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  1. He was 60?! I didn't think it was that long ago he was playing. Wow.
  2. As far as worst game I ever saw? 1983 NCAA men's basketball. Kentucky beat Cincinnati 24-11. It was 40 minutes of four corners basketball. Yawnfest.
  3. Nothing beats Super Bowl XVI's Up With People halftime show. That was 80's gold, baby.
  4. "Come on, guys! We're cool, too! Right? Right?" --Seattle University
  5. #LetitbeThunderbirds
  6. I have recently started taking on some extra design work, and received my first freelance paycheck. After the initial swell of pride subsided, I realized, "Oh yeah. I'm going to have to claim this for tax purposes." This is going to be a steady side gig (hopefully), so my question to the freelance designers of the world is this. What is a good percentage to set aside for taxes? I have 20% in my head, but I'm not sure if that number is too high or too low. Thanks!
  7. That has rules to be followed/enforced. It's not that difficult to understand.
  8. These beauties right here.
  9. Yes, you can. You choose not to.
  10. Please go to Account Settings, Signature. The sooner the better.
  11. The NBA has done just fine for many years with an odd number of teams. Adding two "to even things out" isn't a reasonable argument.
  12. It’s certain? It was certain a few years ago that the Kings were coming to town. It was certain that a team with 41 years of history wouldn’t get ripped from the city. It was certain in ’95 that former NBA commissioner David Stern called the newly-renovated Key Arena a “beautiful building.” The only certainty in this story is that Seattle’s first professional sports franchise, easily one of the most exciting tickets in town at the time, was taken away from its fanbase. And there was nothing fans could do about it. It’s been just over ten years since they played their last game here, and the whole situation still pisses me off.
  13. To paraphrase SNL's Mike Myers, "If it's not Seattle, it's crap!"
  14. When a thread topic about the Tennessee Titans veers to other teams and poor taste pictures, is a warning really necessary? If people can’t stay on topic, that topic should close. My apologies if that bothers you. I would hope that members understand this reasoning.
  15. It's more tasteless than anything. This thread has veered off topic long enough. We're done.
  16. During Montana's tenure, the Niners lost three. Your point?
  17. Joe Montana never lost a Super Bowl. Just sayin'.
  18. And those three cities had stable minor league franchises for over 50 years. Portland has had five different franchises in a forty year span. Not convinced.
  19. If I’m major league baseball, I would stay away from cities who have had trouble supporting class A Minor league baseball teams.