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  1. This is my biggest flaw w/ the rebrand. The brown is too dark, also, but as admiral said, take what we can get. This is the best they've looked in years.
  2. They could've at least put it in a damned oval. Not a fan. Clean and all that, sure, but devoid of character and charm, just like every other goddamn sterilization of logos these days.
  4. For brands that are circling the drain, nostalgia is all they have. Loyal shoppers to their stores are literally dying off, but their children, now grown, will remember vaguely names like JCPenney and maybe positive memories of shopping with parents or what-have-you.
  5. Embrace the Penney's script, for the love of God.
  6. https://shop.kanyewest.com/ For a mere $170: Maybe you've got $250 to throw around: Slap a down payment on the $40 cover: Minimalist? We got you: 8ad71l4la;adfa;: sold out: no more of these either; sorry:
  7. Googling revealed this was likely 2008 vs. the Chargers. https://uni-watch.com/research-projects/white-at-home-in-the-nfl/ Uni-Watch (obviously) has an entire page dedicated to instances this has happened in the NFL.
  8. If anything this GMG Union battle and now exodus will serve as something of a strainer, where the crinkled, gurgling Stick to Sports MAGA toadpeople can plant the flag at Deadspin, choking down the thoughtless blogvomit about how Mitch Trubisky sucks and how big Teddy Bridgewater's penis is. Busy day.
  9. Thought this could be an interesting subject, but apologies if one of these already exists somewhere. Mods, feel free to merge or whathaveyou if I have duly sinned. --- Example: Bears randomly wear white-on-navy in 2010 home opener against Detroit Lions I'd like to see instances of when teams bucked tradition to wear the roads at home/etc in an instance that has been rare or never seen since. It's a bit muddied now, what with the NBA's changes, but I'm curious what people can dredge up.
  10. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a snarky version of The Athletic with many of these cast off Deadspin, Sports On Earth, Onion/AV Club/etc writers to do their own thing. I'd subscribe, as I imagine would others.
  11. I would rephrase as, "every team needs to go back to a more traditional design sense." Modern uniforms rarely look good because they seek to be innovative and in turn look dated within a year or two, or they look ridiculous on linemen/bigger dudes.
  12. This hurts my brain. Make it stop.
  13. "Thin navy trim on everything but the NOB is a stroke of genius!" - some asinine executive chode
  14. Houston's assistant GM is a brazen asshat, the likes of which should be bred out of existence.
  15. This isn't too terribly specific, and thus may break the rules of the thread, but whatever. Basically every Bears season there's a game where the Bears look so inept and broken that I sit in silence for the better part of a day, wondering just why God decided to make me a fan of this dumpster fire. As I laid in bed brooding, my wife asked why I keep watching when it makes me so angry/sad/defeated, and I told her I didn't know, but I can't give up. I feel like there's a ton of non-Patriot/Golden State Warrior/LeBron fans out there where this moment happens annually (or several times a year). It's not exactly a singular moment so much as the realization that once again your lousy team is a fraud with zero chance to win a title.
  16. I'm assuming 4chan had something to do with this.
  17. Looks good, but will be roughly 2 inches of their uniform, as the WNBA's look is entirely comprised of about 539 different corporate sponsor logos.
  18. That is the first knockoff I've seen that was 1:1 created from an MSPaint mockup.
  19. These were all hosted on some sort of Google page, and the links are all now dead.
  20. I don't think winning should be an entry point for branding experimentation or a rebrand in general, especially when you share a building with the freakin' Lakers. The Clippers have nothing. Let them have some fun by pretending to be Laurence Fishburne schooling people on the corner about gentrification. The design is awful, but this is the same organization that signed off with full heart on the current look they have (which is, as we all know, the uniform design equivalent of squirting strawberry hershey's syrup out of a baboon's red ass onto a Chuck E. Cheese napkin).
  21. Shouldn't they get special sponsorship for those, like Colt .45 or Death Row Records?
  22. I miss you, I loved you, come back (the jerseys, not Bo Outlaw).