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  1. I was so nervous when I read the headline. I am relieved to see the is a subtle update that I consider an upgrade. I really like the original logo and I'm glad it's kept basically the same.
  2. The new simplified stripes on a solid orange yoke and removal of the TV number would really clean this up. I hope that's what we see.
  3. I'm fine with 2 states, 1 city. They don't mean one municipality. They're talking about the whole metro being united in support of our sports teams. In the KC metro there are 2.1 million people. Only 550,000 live in KCMO or KCK proper. Being from "Kansas City" is a unifying thing in a place where most people don't have a Kansas City address.
  4. SKC has done bigger people no favors with some of their jerseys. The stateline kit wasn't flattering for many. The windowpane kit started to look like the putting green on a PGA video game as it contorted around our midwestern figures. Luckily, those looks usually work really well on the field.
  5. I love hoops in general and I like this kit. I do wish that the light blue and navy were the same width. I know that last time SKC did hoops there was some issue with having a kit that was half light and half dark, so maybe this is an attempt to keep the jersey leaning light blue. I'd be thrilled if these carried over to the back in any way, though, I know that's unlikely. I'm still excited for the reveal and super glad to see SKC back in hoops.
  6. Now that they've seeming exhausted their navy ideas, hopefully they won't be tempted to stray from brown again. They've reached the promised land after wandering in the vast, navy wilderness.
  7. Thats kinda what I was thinking, but the Chiefs player wear their socks in so many different ways there is no way to tell what they are supposed to be doing. Which is too bad, because I dig their socks.
  8. The B kinda looks like its on a sled. I think its supposed the cow catcher on the front of a engine?
  9. That's some pretty definitive language to use while discussing something that has many variables, one of you which you mention, and can be subjective. I am sitting here watching this Blues game. Their navy pants look black, the royal yoke looks like a very deep navy and the green yoke on the Coyotes jersey has no contrast from their black jerseys aside from close-ups. Could that be because of the broadcast, or my settings on my screen, or my perception of color? Yep, and what you see is based on the same thing for you.
  10. I also am frustrated by how dark uniforms appear on camera, but I think the issue is more about the fact that cameras can't work as well as the human eye. If I understand correctly, the exposure has to be adjusted to compensate for the bright white ice so the uniforms look darker. So many games end up looking like black versus white w/black accents. Its especially frustrating when the jerseys actually ARE vibrant colors like the Coyotes' purple or even the Blues' royal.
  11. It's been a ton of fun to participate in these events with everyone. I can't tell you how many times I said to my wife, "I can't wait to see what everybody else made." It was great to see all of the different approaches and styles, and great designs across the board. Thanks @pollux! These events were challenging and fun, as well as a welcome distraction.
  12. Yes! Hat Club or Clink room or someone please!
  13. I'm reluctant to submit my entry. Once I've handed it in, there's no other events to design for. This has been a ton of fun, I'm a little bummed that we're so near the end.
  14. Just to be certain, the requirements say "Two uniform sets: one white, and one colored". Colored elements ( i.e. pants) are permitted on the white set, correct? Does the white set practically mean a set with a white jersey?
  15. Cool. I think I understand. The only stand alone logo permitted is the small original logo for reference. We're free to create new logos but they can only be presented as used in the uniform.
  16. Just to clarify, are we good to make secondary wordmarks and logos for the uniforms?
  17. I just saw this Travis Kelce interview and It looks like the Chiefs are going to have the captain patches crammed above the super bowl patch. I'm pretty sad about it.
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