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  1. Oregon's Jeff Lockie wearing his backup Taylor Alie's hat after Alie replaced Lockie. The ironic part is Lockie should have a hat as he's usually the backup to Adams.
  2. Yeah Ki-Jana will best be known for the PSU duds with the alternate color Nike+Swoosh sleeve patch. Was Penn State the first CFB team to display Nike on their jersey?
  3. ^ That was always fun with the NBA ASG and Pro Bowl, seeing unusual numbers on stars. I've never been able to find numerical rosters from those games, however.
  4. Forgot he wore #5 before taking #4 after Harper was shipped to LA.Fond memories of Ehlo, Kerr and Price shooting the lights out.
  5. That plus Revis is Nike's main defensive endorser, he wouldn't be caught dead in UA.
  6. Biggio's goofy hat pins notwithstanding, that Astros set kicked all kinds of ass.
  7. In that vein, current Pats special team ace Nate Ebner was a rising star at USA Rugby before Ohio State got him to switch to football.
  8. While we're on the wrestling tangent...Captain Joe Anoa'i.
  9. Guys on rehab stints or 'when they were in the minors/juniors' would be a cool topic on its own.
  10. tears of joy/exhaustion. Seven game series + Pedro/Zimmer incident. Mo pitched three (!) innings and got the W and MVP. In the series, 8 IP, W, 2 SV.
  11. ESPN just ran an ad for Sunday night's BoSox/Cardinals matchup, featuring shots of Papi... And Matt Carpenter... Wearing #92. Why are they using a spring training 2011 photo for a two-time all star?
  12. Baseball-reference says Frank Thomas debuted in #15 before switching to #35 later in 1990. Neither number was worn by anyone else that season, so I'm thinking he may have worn 15 in spring training and switched to 35 for the regular season. I've seen bb-ref list ST numbers for a couple other players. Anyone know the deal with the Big Hurt?
  13. Waiting for an 88 Kyle Blanks-Josh Outman matchup. Last year, Outman came into pitch right after Blanks hit a double, but they never faced each other despite Colorado and San Diego playing nearly 20x in 2013. Oakland acquired Blanks right before wrapping their season series with Outman and the Tribe last week. Alas, the two once again did not face each other.
  14. Is he wearing #1? Not listed on the Skeeters website where half the roster has unassigned numbers anyway.
  15. ^I'm pretty sure they did tarp off the 300 level for Spurs games at the Dome, they do for the Army All-American Bowl. Spurs were never gonna be there long term anyway, the Alamodome is one of the most sterile "blah" arenas in existence. That's saying something as it's just now turning 21. EDIT: They tarped off for the 98/04/08 Final Fours, topping out at 44k and change. Since then, it's gone to football stadiums.
  16. Nice socks!The rest is pretty bad. Rubber Ducks takes up a lot of real estate. And push either the 'electric' blue or the black. Can't have both, especially if those cap/jersey combos are solid.
  17. Jacobs/Progressive Field Snow Days, 2012
  18. All Star Baseball 04 was awesome for retro and made-up stadiums. Zentmeyer Dome, anyone?
  19. I,wouldn't describe it as manufactured for tourists. For chrissakes you have cholos shanking each other in the Rivercenter Mall, which is a 1/4 mile from the top convention hotel in the city (Grand Hyatt)...and you pass a pair of huge Marriotts on the way! Having spent a ton of time there over the past six years, it is nice for conventioneers every fifth year or so. Just nothing endearing other than the Riverwalk, and you have to deal with the vast homeless population. Some good restaurants can be found. Let's see what the restructuring of 281/E Market does for Dome transportation, because it's a pain in the balls to get there from downtown with it torn up. And it's a complete ghetto east of 281/Dome/Sunset Station...whether you're Caucasian or Mexican, don't let the sun go down on your ass over there. I will say the airport is very efficient, especially now that the T2 construction is completed.
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