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  1. Looks good, but will be roughly 2 inches of their uniform, as the WNBA's look is entirely comprised of about 539 different corporate sponsor logos.
  2. That is the first knockoff I've seen that was 1:1 created from an MSPaint mockup.
  3. These were all hosted on some sort of Google page, and the links are all now dead.
  4. I don't think winning should be an entry point for branding experimentation or a rebrand in general, especially when you share a building with the freakin' Lakers. The Clippers have nothing. Let them have some fun by pretending to be Laurence Fishburne schooling people on the corner about gentrification. The design is awful, but this is the same organization that signed off with full heart on the current look they have (which is, as we all know, the uniform design equivalent of squirting strawberry hershey's syrup out of a baboon's red ass onto a Chuck E. Cheese napkin).
  5. Shouldn't they get special sponsorship for those, like Colt .45 or Death Row Records?
  6. I miss you, I loved you, come back (the jerseys, not Bo Outlaw).
  7. Cowards. https://streamable.com/s/s8l68/ewkgtd
  8. Sounds like Sports Illustrated fired half their staff today and wants to convert to a crowd sourced super blog.
  9. I love the side paneling, but IMHO you can't have a strokeless SYRACUSE (obnoxiously tiny, to boot) crammed next to your numerals which, for whatever reason, have only the faintest hint of a stroke.
  10. These Cardinals uniforms have aged horribly. The Seahawks uniforms are beginning to age poorly. Somebody's going to ask me someday to define this era of NFL uniforms in one word. I'll frown, show them the fire emoji, then go to bed.
  11. Foley's punishment will be dealing with a few awkward too-excited handshakes from MAGA-hat wearing 'hawks fans during the season. They read the hell out of that prepared statement. It was a more earnest, racial version of Artemi Panarin and Brian Campbell eating microwaved catering in a custodial closet. The Bears are, if nothing else, desperate and unwavering in their efforts to be simultaneously beloved and, when the moment calls for it, unremarkable. Fewer franchises I know fight harder to control narrative/spin that comes out of the building, at least ever since Aaron Kromer sold out Jay Cutler to Ian Rapaport at halftime. They are...better about not bungling things with the outside world these days, but they certainly have no idea how to be plausibly earnest with those PSA-type vids.
  12. Maybe I'm having an old-man-yells-at-cloud moment, but the resolute squandering of great NBA looks disgusts me. ~~ IN ORLANDO MAGIC HQ ~~ DESIGNER: Gentlemen, the Magic brand has some great attributes I'd like to use: Blue, silver, black, stars, pinstripes, unique non-animal name, perfect sponsor, obvious nostalgia inspiration to rely on. I think we have a lot of room to be creative here. EXECS: Put the black stripey squares on the side and give the blue jersey the black shorts and stuff just mix em up and no stripes those didn't test well and no Disney ties at all because that's old and we're all about the new and just make it weird because kids are stupid
  13. They are objectively wrong.
  14. Somebody needs to get fired.