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  1. It's better than what they USED to have. That's for sure. And this coming from a Kennewick Lions fan. :-)
  2. Does the mobile version only work with certain phones/tablets? I upgraded from a Win 7 to 8 phone and I no longer get the mobile site.
  3. Speaking of local news, isn't it surprising how little the Seattle Times cares about the Coyotes? It's a pretty stark contrast to their up-to-the-second reporting on the Kings/Hansen saga. I don't think it's that surprising. Basketball has a deeper history in Seattle and the "wounds" from the Sonics leaving are still pretty fresh. Have the Thunderbirds or Silvertips (or Rockets when they were here) ever been more of a footnote in the sports section? But then maybe that's not a fair comparison.
  4. Yep. Ran by a dead one on the side of the road the other day.
  5. EDIT: On second thought, forget it.
  6. Try dragging the image from your web browser into Illustrator or saving it to your local drive. That happens to me on rare occasions.
  7. Clicking on a link, while on the boards, brings up the same page twice. Anyone else experiencing this?
  8. I have no legal background, so this is only a conspiracy theory. But I imagine the Costas interview was Sandusky's legal team trying to say, "SEE? He can't get a fair trial anywhere!" I just can't imagine any other reason for Amendola to let his client be interviewed by Bob Costas other than he's a complete moron.
  9. And to think the Twins, Giants, White Sox, and Mariners almost moved there.
  10. You can ungroup the background layer (after you offset) and get rid of the original letters.
  11. You want your letters to be one group, and the outline to be another. The easiest way to do this is to take your text (shape or object), copy it, and lock the layer it's on (layer 1). Create a new layer BEHIND the text (so layer 2 is under layer 1) and paste on that layer in front or paste in back (Apple F or Apple . It won't matter which command you do because the new layer is under/behind the original layer. You should now have two layers with the same text in the exact same place. Offset the bottom layer and leave the top layer locked.
  12. I think if you ungroup your outlined type before you do the offset path, this fixes your issue. I paste (in place) the same path on a separate layer and lock it. The "Offset Path" layer is behind the original. You'll have a bit more freedom that way.
  13. Does anyone know what font this is?
  14. Get this book: http://www.amazon.co...93718055&sr=1-1 There is a contract inside along with many other good things including pricing and other practices you should follow. You can get them at most big book stores in the store so you can have one in your hands by the end of the day. Hopefully this isn't too late! Good Luck! Thanks! Still in discussion mode with this guy. Any advice/issues/things to look out for? This job will have a fair amount of outsourcing (printing, mail house, and web development) and the client is looking for me to run point on all of it. It's been awhile since I've done a project of this magnitude, so I want to go into it as prepared as I can.
  15. Good place to find a quick and dirty contract? I have a potential freelance job with a non-friend client, and I want to protect myself.
  16. Was the old two-bar face mask ever posted (for the Riddell helmet)? I did a casual search and didn't see anything. Just curious.
  17. Wouldn't Oakland be part of the Charter Circuit as they started as the Philadelphia A's And, for the sake of argument, if you're sticking with "Charter" and "Expansion," it would make more sense to move LA and San Fran to Charter and Milwaukee and New York to Expansion. Just my meaningless two cents.
  18. Are we counting wrestlers? If so, I need to amend my list. Wrestlers: The Brood (David Heath is a pretty cool cat, Edge was nice guy, Christian was a bit of a jerk), Debra and Chyna, Jeff Jarrett, Big Show, The Rock, and Owen Hart. Somewhere I have a picture with Owen and Chyna. He's got the rabbit ears up behind me. It was a few weeks before he died. Super nice guy. Biggest prick? Sean Waltman hands down. I felt like I needed to wash myself after I met him.
  19. Dale Murphy: Growing up a Dodgers fan, I hated the Braves of the '80s. I had a predisposition to hate Bob Horner, Rafael Ramirez, Dale Murphy, and the whole Braves staff. I went to the All-Star Game in '99 for work and who walked by, but Dale Murphy. I gotta say, he was one of the nicest pro athletes I've ever met. We talked for some time while his kids played video games. Totally changed my opinion of the guy. While working the ASG, I also had the pleasure of meeting the following: Ken Griffey Sr., Ken Griffey Jr., Phil Neikro, Carl Yastrzemski, Robin Yount, Jim Palmer, and Vida Blue. Griffey Sr. was great until I asked him for two autographed baseballs. I thought the man was gonna kill me right there with his tree trunk arms. I've also met several local sports guys: Slick Watts, Xavier McDaniel, Detlef Schrempf, Jeff Kemp, and Todd Peterson.
  20. Holy Cross denied the Big East? What the hell were they smoking? Get your @$$ handed to you on a regular basis by Georgetown, St. John's, and Syracuse or have a chance at competing with Lehigh and American U. Not a tough choice there.
  21. If their goal is to play in the NBA, does it matter? Since 2000, Pitt's men's basketball team has been in the top 25 for eight of those seasons and been to the NCAA tourney every year except 2000-01. Their football team has been to six bowl games (seven if you count this year) and nationally ranked five of those years. I don't know about you, but I don't think anyone would consider the Big Ten tournament in Indianapolis a step down from MSG.
  22. I had the same question...that right there, corny as it may sound at first, seems like a decent answer. That works, at least in my mind, as a natural progression...from "Big" 10, to "Great" 12...especially since the Big XII already exists. It'll take time for people to make the adjustment--at one point the Big XII was the Big 8, but people have adjusted, so I think it might work. As for who joins...I really have no rooting interest in the Big Ten, so I really don't care. Having said that, I think it'll eventually be Pitt...I just can't see ND leaving that NBC $$$ alone. Who says they have to change the name at all? It didn't happen when they went to 11. Keep the name and work the number 12 into the logo. THAT would be genius.
  23. Something about the second bar (from the top) on the latest tutorial bugs me. With some colors it looks flat. Is that just me?
  24. Just messing around today, and noticed how beautiful they look when grouped together. Again, great work, sir.
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