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  1. What a douchecanoe.
  2. For the sake of being nosey, I'd like to know what was said.
  3. 1994 was, uh, hoo-boy. Even the goddamn NFL couldn't resist plugging in teal and purple.
  4. I'm guessing: Kind of an olive, borderline military green. Only mildly unique numerals, with some stylish flairs (something similar to the subtle ISU uniforms above). Similar to the Vikings remodeling - black facemask, matte helmet And an all-black 'Stealth Fighter' color-rush type bullcrap alternate, complete with black helmet.
  5. Way too hard to make out the "rT" or the knight's helmet. The idea is nice, but I can't tell what the hell is going on. Downgrade.
  6. Ahhh, it's leaked. And my god --- it is worse than we ever, ever imagined.
  7. So many punchlines. Strange to know that there is some Florida cop that had to watch grainy video footage of Robert Kraft getting a handy.
  8. The only way you can make scripted football is with the officials, and executed in WWE ways. team A throws Hail Mary touchdown pass as time expires - team A wins! wait - official Bob Smith just threw a penalty flag, and the play must be re-done - it doesn't make sense; it was a phantom call! team A snaps the ball and the pass is batted down, team B wins! official Bob Smith is - my god, no! he's removed his XFL referee uniform to reveal a team B shirt! what a traitor! etc
  9. The Avocados one is perhaps the most insulting thing you'll read today.
  10. While VKM is capable of tarnishing a good idea, he is about 50/50 when it comes to listening to his audience and giving them what they want. What the average, wife-beating, no-necked NFL white dope wants: NO NAGGERS KNEELIN' FER THE ANTHEM NO SISSY-FIED QWER PENALTIES NO INSTANT REPLAY GAD DUMMIT CHEERLEEADERS AND TITTIES AGAN NO WOMEN COVERIN THE GAME; THEY SHD GO BACK TO THE KITCHEN GET TRIGGERED LIBS NO BROADCASTERS HOMOLIBTARDIN UP WITH SMARTASS COMMENTARY I WANT NO HILARY POLITICS BUILD THE WALL None of these things has anything to do with the quality of play, quality of talent, or ability of the production team to tell a sports narrative. Vince will no doubt play it mostly straight with the XFL initially, simply sans a lot of the political correctness of society and fewer/no rules or restrictions on physicality and/or anything that could needlessly slow down the games. Much like the XFL before, however, these guys are going to get crippled as hell, the talent pool will be dreadful, and there's only so far that the gimmicks like jerseys and boobs will get you.
  11. Guessing the weird lowercase i is to represent the 'rising of a new day's sun' or some bullcrap. This is not an upgrade, nor is it a downgrade. It's a lateral move to stay bad.
  12. Eh, I wouldn't say so much "influence" as "attention to minutiae." It's the graduated noticing of detail within a community of similar interests/hobbies.
  13. As somebody who's been suspended for a short time before, that week can feel like a long time when you're jonesing for updates on the Jets-new-uniform-hate bandwagon.