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  1. i love the Generals... everything. man, i hate camo, but i love that set for some reason. creepy. *edit - except for that tapering helmet stripe... gross* anyway, did anything else look at the 'meet the teams' section????? i'm pretty sure they had a junior high school computer class design these pages. here's a sample:
  2. i changed the topic title because my old title may have seemed like i was trying to trick you into giving me feedback. hahaha.
  3. EXACTLY! that's what i was saying!!! i guess i can 'see' them, but the f's are just horrible.
  4. i know it! i just don't know what the thinking was behind the logo. on the force message board i brought it up, i got 'fire is a force' and 'the flame is two F's'. everyone was up in arms over it. i personally think it looks like crap, but i guess loyalty will blind sports fans.
  5. hahahaha. okay, so i'm not taking it that personally, chestnutz, but i'm just not a fan.
  6. the fargo force is a USHL team here in Fargo, ND. i HATE this logo, i hate it! now they do this: i feel insulted. they cut up the flame to make it two "F's", supposedly. ugh. back me up or convince me otherwise, i'm open to interpretation. sort of. hahaha.
  7. it may be a replica, but i'm one of those mentioned that would really want to have it. hahaha.
  8. i don't care who it is, i just want a team back in Seattle. good watch if you loved seattle like i did, or even if you've never watched a VERY biased account of the situation. hahahaha. also, to the person who said the sonics still get the colors, logo and history stuff, they only exclusively get the name and colors, the history is a 'shared' history.
  9. thruby

    NFL 2060 Uniforms

    creating a "Historameleon" (or a "Chamistorian") ---- that's just fantastic! i loved that! hahaha. anyway. i'm not a huge fan, i mean, i guess i get it, but that look just hurts my sense of jersey interest. i don't mind the white helmet, but the red one is busy in a bad way. plus, the fade... yeah, i'll leave it at '...'.
  10. I really like the logo a lot. i like the style and really like the colors. well done.
  11. I don't have any pictures, but: i have a red, blank Chicago Blackhawks Reebok Edge that i got on sale at Scheel's for 45. A red, blank Chicago Blackhawks CCM, Ebay. A red, Roenick Chicago Blackhawks CCM, Ebay. A white, number 9 'Stall & Dean' Quebec Nordiques jersey. I got it in a hockey shop. It's real thick, real nice, i love it. A real nice white, blank Washington Caps CCM, from my dad's childhood. A black, Lemieux Pittsburgh Penguins CCM, from my step father's childhood. A burgundy, Roy Colorado Avalanche, Starter, from my chilhood. A black, my last name (weak! i was a kid!), Boston Bruins , Starter, again, i was a (dumb) kid. A red, Federov (gross) Detroit Red Wings, Starter from my childhood. Non hockey, i have numerous old b-ball jerseys, two Braylon Edwards jerseys (ouch) and even worse, two tim couch's. hahahaha. that ought a do it. i could post pics someday, but odds are, i'll forget.