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  1. This kind of ties in to the post above, but I was looking at my local WHL team Portland Winter Hawks team store yesterday and I would say the bulk of their classic logo items are on clearance. Authentic jerseys of both home and away are on sale as are replicas and nearly anything with their classic logo on it. They've been using a roundel with the letter P in a lot of ads for the the last few years. There was some speculation when they unveiled a new third jersey in Feb of 2020 that the change was coming. Adidas created a whole new set of logos to go with it (link below). They were supposed to wear the jersey in March of 2020 but with all that's happened, I do not believe it ever saw the ice. For the abbreviated 2021 season, their center ice logo which has usually been the logo similar to the Blackhawks was replaced with one of the new alternate logos that is a rose bud with a P in it. I'd venture a guess we're going to see the new hawk logo replace the old one. I'm curious if they keep the Blackhawks sweaters and then still have the all black alternate uniform, or if that alternate is the basis for their new look and we get a white version to match. Nothing has been announced, but with new ownership taking over this year, I think its probably more like than not there is a new look in Portland. https://winterhawks.com/article/winterhawks-and-adidas-announce-new-alternate-crest-and-third-jersey
  2. This is really cool, thanks for putting together. As a Seahawks fan, I did notice one thing that could be added, in 1994 the Seattle Kingdome had ceiling tiles fall before a Mariners game. It caused the M's to play on the road for about a month until the 1994 MLB strike and the Seahawks played their two home preseason and first three games of the regular season at Husky Stadium which would have been AstroTurf at the time. Since we're on the subject, the Seahawks (Paul Allen) paid for Husky Stadium to be upgraded to Field Turf in 2000 in time for the Seahawks to use it while Seahawks Stadium was being built at the former site of the Kingdome in 2000- 2001. Seahawks Stadium was supposed to feature real glass (in part to help get an MLS team) but the Seahawks liked the Field Turf so much they installed it instead.
  3. Thanks! Couldn't come up with that name for the life of me! Such a great site.
  4. I know this isn't a 2020 related uniform question, but didn't want to start a new thread. Does anyone know what site these style images come from? It kept track of all the throwbacks worn each season. I can't remember what it was called and can't seem to find anything online. Much appreciated.
  5. I don't know how I missed this. I've been a big Winterhawks fan my whole life but haven't been as attentive since moving away. I agree with your assessment that this is where they are going for a new logo sooner than later. I feel like they've been looking for options for a while now. They had the "Hawk Eyes" logo which makes an appearance on this hawk logo if I'm not mistaken. Also, great use of the 4 feathers in there. This kind of reminds me of that blackhawks "hawk" concept that shows up quite frequently. They've used the white, red, black Winterhawk logo (seen in the puck above) for print and ads and more recently using the roundel with the P on billboards and ads. I would also argue you probably wouldn't get a full new logo and additional marks like shoulder logos if you weren't looking at options for a full rebrand. That rose is clever too. Big fan of that. This jersey was used for one weekend this year, I see it as the alternate next year and then maybe two or three years the full time look. I hope that red is the primary when that day comes as the all black seems like it should be the alternate.
  6. Could it be that the area on the chest we assume the suppler opposite the XFL logo is a place for a sponsor patch/advertisement? You could still do branding on the sleeve/shoulders as Nike currently does in the NFL if/once a branding partner is announced. It's also kind of funny how 25 years ago or so, brands weren't on jerseys and when the logo creeps started to happen people were against them and we've eventually accepted them. Now when a league doesn't have a manufacture logo on the jersey, we're all freaking out!
  7. The chair behind is a navy chair with a sand colored SD stitched on it from the 04-11 set. They'be been in the Petco Park Auditorium where they hold these events for years.
