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  1. From everything I've ever seen, jerseys come in form the manufacturer with the crests all sewn on. Team/team customizes may add sponsor patches or anything that is not part of way the jersey ships "standard." With the Hurricane's logo being essentially symmetrical, it's easy to see how someone who was sewing several of these in a row put it on upside down and didn't notice. It would be something else if they put the Penguins logo on upside down, for example, as that's not a logo that could essentially be "either way" if you weren't looking closely.
  2. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see anything regarding the Padres using 3D logos on their blue batting helmets. I didn't see if they were using on the Friday Browns, as far as I can tell this is new for this year.
  3. I must say, this thread, as a whole, is fantastic. The design elements and presentation are awesome, but I really dig the historical thought process and information presented and how it all ties together. Such a solid idea with great execution and so much research done. I'm fascinated by sports relocation and what could have been and really enjoying your take. I've also learned so much I had no idea about. I consider myself a pretty big Seattle fan and know about the M's and Seahakws almost leaving in the 90s but was unaware of the White Sox/Athletics swap of the 1960s. All things equal, I think I'd take Griffey, Edgar, Ichiro, Randy, Bunher and the rest than take over the White Sox (but as the Athletics) history, including the 05 World Series. Griffey made me a sports fan and I'm not sure it would have been the same otherwise. I knew about Opening Day II but had seen very little about it and definitely hadn't seen those photos before and glad someone finally made a digital rendering of the Seattle script. And that Tampa Mariners logo from do I get that on a t-shirt?! (Same is true for the Anaheim Seahawks, but I digress). I just ordered the Stadium for Rent book you recommended and excited to dig even deeper. Again, really enjoying this both visually and as a history lesson.
  4. If i'm not mistaken, the original Pro Player Authentic style of these jerseys did have a similar sublimation, but it was horizontal. You can kind of see it below. These jerseys were used at press conferences, etc. but never saw the ice. The stripes never transferred to CCM/KOHO jerseys when they took over the NHL during the Jackets first season of play. As for the jersey shown, I'm glad they didn't go with that, but I don't hate it as a 90s 3rd jersey. Wouldn't have stood up over time in my option. Finally, interesting that Drew Beldsoe's hand warmer appears to be an old Patriot Pat model they just put the new logo over based on the stripes going on there. t
  5. Re: sleeve length, this always bothered me with the original Nike jerseys, across the Game, Limited and Elite models. Especially teams with stripes/logos. I'd prefer to have the logos/numbers/stripes higher up on the sleeve like they are worn on the field. Even if they are going to have way to much fabric on the sleeves, at least I could tailor them and make them a normal length. The Vapor limited jerseys also have a shorter sleeve length. It's not a lot, but it is about an inch which for makes them look much better.
  6. As a UW alum, you nailed it. Nike couldn't possibly justify over paying for UW when Oregon has the ties and has been a much better program for the last decade. I love my Dawgs, but I don't believe we're worthy of a top 10 revenue apparel deal. So many other schools I would put ahead of us in the national conversation. I get why UW would take the deal, but I'm not looking forward to the changes I expect to see coming. Best case is a 91 inspired throwback with weird metallic numbers and an unnecessary pattern, al la Miami.
  7. benpc21

    NHL 2017-18

    If I'm not mistaken, one of the members here, @Puckguy14 had a hand in designing the Barracuda jerseys. They look sharp!
  8. First off, the Blofeld reference for Chase Field is amazing! Regarding Miller Park, I always thought it was depressing on TV as it usually looks dark and has shadows, when I went to a mid summer day game there, I was pleasantly surprised by how much lighter it felt than on TV. Still not an outdoor park, but better than I was expecting. The part that got my attention was Seattle. As a native to the PNW, I used to go to M's games in college and buy the left field bleachers for like $15. We'd go after class on a Tuesday and the like. Early in the season, there were games where we would get rained on since the roof doens't actually enclose the ballpark. We'd be out there in thick jackets to try and stay warm and try and move to better seats since the wind would carry the rain in and sometimes would hit the entire LF bleacher area. I now live in sunny San Diego and was actually clamoring to go home for an early season, closed roof game at Safeco Field. Do I prefer the open roof, absolutely, but there's something great about a dark, ominous sky in the background with rain pouring down and you sitting in the little bubble watching baseball that I love. I also the Safeco does a great job of converting to an open air ballpark, unlike some of the others mentioned.
  9. As a entitled Millennial, I must apologize. I know this not expected of my generation, but I was wrong. For my ignorance, I will punish myself by not getting my daily Unicorn Frappucino with 4 pumps of vanilla and extra whip. I will also put down my cellphone for a continuous 7 minutes and not check my Snaps, Insta, Twitter, Vine, or other app that I use as my only source of interaction with other humans for an entire hour. (insert string of sad emojis).
  10. All of them are pretty rough looking that I'd be embarrassed to put those out as The Post.
  11. Not entirely uniform related, but Leonard Fournette appears to be wearing his LSU shoulder pads in today's game. I don't have a picture, but the edge of the pads has been hanging out of shoulder cap and its purple and gold which stands out against the Jags colors.
  12. I like what you've done here! There balance of teal and black is solid. I think my issue with the Sharks black jerseys has always been its felt like a departure from their home and away. I don't think you necessarily need to recolor the regular jerseys for a 3rd, but at least make it feel like part of the same set. The sharks have never accomplished that. PS Nice work on the Barracuda jersey, very sharp. BTW Your SJSU jersey is still one of the best club jerseys I've ever seen.
  13. That's fair, but even still, I'd expect a better sew job. I worked minor league hockey for a few years and worked with some awesome equipment managers who even when things had to be changed last second, still had the attention to detail to sew a patch the same way they would if they'd been given weeks. Semi-related but one of the cooler things I saw was we ordered nameplates for guys on the roster and had extras in case we needed to re-crest a new jersey should one be not repairable, etc. Our coach/gm was known to trade players at the drop of a hat and a couple of times we'd get new guys and not have a nameplate for them yet, so our equipment guys would cut existing nameplates and patch work them together to make the correct name until the real plate arrived.
  14. My sewing skills are pretty bad, but this is the worst job I've ever seen on a jersey.
  15. This is fantastic! Do we still do post of the day around here, if so, we have a winner! As for the jerseys, the US especially, seem to draw from a lot of the colors and styles seen in the Nike Soccer USA catalog recently with the multiple blues and gradient type of look.