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  1. Man, this could be addicting. BTW, the red helmets really pop. Here's a question. I tried adding a "sparkle" effect to this silver helmet (hope that's ok, Dustin). I basically just added some Noise, and overlayed it. It's not coming out the way I'd like it to. I noticed the Jacksonville helmet you did had a great looking sparkle effect. How'd you do it?
  2. I will never use another template again. :-)
  3. Thank you so much for posting this, Davidson. I tried it with my fantasy team, and it turned out perfectly! I hope a mod pins this. It's invaluable info.
  4. is ridiculously good looking

    2. Jimmy!


      Why thank you. Thank you very much.

  5. Have you tried opening your .ai or .eps file in Photoshop and saving it out as a .png that way?
  6. Anyone know where I could find the basketball court template (vector preferrably, but I'll take anything)? I did a quick search and came up empty.
  7. How about an Australian Football template (vector)?
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