  8. I think that's a solid point and something I did think about. Not sure if St. Louis is anything like where I grew up, but we often bought our event tickets at a local sporting goods store sold by a kid on the Ticketmaster system that was just text based, I could imagine issues happen, however not at the rate they do today with online ticketing. As someone who worked in ticketing, you'd be amazed at how often, especially with the implementation of the internet and secondary markets, people think they are getting one thing but it's really the other. I've had people show up for football games at the baseball stadium when there are both teams in the market and people show up for spring training games with tickets they bought online thinking they were getting tickets to a local game. So what am I saying? I still think Metropolitans could work! Also, good to know the Football Cardinals were Big Red, that definitely helps make things a little clearer. Speaking of tickets and Seattle, apparently the first online ticket sale occurred for an event in Seattle. Executives from the team and Ticketmaster were gathered to see the transaction take place in a soft launch type of scenario. A fan went online, bought a ticket and the transaction was done. To celebrate, they called him to tell him he'd just made history and had purchased the first online ticket and ask him about the experience. When they told him this, he responded by saying, "I did it so I didn't have to talk to anyone." and hung up!
  9. As someone who was alive during the time (but not conscious to the fact) there were two St. Louis Cardinals, one playing Baseball and the other Football, until 1987, this whole division thing seems like it wouldn't be a big deal. The two Cardinals in the same city, blows my mind. Did people buy tickets for the football team thinking they were getting baseball tickets? It had to happen, but I'm sure it was few and far between. I 'm with gosioux76 that I can wrap my head around a team and division/league having the same name and not getting confused by it.
  10. And moving into a brand new stadium that same year. Fun fact, the Seahawks joined the NFL in the NFC West in 1976 and the Buccaneers joined in the AFC West the same year. The Seahawks then moved the AFC West and the Bucs to the NFC Central. This realignment was dictated by the league as part of the 1976 expansion plan, so that both teams could play each other twice and every other NFL franchise once during their first two seasons. Thanks Wikipedia! Additionally, this was kind of the first opportunity for the new Paul Allen leadership to do anything to the uniforms since taking over the team in 1997. With Allen only purchasing the team if the referendum to build a new stadium passed, it make the most logical sense as the time to rebrand under new ownership. I like what you've done here OldSchoolVkings.
  11. I've read through a few pages regarding the players weekend, having no inside info, my gut asks if maybe this black and white for all teams isn't so Majestic isn't stuck with tons of left overs with the impending switch to Nike next year? With the style that was used the last few years over players weekends, there were a number of different color combos (22 by my count in 2018) that were team specific. If they just do black and white, they can run through their inventory for this weekend and not have random Reds, or Giants or Astros specific jerseys left over. It has to make production easier and allows them to add quantities or any player/team easily if needed. I've seen an article that the day after their contract with MLB is up, Majestic is sending all the merch they have to liquidators, so I'd imagine they just want to wash their hands of it and be done. Just a thought that might help explain this.
  12. This was posted on the Husky Nation group on Facebook. Its apparently from the Adidas Store at their Headquarters. Shows some more details we haven't seen yet. Insert image from URL
  13. From everything I've ever seen, jerseys come in form the manufacturer with the crests all sewn on. Team/team customizes may add sponsor patches or anything that is not part of way the jersey ships "standard." With the Hurricane's logo being essentially symmetrical, it's easy to see how someone who was sewing several of these in a row put it on upside down and didn't notice. It would be something else if they put the Penguins logo on upside down, for example, as that's not a logo that could essentially be "either way" if you weren't looking closely.
  14. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see anything regarding the Padres using 3D logos on their blue batting helmets. I didn't see if they were using on the Friday Browns, as far as I can tell this is new for this year.
  15. I must say, this thread, as a whole, is fantastic. The design elements and presentation are awesome, but I really dig the historical thought process and information presented and how it all ties together. Such a solid idea with great execution and so much research done. I'm fascinated by sports relocation and what could have been and really enjoying your take. I've also learned so much I had no idea about. I consider myself a pretty big Seattle fan and know about the M's and Seahakws almost leaving in the 90s but was unaware of the White Sox/Athletics swap of the 1960s. All things equal, I think I'd take Griffey, Edgar, Ichiro, Randy, Bunher and the rest than take over the White Sox (but as the Athletics) history, including the 05 World Series. Griffey made me a sports fan and I'm not sure it would have been the same otherwise. I knew about Opening Day II but had seen very little about it and definitely hadn't seen those photos before and glad someone finally made a digital rendering of the Seattle script. And that Tampa Mariners logo from 1992...how do I get that on a t-shirt?! (Same is true for the Anaheim Seahawks, but I digress). I just ordered the Stadium for Rent book you recommended and excited to dig even deeper. Again, really enjoying this both visually and as a history lesson.
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