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  1. Couldn't agree more. It looks like design-by-committee, without an overriding unifying aesthetic. Elements all jumbled together as if to satisfy the various marketing interests and design teams. No cohesion, no single identity. Yes. What an embarrassment and lost opportunity. Most insidious of all is the highlighting of the nike logo on the shoulder. What a sham.
  2. I actually think both logos have their problems. They went too far when they tried to modernize the original. The dimensions of the stick and of rink are wrong, which in my opinion make the logo look cartoony. The original logo has nostalgia, but I think it's starting to look very dated. I think if they mixed the two logos it would look great. I made these logos months ago in MS-Paint, so they aren't the best quality, but there an example of what I think the best logo for the Canucks would be. (Shameless plug) I'm 51. The Canucks entered the league when I was a kid and I identitfy the fledgling franchise with the original stick in rink logo. And I say it has stood the test of time and did not need to be "modernized." Why can't we just enjoy the sparse simplicity of a stick in a rink? Why must there be a C or or some "action" in the logo? A stick. A rink. It's hockey. It is proud and bold. There is no other logo like it. It is Vancouver hockey.
  3. It worked for Buffalo Sabre fans. Remember the SabresNotSlugs website? If you don't shoot, you don't score. It's more than worth a try. It remember that ... it was known as '' ... collected over 30,000 signatures, and the website was created after the leak before it ever even became official. Horrible logo! I thought it was a joke at first, never thought they'd go thru with a logo like that. With the exception of the logo, I thought that '06-'07 set were the best uniforms the Sabres ever had ... I've always said they should have kept 'em but used the alternate 'B' logo with the Sabre-sword stuck thru it and dump that stupid Buffaslug. Sabres and Canucks came into the NHL together in '70-'70 both clubs dropped their minor league logos and uniforms. First time Vancouver came to the Aud I liked the Canucks uniforms & logo, especially after they gave it a slight tweak from the 70s, whereas I've never liked the Sabres original logo, even after it was tweak .... Zzzzzzzz, boring !!! As far as the Canucks are concerned, these to me are sharp, maybe put Johnny Canuck on the shoulder. They one posted by 'Gothamite' looks just too minor league-like IMO. The Orca with Vancouver above it looks way too busy. You are so right. That is a sparkling uniform. And the key component is the original logo...not the bastardized one now slapped on the shoulder.
  4. I would also include one of the many combinations from the Bengals current set, but I don't know where to begin.
  5. Those look really great. Nice work. I wonder what it would look like (and this is not really about your work, but the logo you inherited) if the white space inside the triangle was changed to gray? The white in that logo seems to not compliment the overall balance of the uniform.
  6. These look fantastc. Excellent work.
  7. I can't your concept is the stick-in-rink the lovely original, or that bastardized tweak thing? Nice work, btw.
  8. Fantastic work. These look great. I say just get rid of that horse head logo and go exclusively with the cowboy hat...and yes, DALLAS on the road uni.
  9. That looks really good. Nice work. The elimination of the light blue does wonders. If it were me, I would remove the stripes from sides and place them in the more conventional spot around the waste. Could you try that?
  10. Hoopskid, this is such a vast improvement over what they've done. Replace the Copperplate with something appropriate and it makes this rebranding much more palatable.