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  1. Maybe if the mod kept the discussion to jerseys and logos like this forum is supposed to be instead of actively participating and using an insensitive term based on insulting a race and class of people, things wouldn’t be so confrontational.
  2. Not as strange as the hill of redneck is a joke. That term makes fun of people based on race and class according to the dictionary. How is that funny at all? Or relevant to a new hockey jersey?
  3. Seems like you also encourage class shaming. You’re so much better than the “poors” hey?!
  4. I don’t find a word that disparages people based on race funny. Apparently you do.
  5. Again, who trash talked? You? You started proudly making fun of the Canes and Preds.
  6. You sound an awful lot like the people in the Native American threads who told people redskins wasn’t a slur.
  7. Ok, keep telling yourself a word that is disparaging to a group of people based on race isn’t a slur.
  8. When did I call Northern fans any names? I said the Rangers jersey was messy at the top. You turned this into a racial situation and flame war.
  9. It just seems odd you would actively participate and seem to encourage using a racially offensive word when the forum frowns on that in other situations.
  10. I’m not a Canes fan. I just think it’s sad that the policy of respecting all races on this forum doesn’t extend to everyone. If that’s the case, Native American mascot talk should be reopened.
  11. Redneck certainly is a racial slur. 1sometimes disparaging : a white member of the Southern rural laboring class 2often disparaging : a person whose behavior and opinions are similar to those attributed to rednecks
  12. I agree. It looks good. It seems like a bunch of insensitive people in here, including a mod, would rather use a derogatory racial term to describe it though. Not cool.
  13. I'm hypersensitive? This forum bans speech about Native American mascots. Yet calling the South rednecks is OK. Why is that?
  14. The Rangers have a tie up, an ugly collar, an adidas box, and a bunch of stripes all combining into a mess front and back. For such a classic team, their white jersey just looks like a junky mess on this template. This Canes jersey is much cleaner and nicer, but since they play in the South a bunch of people want to scream redneck Rangers, which is silly because the Canes even have won the Stanley Cup somewhat recently while the Rangers haven't. Hockey exists in the South. Deal with it.
  15. Has anyone actually looked at the Rangers white jersey recently? The Canes pull theirs off way better than that mess going on at the top of New York's jersey.
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