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  1. Why do I get this feeling Gronk will be back for the second half of the 2019 season & playoffs?
  2. Tons of people in Northeast Ohio jumped over to the Steelers. I know a few. Please don't come back now. We don't want or need you.
  3. This being the last year of this set. I'd love to see an orange out just once. I don't know why? But I do...
  4. I don't think the Rams were allowed this because they moved, since they played 2 seasons in their St. Louis home uniforms.
  5. Hopefully the 2019 Cleveland Browns will be going with the color rush home jerseys like the 2018 Rams did with their throwback jerseys.
  6. The 1995 Royals (30 games out in a 144 game strike shortened season) want you to hold their beer.
  7. My Tribe will win 90+ games. Then get swept in the ALDS. Same as it ever was...
  8. It's not the rain delays, it's the heat. They never should have built the last place without a roof. I turned down tickets many times when I lived in DFW because it was too damn hot to sit outside.
  9. I've been hoping for a Columbus Blue Jackets game in The Shoe.
  10. I hope the Browns play this next season when the Steelers come to town.
  11. Bye bye Marvin Lewis. Please hire Hue Jackson!!!