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  1. Exist some rar files on my computer, which were crashed some days before. I came to the conclusion to use the Google and was lucky. I found tool, which helped me promptly and would be able to help in any issue - recovery-rar.
  2. RAR is compression format (like .zip, etc). It offers excellent compression for large files and excellent archive spanning/splitting capabilities. You need a program to unpack the file first. Winrar will do it, but it is not free. However, 7-Zip will unpack RAR files and is free. The only thing you can't do with 7-Zip is create a RAR archive. Once you unpack the RAR archive you will find the .psd files inside it. I frequently use rar files,but once I was amazed,reason of all my rar archives were lost for no good reason. But I entered the Google and saw there - fixed not complete rar. I was lucky and the tool solved my trouble for a minute and without payment as I keep in mind. Moreover the application showed me how it retrieves all needed documents even from corrupted archives of RAR format and so on. I am glad this tool.
  3. Yesterday I opened my rar file with a film and couldn't watch it.The file was damaged.But I remembered about one tool for this situation and used it.Unfortunately it couldn't help me.I was dissapeared,but a friend advised me-corrupted rar files.To my great surprise software made it in seconds and for free.Moreover I saw how it scans the needed file and makes a decision, whether it is possible to save the data or not.
  4. One day I downloaded from network a good song.And after some days I saw that it was corrupted.But I fortunately found on my PC-rarfix download and software solved my problems in a minutes for free.Moreover application helped my good friend too.