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  1. Thanks for the comment, I completely agree Rebels is overdone, and its probably not the most P.C. name either. I debated using it for a long time, and finally just went with it because its what I wanted to use. To be fair, most NBAlogos have a basketball in themIt is like 70 percent ot NBA logos with basketballs and that's just Geo's style to put emphasis on the basketball. Something about your logos have always given me an ABA type feel, which I like. I have tried to incorporate basketballs in my own experience making basketball logos but it does limit the other design elements somewhat and can leave a logo cluttered. Anyway, some of your fonts could be changed. New fonts would make these feel more modern and if in doubt, more spacing between letters helps keep the logo clean. For example, in the Commanders, the letter outlines all touch. Since they are standing outside the logo and not within a box of some kind, it would look better if they didn't look all crammed and touch. Also, I would take out the light blue outline around the ball too in the Commanders. Look forward to seeing what else you come up with. Thanks for the comments Jaha, I always take yours more seriously considering your body of work. I've always had a love for logos that use symbols from their sports. Sometimes i'm afraid I'm trying to cram a basketball into a design, but its also what I like. Right now I'm at 96% with balls, even if I leave a ball out of the last 3 teams I'll still be at 85%. I'd like to incorporate other basketball symbols: hoops, nets, backboards etc. I had a team Raleigh that was contracted before this season that used a net. I'll see what I can do on the fonts, I struggle even more with wordmarks than I do design. I'd really like to clean up Baltimore's wordmark, its pretty sloppy and the more I look at it the less OK I am with it. I also tend to space letterscloser together in an attempt to make them look taller because I'm too lazy to properly edit them. Anyway, here are the next 5 in alphabetical order: Hartford Colonials: A 2004 expansion team changed there name from Connecticut Colonials to Hartford Colonials in 2007 Jacksonville Generals: A founding member in 1994, originally called the Florida Fireballs until 2007 when the took their current moniker. I should note that the iconic image of Jackson here is completely stolen from the City of Jacksonville's flag. Kansas City Explorers: A 2004 expansion team known as the Kansas City Cyclones, adopted current name in 2007. Another case where spreading letters apart wouldn't hurt. Las Vegas Gamblers: A founding member in 1994, known as the Las Vegas Gamblers from 1994-1996, from 1996-2007 they were the Las Vegas High-Rollers, and in 2007 they returned to their original moniker. I keep thinking about updating this, but I love it in spite of its many flaws. Louisville Racers: A founding member in 1994, originally in Indianapolis until they moved to Louisville in 2007 and kept their original moniker. The horse and rider need to be cleaned up, unfortunately I must not of saved the file, and therefore I need to redraw the whole thing, d'oh!
  2. I love your hand drawn ball parks, they're beautiful. Under the the first one, Cisco Field, is a amazing map, is that hand drawn too? I really enjoy the character of hand drawn concepts on here, my best advice for you is to get some good pencils, keep them sharp and do larger drawings, otherwise it starts too look sloppy.
  3. Thanks for the comments I really appreciate them. I would really appreciate some more. Yes, they are all very basketball heavy, but that's how I like them. I've thought about the "C" at the center of the Chiefs logo, but I'm afraid it would be too similar to the Chicago Fire. Rens is short for Renaissance, one of Providence's nicknames is the Renaissance City.
