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  1. Vikings #10 Fran Tarkenton- the 1970's sears or jcpenney kind.
  2. Minnesota winter teams that didn't suck
  3. As a Vikes fan... I will never forget it...
  4. I will die before the Vikings win a Super Bowl...

  5. Vikings Favre away Peterson throwback Moss Carter Twins Home navy alt Powder blue throwback USA-Modano Wild Stars-Modano North Stars-Modano Islanders- DiPietro Gophers Hockey Gophers Football- #1 Dolphins- Marino
  6. Minnesota 1. John Randle 2. Rod Carew 3. Mike Modano 4. Kevin Garnett 5. Cris Carter Non-Minnesota 1. Earl Campbell 2. Dan Fouts 3. Keith Tkachuk 4. Mike Schmidt 5. Magic Johnson
  7. On Entourage, E wears a Islanders cap off and on.
  8. I went looking for pictures, because I remember seeing a picture at the Pond of her singing in a Ducks jersey. And I found it: And on the website with the picture, it explained that on one of her tours she wore several jerseys of the teams in the city or area of where she was performing - LINK - She also wears some football, basketball, baseball, and even soccer jerseys when she gets to Europe. She wore a Wild Jersey when she performed in St. Paul- I couldn't find the pics
  9. The video for the Genesis song Ripples has Phil Collins wearing a North Stars Jersey Another Genesis video with Tony Banks wearing a Canucks Jersey.
  10. I picked up a U of Minnesota hockey jersey for $12 at Saver's- it was in great shape.
  11. Minnesota has the "M" in all their university stuff.
  12. Love that logo, but was always disappointed they'd didn't figure out a way to modify it to their nickname, the Tornadoes. I live in Anoka and my son plays in their youth program, the current jersey is a little different, but still has the logo. I remember when I was young, watching the state tournament how cool their jerseys were.
  13. Really? I always thought that the Wild's Nature/Head was brilliant. The Wild, Vikes and Twins are great! The T-Wolves logo in the Garnett era was sweet too.
  14. Islanders DiPietro jersey Vikings Fleece Twins world series DVD 65,87,91
  15. There is no outside venue in Vancouver capable of holding such an event. The opening ceromonies for the Games are being held indoors at BC Place. Where do the BC Lions Play?
  16. They will probably do a Gophers v. Badgers at TCF Bank Stadium before the Wild would get a game. Target Field 2010- Wild v. Stars is a good bet. How about USA v. Canada in Vancover for the 2010 Olympics?
  17. The first one I remember watching was Super Bowl XI when the Raiders dismantled my Vikings. My favorite Super Bowl memory is Super Bowl XXXII, when the Broncos beat the Packers. The best Super Bowl to me will always be the Giants and Bills. Least favorite was Super Bowl XXXIII, because the Vikings were supposed to be there against the Broncos. They probably would have lost, but still should have been there.
  18. Team USA is on the rise and will be a factor in Vancouver next year. The aging out of Modano, Tkachuk, Weight, Rolston and Guerin will be in favor of guys like Kessel, Kane, Stastny, DiPietro and Miller. They may not get the gold, but will medal. With Brian Burke building the team they will be very good.
  19. I have the throwback Peterson jersey and I get comments about it all the time. I wish they would wear them more often. I do agree that the Culpepper/Moss jerseys were the best.
  20. I had an almost complete set of the topps hockey cards when you would scratch off the names. I'm sure I had a gretzky rookie in there.