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  1. Poor contrast, maybe, but I like this very very much more then the actual one.
  2. Even though I'm for the "creamsicle party", I find that the new design without silver accents is way better (I prefer the old sword, too):
  3. Here in Italy there is a blog made by a fan. We (almost) totally miss creamsicles I choose the Bucs in the mid 80's for their unique color scheme, now red as primary color is so common and boring... http://italianbucs.blogspot.com/
  4. This. I love creamsicle unis, but I prefer them with red accents rather than pewter. And I hope in a white helmet (for throwbacks), but I think the red flag on it is way better than the orange one.
  5. Just noticed!!! :notworthy: I'm going to like the new scheme (NOT the fonts) a little more. I loved the orange unis, so every little piece of it, for me is a step in the right direction
  6. With just another font, this could be my favourite Bucs jersey ever. I'd want this as our primary set... too bad it won't
  7. I don't like them, but I think I COULD live with them. But... PLEASE... not with those numbers!!! A 90's digital clock on a pirate jersey... Seriously??? Just glad of the return of a bit more of our historical orange. Let's wait for the red one.
  8. My guess: little changes to actual scheme (maybe just a little more black or silver). My hope: orange! I have no doubt why:
  9. love the creamsickle unis soooo much!!

  10. I cannot believe why to waste such an unique scheme (florida orange & red). The new unis are cool, but red jerseys are really abused in pro sports. As a Bucs fan since the '80s, I'd love a permanent return of the orange uniforms (I think I'm the last straight man on Earth to love Bucco Bruce logo... btw, a white helmet with the red flag and red/orange vertical stripes could be OK, too).
  11. BucsItaly

    The New USFL

    Hi!! I'm an italian guy, and I was a fan of the past USFL (in those years american football was very popular here). Now I hope the new league could start, even if the lack of news on their site is a little worrying... BTW, I wrote on the "commissioner" (Michael Dwyer) facebook page about your wonderful job, and he answered to contact him by email. Unfortunately I cannot send you a PM with his address (maybe because I'm a new member?), if you're interested you may contact me. His facebook page is: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1247826937