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  1. Old (left) New (right) New centered Start menu (can be moved) Also observe the new Start icon, which is square, no longer askew. Old:
  2. If they ever corrected it, it would immediately feel like a wrong-colored Reds wishbone-C. It just works, somehow.
  3. Pro Athlete offered painkillers, HGH, and exotic drugs: Yes, give me as much of that as you possibly can delivered directly into my heart and blood Pro Athlete offered an almost entirely risk-free vaccine for international pandemic crisis: I will never in my life take such a thing
  4. It sure is a weird helmet, but it sure looks like there's some guy behind him that's having an intense religious/edibles experience.
  5. En route toward their next road game, a glowing tear in the fabric of the universe flaps open in the upper atmosphere, and the Diamondbacks plane is helpless to avoid it. After hours of terrifying blind flight through storm clouds and strange-colored skies, the pilot masterfully lands the team plane in a shallow body of water near a lush and strangely-colored forest. The unhurt D-Backs emerge and find themselves surrounded by smallish humanoid beings, primitive yet intelligent residents of this alternate branch of Earth. Using their collective abilities and effort, the Arizona club details their misadventures and who they are. The alien tribal villagers work together to establish and integrate the Diamondbacks into their community, eventually leading them to share culture. The humanoids, not biologically built for much in the way of athletics, are reluctant to take in the team’s unanimous love of the exotic game of baseball, but agree to try it nonetheless. The Diamondbacks work together, tirelessly teaching and practicing the sport with their hosts, slyly exchanging winks and nods with one another all the while, withholding gamesmanship techniques and finer points that would ensure them an easy victory over the humanoid villagers once they formed a team. Weeks pass, and the two sides agree to a friendly game. The Diamondbacks lost 17-5, extending their road losing streak to 22 games.
  6. Let's go around the horn. Here's your CUBS CORNER or something The team entered the 2021 season with Theo getting the hell out of Dodge, longtime heroes in Lester and Schwarber departing for the Nationals, and tumult swirling over how soon the team would look to trade Kris Bryant, dump assets, betray remaining stars, exile fans, and begin a half-assed rebuild as ownership cried poor. Jake Arrieta was brought back to stave off the barbarians at the gates, and the team tepidly began play. After some typical frigid spring .500 ball, the Cubs, for reasons unknown to science, began to emerge as a pretty damned good baseball team. The bullpen, full of guys who wouldn't have in-game pictures in The Show, is one of the filthiest in the sport, including a revitalized and near-unhittable Craig Kimbrel, finally earning his keep after a couple years of dragging ass. The starters have held their own in unspectacular fashion, yielding lots of hits but few runs, typically going just long enough to regularly stave off bullpen fatigue. Kris Bryant has been hitting with regular fervor for the first time in years, and the rest of the lineup has followed suit. Baez, Rizzo, and Contreras are fired up, Joc Pederson and randomly Patrick Wisdom have provided terrific offense, and Sergio Alcantara and Nico Hoerner have given fans hope for the future. There's still a lot of dead bat anxiety hanging over several players after two years of inexplicable impotence, namely Jason Heyward, who while providing stellar defense has never figured out how to dominate or even excel as a hitter in a Cubs uniform. Baez still strikes out like it's his calling card, Rizzo slumps from time to time, and the underbelly of the roster, with maybe the exception of Wisdom, shouldn't be consistently relied on to supply runs while the stars endure batting therapy. The Cubs having fans back at Wrigley seems to be a huge shot in the arm for their energy, thankfully (and ironically, as Rizzo and Heyward are among the Cubs stars that refuse to get vaccinated, leaving them as one of the few teams that won't hit the MLB threshold), and big series wins against the NL elite have them primed to make some noise in the summer months. For a team that entered the season almost guaranteed to be a seller, GM Jed Hoyer finds himself pondering thrift store shopping for another starter to potentially roll the dice on a deep 2021 Cubs playoff run. With no guarantees whatsoever that Rizzo, Baez, or Bryant will be back in Cubs uniforms next season, this may be their Jake Taylor Endeavor before the window slams shut and the 2016 heroes see themselves out to pursue more financially lucrative contracts. This has been your CUBS CORNER or whatever
  7. I'm having to constantly sign in, and it's getting old. Mobile, desktop, etc. Doesn't matter. Every few hours at the most I'll need to manually sign in. Hitting the button to reload the forum no longer works.
  8. The best part of the El Snakes is the V logo patch, and it's going to be tucked into the damned pants.
  9. Evansville, IN is getting a new flag, and the finalists are in. https://evansvilleflag.com/ https://wkdq.com/evansville-flag-voting/ Residents can vote here: https://pollunit.com/en/polls/evansvilleflagproject?reloaded=true Finalists: 1. 2. 3. 4. Naturally there are many worrying that the crescents are too evocative of Muslim imagery, because Indiana.
  10. Links aren't working. Here's a tiny, crappy picture of it.
  11. Oh yeah? How about Black Dog? It's actually very impressive BBQ for the area. Jarling's Custard Cup is another CU institution, now co-owned by Tom Hanks' brother, who I believe is a professor at the university. Local massage/PT place's new logo I saw on Instagram. Papa Del's is a deep dish place in the region that a lot of people like for some reason, but it is 90% bread, 10% sauce, 0% flavor. This is a sign for Petey's Bungalow, which is near-ish my grandparents' place in Oak Lawn. Pretty cool retro neon sign that's always stood out to me when I'm up in that area.
  12. Kyle Long retires because of constant injury after several years of being a Pro Bowler. Gets in the best shape of his life, has an awesome time being young and rich. Decides to back into football. Gets injured again. Maybe just stay thin and retired, dude.
  13. I've wanted to start a thread like this for awhile, so let's do it. I feel like I see logos and designs all the time out in the car or wandering stores, from local places to smaller companies. If you see something interesting in your world, snap a picture and let's see what designs are out there. Here's some to get things started: There's a sign for "Mr. Landman" I see on the drive to the interstate pretty frequently. His muscly corn arms always give me a giggle. Saw this at a Menard's the other day. Just thought it was an interesting design. This is the logo for a local bar/brewery that is quite good, and is the only bar in the area that seems to try at having a signature design.
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