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  1. The navy alts are objectively one of the worst jerseys in hockey. The orange homes are in a different tier of quality altogether. I don't understand why Edmonton keeps trying so hard to not be the Oilers. They should be one of those franchises that stubbornly stood by a great look instead of doing this dipsy-doo oopsy-daisy uniform gaffe time after time after time.
  2. Thankfully I personally don't know any Bears fans that are like this, but I also don't live too close to Chicago, so chances are on any given Sunday these drunken idiots will be doing similar behavior. That goes for all franchises, really, but especially in regards to the older teams. It's kind of tied into their personal identities at this point. I'm a Bears fan, I want them to win a title, and I enjoy-ish watching them play, but I'm my own person. A lot, and I mean a lot of NFL fans are not. They're the biggest fan they know, and if you think you're a bigger fan, you're wrong, and I'll call you a slur and stab you in the parking lot to prove it, and your wife is ugly as are your children, because this isn't just me loving a team - it's personal. These types are mentally ill, have been for years, and will never seek treatment, because that's for weak gay sissy men. Pretty much. "Never Meet Your Heroes" is always a great rule to stick with, and I'd wager 90% of pro athletes, particularly those on the larger stage, are completely ambivalent about a great deal of sports-related things. If anything they are far more personally invested in other ventures beyond their sport of choice. I'm sure their agents consistently tell them to keep that to themselves, as it would be bad optics for those who would "question their loyalty to and love for the game" or whatever.
  3. I feel like most people go through a level of sports anger like this at some point in their lives, but typically it's when they're much younger. When I see adults, particularly men, who are drunk and violent about, of all goddamn things, a stupid football-related thing, it makes me so disappointed. This drunken idiot and others like him, typically seen sadly destroying televisions or doing their own fist-to-drywall remodeling, are the NFL demographic. These people are easily 80-90% of the viewing audience who will use an irresponsible amount of their disposable income to cover themselves and their property with team-related bullcrap (this coming from a guy who has a Bears tattoo, but I digress). There's more to be said about buffoons like this, particularly in regards to their values, ethics, and political leanings, but that I will leave to your imaginations. People who drunkenly punch a wall and push around their spouses because Team A drafted Player B are among the most pathetic brand of middle class consumer this country has to offer.
  4. Fields wears, as expected 1, or as it will look on the Bears jersey, |.
  5. My heart is broken for your hardships.
  6. "Get thicker skin" is something I hear a lot from, ya know, bigots and sexists, so may need to diversify your go-to turns of phrase.
  7. Reads like a St. Louis Cardinals roster.
  8. I don't think Fields and Trubisky are even remotely comparable. Trey Lance played fewer snaps/games than Trubisky in college and went 3rd overall, ironically to the 49ers. Fields had an actual NCAA career and more accomplishments than Trubisky ever did, plus his arm, vision, decision making, ability to read a defense, and go through a progression are all things Trubisky has never done, and Fields hasn't even played an NFL game yet.
  9. Maybe you should learn to temper your holier-than-thou schtick and don't yuck a yum. Bears fans rarely ever have anything to be excited about. Let us enjoy it for, like, a friggin' day before posts from you and others like: ...this crop up. You guys don't know dick about the Bears beyond the merriment of dancing on their misfortune and errors.
  10. Blow it out your ass. Good luck with MacCorkle.
  11. Considering Mt. Rushmore only has 4 slots, I'd feel lousy leaving out the White Sox (unless them being left out is kind of on-brand). Payton would work for the Bears, sure, but I figured it'd be more apropos for the Bears rep to be one, on defense, two, a linebacker.
  12. Chicago's would probably be something like: Michael Jordan, Dick Butkus, Patrick Kane, Harry Caray (he kind of unites both sides of town, I guess?)