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  1. This is great news, but it's also righting a wrong. To say it's a bold new step or some nonsense is incorrect. It's necessary admission of a mistake.
  2. The newer NHL shield was a pathetic rebrand while the league tried desperately to rebuild its image after the lockout. Unfortunately in some ways they were ahead of the curve, as the NFL did the same cowardly sterilization of their branding a few years later. Thankfully the NHL had the good sense to let the Winter Classic/All Star Game logos continue to be unique and colorful. The orange NHL logo was unique among all of the Big Four, as it was somewhat industrial and businesslike in comparison to the red/white/blue of its kindred organizations. Now it's this dated steel mess with useless serifs and devoid of character. It's not even dated in the fun chrome WWF way. There are reasonable arguments for the now-nearly-15-year-old NHL rebrand looks better, resembles the Stanley Cup, etc, but meh. I want the old one back.
  3. I grew up with steroid-laden beefcake Tony the Tiger, but man, the previous design was so much better. It's like every cereal mascot went from looking fairly basic to becoming creepily human.
  4. I think the vintage boxes are wonderful. If anything the 90s design was the outlier, Disney-ied to capture the audience going bonkers for the animated renaissance, shopping at KB Toys/Toys’R’Us, drinking Icees, and playing Sonic the Hedgehog. I’d like the new bird more if it didn’t have unattached anatomy/feathers, but the gradient beak is a unique touch that I think kids will like.
  5. To me, it's obviously a downgrade, but I have memory-driven ties to the character and thus a nostalgic bias. While I don't think the new Toucan Sam will sell much more cereal, maybe kids will generate their own nostalgia to the character. It sucks, but things change.
  6. Yes to all of these. 500+ page threads (and other similar ilk) that take convoluted journeys through different subjects shouldn't happen.
  7. I miss the NFL draft taking place during the day. It was so much more fun when you could make a day of it. I loved sitting in the garage with the draft on the radio and some beers in a cooler, taking putt swings into a jar on a sunny weekend. Now it's all a collossal event that the entire world hinges upon, and it takes place late at night. It's dead inside now, ruined by the insatiable lust for football.
  8. Fair enough. Still looks out of place, IMHO. #1 should be reserved for kickers, mascots, and 1st round draft pick photos.
  9. Depends on how they handle it. The 2007 (I think?) new ball experiment failed miserably because the players' union wasn't consulted in the ball's redesign. Instead they got part of a summer to get used to it. The thing didn't even last half a season before even David Stern was like, "yeah, screw this; I'm not dying on this hill." If the ball is virtually the same with a change of logo and a minimum of alterations in materials/design, the players union may sign off on it and the average fan may not even notice.
  10. Just finished up the 10th episode. Pretty good stuff. I'm glad they gave the 1998 Indiana Pacers their due respect. Those late 90's/early 00's Pacers teams were among my all-time favorites, and they, the Jazz, and a few other squads that could've won rings in different eras all fell victim to playing in the Jordan/Kobe era. Jordan is a unique individual. There's no way most atheletes could handle the scope of worldwide popularity that Jordan had. The media presence alone looked inhuman, on the scale of Michael Jackson for the time, but then the expectations were beyond immense, even as he was at the extent of his powers. We probably won't see another cultural presence like Jordan again in our lifetimes. The social media and internet era we live in now can rarely ever perpetuate culture to the extent that it did back then, as people's interests and commonalities rarely line up or overlap. Billions of people on Earth knew and still know Michael Jordan in a Chicago Bulls uniform. Guy's liver is shot though. His eyes were golden. Decades of pounding cigars and drinking on the golf course is working its magic.
  11. It all depends on the numerals. If a guy on the Bears wore 1, for example, it would be this weird line with no serifs of any kind. But Newton's 1 on the Panthers in athletic block looks a bit more robust. Plus he's built like a tank. I probably should've come out less strong on the matter and stated, "I feel like wearing the number one rarely looks good and comes off as self serving," instead of throwing the ol' Chode out there. Goalies wearing single digits is kind of silly, IMHO. Those are defenseman numbers, yo. Plus with all the padding and bulk of their uniforms, goalies wearing single digits look ridiculous. As far as NBAers wearing 1, my point still stands. It doesn't look very good IMHO and I don't think it's terribly original, but if they own it and thrive in, great for them. I wasn't out to make this into a cluster, but here we are.
  12. Pretty much that. I know Michael Jordan said, "there's not an 'I' in 'team,' but there's an 'I' in 'win!'" but #1 has always come off to me like whoever wears it wants all the glory as an individual in a team sport. Plus it's a kicker number.
  13. As soon as I posted that, I was like "Somebody's gonna post a Warren Moon photo." It's not to say that players that wear #1 can't be great, I personally find it kind of in poor taste.
  14. Any quarterback that wears #1 is an instant chode, IMHO.
  15. 100% black alt is one of them. This was deconstruction and assassination of an identity by committee.
  16. Disgraceful. The Rams should be ashamed of themselves.
  17. MOD EDIT: Not necessary. Point was made above.
  18. HERES A concept I FOUND AND it’s so good I WISH THEYD USE it but they unveiled the UNIFORMS DAYS AGO OH CRAp but I’ll post it anyway AND HEY HERES THIS CONCEPT AND this logo idea I found that’s be perfect so even though THE NEW ONES ARE FIRE CLEAN 100 I JUST really feel they need a logo and this concept from 2008 is so perfect I mean look it flows AND YEAH I MEAN THEyd look weird WITH A LOBO BUT FR the browns could look so much less stupid if they ADDED THIS CONCEPT ATRIPE PARTRN LOGORD BRANDIOSE FRASER I think so yeah we will see in five years but until then look at this concept.
  19. Blackhawks fired their longtime president who helped rebuild the franchise. Hopefully the GM is next.
  20. Get that drop shadow/helmet logo bullcrap out of here.
  21. The all white/yellow pant road sets are good stuff. Home set's a little too UCLA for me, but the look is overall pretty swell.
  22. Illinois vs. Arizona in 2005 would merit a shorter 30 for 30. The Patrick Kane scandal absolutely deserves a documentary. There have already been a few made by various groups, but someday I'd like a thoroughly in-depth and lengthy documentary about the Penn State/Sandusky stuff. It wouldn't likely be made by ESPN, but still. The Bears 2014 season under Marc Trestman could be meaty. Locker room was falling apart, Brandon Marshall being a horse's ass, Aaron Kromer selling out Cutler at halftime to the press, the weirdness of Phil Emery, and so on. I wish that team had the All or Nothing crew with them. Could've made for fascinating, depressing theater.
  23. I like the jerseys enough, but the monochrome look shouldn't be primary. Whatever. Everybody just do whatever the hell they want. Nothing matters.
  24. Krause's teams hated him even before the early 90's dynasty. He was hated his entire career. GMs around the league hated him, too.