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  1. They are supposed to be some sort of "semi-professional fastball" team. We don't even get good crowds for the big tourney we have here, let alone support a team. [Pic is here... How do I get images from my photobucket account to appear here, with out having to have a link to it?
  2. I voted for ya too. Good job on it.
  3. On the subject of Regehr (Robyn), he has to be the absolute worst choice to be on Team Canada for Turin. Booo team Canada for that selection! Many other deserving players out there **cough** PHANEUF **cough** for example, regardless of whether he's a rookie or not.
  4. As a lacrosse enthusiast, I never really understood why lacrosse got little to no attention in the local and national media. After seeing what kind of image we portray, it became quite obvious. A little searching for the 2006 Championships and logos gave me this one. It is for the 2006 Junior "B" National Championship, the "Founders Cup". What a friggin disgrace to a national championship. I will be trying my own rendition for this logo...if anyone else feels the same...have at it! Link to ugly
  5. I am utterly disgusted as a sports fan that these countires weren't able to pick distinct and unique jersey's. There is no flavour, no character to these "items". - The socks have to go, no question. - Working in merchandise makes me wonder why they would make all the jerseys look the same. The template is cost effective, but I know more than 20 Canadian fans who will not buy this jersey, simply because "they all look the same." - Nike, please leave hockey.
  6. Yeah, it is pretty exciting. Doesn't mean it isn't played exclusively by snooty white guys. Is the indoor version considered a sham, kind of the way indoor soccer is? Depends I guess. Here in Canada, field lacrosse is quite secondary. Indoor lacrosse at the ACC regularly attracts 16-17k, and the Pepsi Centre in Denver is sold out for most NLL games. I can tell ya the players are far from snooty considering they are cops, teachers, students etc. The MLL...well I think 3-5k is avg...and the games are quite boring.
  7. This league is such a joke up here. Read the releases...same guy apparently "coming up with winners" left and right for the design work and such.
  8. Anyone know where I can find these fonts? Meta Plus Bold Meta Plus Book Minion Thanks in advance.
  9. Now, as a person who is challenged in making ANY sort of logo, I try to never dole out criticism as I would not be able to do a project such as this. So my comment is...they both look good, but the secondary logo reminds me very much of the Titans logo I've seen. I do like the primary but the back hind leg that is all black looks like something is missing. I am not sure what..but something.
  10. I am not so sure about this.... I'd have to argue the point about Toronto and Detroit having bad darks. They are simple, traditional, but to the point. They are part of the original six teams, and would feel the wrath with any major changes. They may lack the flare that expansion teams have, but like I said, they have tradition to back it up.
  11. I am a total newbie when it comes to this stuff. Is there any tutorials on how to create a mask? I searched here and google but found nothing..
  12. Sorry, I'll try to be a little clearer. I enjoy doing some of the jersey concepts etc, but I am horrible at making new logos etc. What I am trying to do is this: I went to a certain team website and saved a picture that I thought would look good on a jersey. When I saved it though, it keeps showing up with white surrounding the logo (it is a .jpg). Is it possible to edit this logo in Illustrator to remove only the material I would like to work with, and not the white surrounding it?
  13. When using images that are web ready how do I select only what I want from it? You know when you click "save as", and you get say for example a box with white surrounding the logo you want to use? Thanks
  14. Now I am not too sure, but this company is the same that came up with the Ottawa Renegades logo, and any other interests that Brad Watters used to have. The Grey Cup logos are kind of boring.
  15. Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk - straight from the Russian Super League (Hockey) Also, you want to see some funky jerseys...visit the link below and have a peek! Russian Super League Jerseys