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  1. This was a GREAT CONCEPT. This proposal was to be Broad Street and Spring Garden to just north of 15th and Callowhill. The the new Mormon Temple complex is really 2 blocks past the Right Field corner. You would have seen the apartment tower. The fans in left field would have had a wonderful view of the Center City core, while Home plate an behind the bases would have the great Inquirer/Daily New building in center. Driving by car and parking would have been a problem... the subway station would have been mobbed. At the time, you would have had a really long walk to the park from the Market/Frankford EL. It would have cut the fan base off from South Jersey and Delaware for the first time in 40 years. This is why, for Philadelphia Metro Region (Over 5 million people), it worked to create the stadium complex in deep South Philly.
  2. As a fellow resident of "South of South" and a born-and-bred Fishtowner, I enjoyed this design. I would have loved this location. You can tweek the interior of the park to make it not look sooooo.....modern cookie-cutter: ie. green seats like Camden Yards, Exposed iron like every other stadium, open outfield like Great American Park, PNC, PETCO Park. If you redo...I would like to see you change the seats to the current CBPark blue...and make the exposed vertical iron girders encased in brick. Congratulations on the exterior. It is a Modern look to the brick facades that Philadelphians LOVE!
  3. I got to say that I congratulate the Buffalo Sabres for their 2010-11 uniforms. I love them.
  4. I am surprised that they are selling these...but I was under the impression that the Quarterbacks always were these in Practice so that they do not get HIT during hitting drills or workouts... The Eagles have been doing this for years....McNabb, Kolb, and Feeley always wear these RED jerseysduring practice.
  5. This Concept...is unbelieveable. I would contact the Sixers. I am speechless. It is great...
  6. wow....a successful Yankees concept.. you should get a medal....wish I had one to give you.
  7. I agree with you 1994 assessment. The blue did not go with the pinstripe. I love this look..so much crisper....Death to all Pinstripes.
  8. As a die-hard Phillies fan, I must tell you that I love the new look. I am glad they went back to the 1948 uni....love them.
  9. I don't hate them...I have seen them in worse...Thin Flying "V" in $hit brown and orange..... I like them
  10. Impressive. Great Work. Just the right balance of color and simplicity
  11. Real nice concept. The Blue should be a tad darker on the Jersey....it believe.. GREAT JOB
  12. I actually dig the PHILA on THESE uniforms. Many of the Philly posters have already nodded their agreement with the move. I too vote yea. I would be a fan of going back to the Sir Charles Barkley "SIXERS" days.
  13. It goes back further than that; the Phillies had "PHILA." on their road uniforms after the turn of the 20th century. Still, that doesn't change the fact that it looks asinine, and should be dumped ASAP. If you're not going to spell out the name of the city, then use the nickname of the team. Abbreviated city names look awful, and it doesn't matter who used what in the past. Well said, but I am not as strong against it. The Phillies had the PHILA in the 1945 season.
  14. http://www.nba.com/sixers/news/red_jerseys_070211.html Return of the Red: Sixers Unveil New Second Road Uniforms for Hometown Fans at Sixers-Wizards Game Posted on Feb. 11, 2007 On Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2007, Philadelphia 76ers fans will have an opportunity to witness the "Return of the Red," as the Sixers unveil a new second road uniform with red as the predominant color accented by the team's other official colors of white, blue, black, silver and gold. This will mark the first time the team will wear red uniforms since the 1996-97 season. "We feel we have created a uniform that respects and recognizes the rich tradition of 76ers basketball while also focusing on its future," said President Billy King. "Our second road uniforms feature elements that maintain our team's identity in a very unique way - one that we wanted to unveil first for our fans in Philadelphia." The Sixers will wear the second road uniform for minimum of six games during each season and up to a maximum of 15 games, in addition to the standard black road uniform. It marks the first introduction of a second road uniform since 1999-2000 season. The Sixers red second road uniforms - produced by adidas - will feature a new "PHILA" wordmark across the chest in a design similar to the team's primary logo, as well as white and blue striping around the V-neck. The jerseys will also feature the same font as the team's current home and road uniforms. The red shorts are adorned with the Sixers secondary logo above a blue accent on the side of the left leg. In contrast to the team's current uniforms, the principal uniform fabric on the red uniforms is adidas climalite flatback mesh, which wicks moisture away from the skin to the outside of the fabric where it quickly evaporates. The side panel inserts are blue adidas climalite metallic stretch air. The jerseys will go on sale beginning Sunday, February 11 at the Wachovia Center Fan Gear stores.