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  1. Was hoping Bartoszek might get something in at the last minute. Oh well. Another year of T-Birds hockey.
  2. Geez, Tukwila is not that bad. It's near the airport, not far from light rail (depending on where in Tukwila), tons of open real estate, and probably cheaper than SoDo. Plus it's next to Renton which is great for me. Traffic woes in the 425 are not exclusive to Tukwila. If Seattle can't get its political crap together, Tukwila is a great alternative.
  3. Yeah. They'll plop them in Key for a few seasons if Seattle gets anything.
  4. Did the Nordiques have a strong following before they moved?
  5. As someone who very casually follows hockey, if the NHL is so gung ho on Quebec, why did they let the Nordiques leave?
  6. Porn aside, when Google sells the site to advertisers that's where the revenue comes in? Is that the entire site?
  7. I'm curious to know if the site generates revenue. I am sure the cost for keeping this baby going has to be hefty. Does site traffic help? Number of users? Does ad revenue keep it even? Interested in the behind-the-scenes stuff.
  8. If I switched to the full version on my phone, is it easy to switch back to the mobile version? The "mobile version" link at the bottome isn't working.
  9. Nope. I thought the call was fine too. If Wilson completes that pass, we're all calling Carroll a genius today. Sure, but I think they outsmarted themselves. They had time to run and then pass. I get what they were going for, but it seemed so unnecessary. All things considered, if you're going to pass, passing on 2nd down was probably the best choice. If you run on 2nd and don't get it, the chances you're passing on the next two downs increase significantly. If anything, the Seahawks should have run a different pass play. Maybe something to the corner where it's either caught by your receiver or it goes out of bounds. Seattle's rushing game averaged 5.3 yards per carry during the regular season. The Patriots defense was allowing 4 ypc during the regular season. Looking at that stat alone, a running play wouldn't have been a bad 2nd down call. Moot point. Pats won. It was a heckuva game; the kind of game a Super Bowl SHOULD be. I just wish the outcome was different.
  10. Right up there with the '93 Bills/Oilers Wildcard.
  11. How is McCarthy the biggest goat? Burnett slid on that fourth interception when he could have run. The Packers offense couldn't capitalize like they could have on five turnovers. Bostick muffed the onside kick. McCarthy was the general, but the troops failed to execute.
  12. Did I hear right that the last QB to win a championship game with four interceptions was George Blanda?
  13. Win or lose, you gotta admit this is a heckuva finish.
  14. Drew Bledsoe must get the best Christmas gifts EVER.
  15. I can think of a few HOF quarterbacks who would love to experience his "dead legacy" of three Super Bowl appearances and one win.
  16. As a Seahawks fan watching years of mediocre football, the Franco Harris season, Dan McGwire, Stan Gelbaugh, Rick Mirer, "We want the ball. We're gonna score," I will live with "insufferable" for as long as I can. You forgot the Vinny Testaverde TD that wasn't a TD...but then who am I to open up old wounds?(I suppose you also purposely excluded Super Bowl XtraLarge for that same reason...) Meh....Testaverde's TD at least helped pave the way to instant replay. And Super Bowl XL isn't a failure in my book. Had the Seahawks played better, they could have won that game. But they made it, and that's a success.
  17. As a Seahawks fan watching years of mediocre football, the Franco Harris season, Dan McGwire, Stan Gelbaugh, Rick Mirer, "We want the ball. We're gonna score," I will live with "insufferable" for as long as I can.
  18. If he doesn't get hurt, we may never know the "legacy" of Tony Romo.
  19. In more important news, Jason Avant is on the market. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XagvsSXSxnY He's a wonderful catcher of....balls.
  20. Can't be any worse than this: Getting go the Key may be a pain, but it's a nice arena.
  21. If that's supposed to make Seattle-ites feel better, it fails on 16 different levels.
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