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  1. This was a GREAT CONCEPT. This proposal was to be Broad Street and Spring Garden to just north of 15th and Callowhill. The the new Mormon Temple complex is really 2 blocks past the Right Field corner. You would have seen the apartment tower. The fans in left field would have had a wonderful view of the Center City core, while Home plate an behind the bases would have the great Inquirer/Daily New building in center. Driving by car and parking would have been a problem... the subway station would have been mobbed. At the time, you would have had a really long walk to the park from the Market/Frankford EL. It would have cut the fan base off from South Jersey and Delaware for the first time in 40 years. This is why, for Philadelphia Metro Region (Over 5 million people), it worked to create the stadium complex in deep South Philly.
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