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  1. From the front, those Minnesota jerseys always read as MOM to me. The helmet makes an O in my kind.
  2. I hope the Yankees never standardize. The Tigers did, and I think they really harmed home jersey.
  3. I like the jerseys, but I hate the helmet. The green is going to constantly mismatch with the jerseys and they will always be a white helmet team to me even when they dabble in green. Also having a green helmet allows them to have a black uniform, which I don't like.
  4. I like the Vice look, but I don't like the cap logo since it's based off of their flawed alternate logo. That logo has the shrimp facing in the opposite direction, so then it no longer makes a J. I'm not a fan of the backwards J.
  5. msu

    NHL 2018-19

    I disagree with the author. The Red Wings logo patches have been understated, simple, and in the Wings classic red and white. It's exactly what a traditional organization should do with its memorial patches.
  6. I blame the state of Washington and Congress for this even being an issue. They could have picked a different name for Washington state/territory. This situation was recognized as something that would cause confusion, and still they went forward with the confusing Washington name for the state/territory. Ironically, this was after Congress rejected naming the state/territory Columbia for it being too similar to District of Columbia. It was even attempted by a House resolution to rename Washington territory to Washingtonia but that also failed: I do think the logo being called too similar to Walgreens argument has some merit, but I like the curly W much more than I like any version of the block W that has been worn by the Senators. I've always found the block W to be a bit boring, and more fitting for college athletics.
  7. I love the curly W. It was in the Karate Kid, and none of the block W versions look good. Like others have said, they need to ditch the numbers. They are the worst part of the current look.
  8. Just saw that LMU change. That's a bit disappointing. Their old LMU had character and I liked it. Wish they would have kept it. I don't love the new lion head, but I do like it better than the old one.
  9. This is the best primary in their club history.
  10. I like the thinner outline but think they should go with a white script Phillies on the red jersey. Leave red on red to the Angels
  11. Agreed, and instead of a new patch I would have just added the 150 next to the existing batterman logo on each jersey’s back. League anniversary patches on the sleeve made more sense when the league logo wasn’t already on the uniform.
  12. I posted that I thought the Pistons horse jerseys were underrated the other day, and this Islanders set, much like the Pistons, suffers from going with trendy teal (and I like teal, just not for the Pistons and Islanders). Straying too far from your team's traditional colors can often get teams in trouble with their fans. I think this set would be great if they had found a way to use royal and navy blue instead of any teal.
  13. Pistons horse era uniforms. Had they been blue instead of teal, I think they would have had staying power.
  14. Maybe it's a stretch but I kind of see Homer Simpson.
  15. Looks like they're back with Bauer. They had been wearing Gemini for a few years recently before Bauer.