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  1. It's certainly less aggressive, which is fine, but now it's just another corporate-looking brand. Based on their latest trend of bucking union-owned stores, this fits right into that timeline.
  2. It looks like a weird quotation mark, the stars are stupid, the font is a downgrade.
  3. Sodboy said as much, these grifting pieces of crap all seem to follow the same playbook.
  4. That puts the Coyotes within a few million of being equivalent in value to the net worth of Gordon Ramsay. Ask the NHL - would you rather exclusively own Gordon Ramsay in all professional capacities and have around $10M in loose cash to line some pockets and keep the lights on? Or would you prefer to have, ya know, the Coyotes?
  5. The football player thing kind of makes sense in that it creates an enticing material for defensive backs to grab to cultivate pass interference calls. In basketball it looks like they've got thick sashes around their torsos, but in the poorest executed way possible.
  6. Is there a precedent for that? I feel like bad ownership in the NFL is regularly ignored, if not outright tolerated. edit: I know it's really, really bad, but still. I don't see the league intervening at all.
  7. There’s only so many times you can find yourself in the position of apologizing to mods before you gotta maybe rethink the ol’ modus operandi.
  8. Seconded. Nobody wants to see this thread bustling with activity only to click into several pages of boorish politics. Beyond that being against the content rules in the first place.
  9. This was the greatest. For a split second after the vortex was opened you can hear some guy taking a gentle, meaty breath before turning up the basketball game he had on in the same room.
  10. Welp, Brady won a title, whoopee-doo. Draft's not for a couple months. QBs on the move everywhere. Stafford to the Rams, Goff to the Lions, and chances are Wentz will be a Bear, Watson, Darnold, Gardner Minshew, Cam Newton, Fitzmagic, and who the hell else will be shotgunned across the league in a bizarro-world 2021 season.
  11. WWF's glorious 80's logo: Capital Wreslting Corporation (Vince McMahon Sr's company) logo from the 1950's: WWF In Your House from the 1990's is about as 90's wrestling as it gets: Random wrestler logos from yesteryear: WWF's briefly-lived weekend series, Action Zone: The Royal Rumble logo sometimes had minor revisions to reflect the locale, in this case, Tampa, FL: The old arching Survivor Series logo: It had a Texas flair for 1994: And who could forget the lovely King of the Ring logo:
  12. Just steal it back, baby. By next season Dallas will wear black with neon green at home and all-white-everything on the road, so screw 'em.
  13. I love the numbers. The Wild should use this as a starting point, emphasize stars, and essentially siphon the Dallas identity from under their feet while the Stars in Dallas slowly become, I dunno, the Ghost Recons or whatever bullcrap identity they don't currently have anyway.
  14. I think one of them should be navy and orange, just for the sake of differentiation. The Oilers current look would be totally acceptable if they didn't have the navy alt, and the fact they're going to heavy with it makes me feel ill for their future intentions.
  15. Ban the B. There's no other Tiger logo in the NFL and tigers are kick ass, so embrace it.
  16. Predictions: solid execution is tainted by stupid addition to the helmet, like a chrome facemask or something; a classic Nike-couldn't-help-themselves gaffe custom block with same-color stroke, ala the Jags stripes will be horizontal and along the lower thigh/knee region of the pants and shoulder sleeves
  17. i feel like that’s how many jerseys each NBA team has now to choose from each game.
  18. Is it so difficult to make the strokes on the numerals match?
  19. and the Fonz, cool as ever, went soaring over the shark