'm not a fan of the Cavs use of the color black. I'd hardly call it a BFBS. They had a history from 1994-2003 where black was a major part of their identity.
  7. Thankfully the 5 year nightmare comes to an end this Sunday.