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  1. That jersey takes us back to the Ted Stephen era. The worst owner in Cleveland Cavaliers history. So bad that the NBA created the "Ted Stephen Rule" on trading first round draft picks. Google him if you don't know. I'm fine if we never see those again.
  2. 2021 NFL Draft hats are out. Just scored mine. https://www.hatland.com/hats/browns-2021-nfl-trucker-draft-fitted-new-era-44534/ https://www.hatland.com/find.cfm/2021-nfl-trucker-draft-fitted-hat-by-new-era
  3. Black and white TV was fantastic.
  4. This would have been perfect to me if they swapped out the CLE for Cleveland.
  5. U2 was the halftime show for Rams/Patriots. Best halftime show ever...
  6. Are they going to allow the Buccaneers to fire the cannons after they score in Super Bowl LV?
  7. First Sunday since September 6th with no NFL football. I'm really going through withdrawal...
  8. Lots of revisionist history when it comes to the 2001 Patriots. They started the season 0-2. Then 1-3 at the quarter mark. They went on to finish the regular season 11-5. They were a 14 point underdog. Almost anyone who wasn't a fan of another AFC East team, the Raiders, the Steelers or the Rams were cheering for them to win Super Bowl XXXVI.
  9. So thanks to COVID-19 the Chiefs won't arrive in Tampa until Friday.
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