  4. This is a basketball league that I started as a 5th grader in 1994. In the 20 years since I started its had a few different names, taken many forms and slipped in and out of my conciseness. I had a thread going a while back, but I became a father a year-and-half ago so I have not been able to update in the past 2 years. I have had a few opportunities to freshen up a lot of my work and add some more. I have completed 25 primary logos and I have 3 to complete, I was hoping to get some help on improving what's done and creating the remaining 3. Seeing how this is the 20th season of the league I would really like to finish it. If you followed the original thread some of the team names and colors have changed to better reflect the league history. The 28 teams for the 2013-14 Season are: Western Conference Pacific Division Calgary (Need a Name), Edmonton (Need a Name), Las Vegas Gamblers, San Diego Defenders, San Francisco Earthquakes, Seattle Jets, and Vancouver Mounties Southwest Division Austin Outlaws, Guadalajara (Need a Name), Fort Worth Wranglers, Kansas City Explorers, Toreros de Mexico, D.F., Montañeses de Monterrey, and Saint Louis Steamers Eastern Conference Southeast Division Baltimore BlueClaws, Nashville Troubadours, Jacksonville Generals, Louisville Racers, Norfolk Navigators, Richmond Rebels, and Tampa Tropics Northeast Division Columbus Commanders, Chicago Chiefs, Hartford Colonials, Montreal Indépendants, New York City Imperials, Pittsburgh Barons, and Providence Rens 11 of the 28 teams this season can be traced back to original founding teams I am not going to post all 20 but I created maps for all 20 seasons of League to illustrate its logo history. Here is the map for the 2013-14 Season And here are the first 5 logos in alphabetical order Austin Outlaws, A founding member in 1994 originally known as the Texas Lonestars Baltimore BlueClaws: Joined the League as an expansion team in 2008 Chicago Chiefs: A founding member in 1994, originally the Chicago Blazers Columbus Commanders: A founding member in 1994, originally located in Washington, D.C. and called the Washington Eagles, relocated to Columbus, OH in 2009 Fort Worth Wranglers: Joined the League as an expansion team in 2004 as Oklahoma City Oilers, relocated to Fort Worth, TX in 2008 I would really appreciate any comments you have, thanks for looking.
  5. At a Goodwill store in Davenport, Iowa I came across 5 6-packs of these Suns Coke bottles from '93. On the next shelf was this sweet Charlotte Hornets clock. Just thought they were too awesome not to share.
  6. I saw this article in the Des Moines Register today, and thought it was interesting. The Iowa Hawkeyes men's basketball team honorer the late Chirs Street during their game last Saturday. The team wanted to where jerseys with "STREET" nameplates, but the NCAA denied the request. I personally think the idea was kinda dumb, but its too bad the NCAA denied the request. Also, the article said that Powers Manufacturing in Waterloo, IA makes team's game uniforms, I always assumed they were made in a sweatshop somewhere in Asia. The article is below. IOWA CITY, Ia. – Iowa’s basketball staff wanted to do something special to honor the late Chris Street during Saturday’s game against Wisconsin. It was Iowa coach Fran McCaffery’s idea to have every player on his team wear “STREET’ on the back of their gold game jerseys, where their last names are. The 20th anniversary of Street’s death was Saturday. Street, a standout forward, died in an automobile accident in the middle of his junior season. Strom also checked with the NCAA to get approval, since that body has rules in place regarding uniforms. The NCAA denied Iowa’s request.Jerry Strom, Iowa’s director of basketball operations, contacted Powers Manufacturing in Waterloo, the company that makes the Hawkeyes’ game uniforms, to see if they could produce “STREET” nameplates to be sewn on the back of the existing jerseys. “If you read the rule itself it’s pretty self explanatory,” McCaffery said today. “In that case it would have to be an exception granted. And I think the issue was there have been so many exception requests, I think they decided, “The rule stands as it is.’ And that’s pretty much what it was. If you start granting exceptions, then every game somebody wants to do something for some other reason, some other legitimate cause. They just didn’t want to do that.” So Strom and McCaffery started to kick around other ideas. It was Strom who thought to put Street’s gold No. 40 jersey on the first chair of the Iowa bench. McCaffery was all for it. So when the lights in Carver-Hawkeye Arena were dimmed as Iowa’s starting lineup was introduced, Strom pulled Street’s jersey out of a bag and draped it over the chair. That seat, next to assistant coach Kirk Speraw, was kept empty during the game. “I did rub the jersey a few times for good luck,” Speraw said after Iowa’s 70-66 victory. After the game, McCaffery and his team gave the Street family the game ball in an emotional ceremony inside the Iowa locker room
  7. It always bothers me that this league exists, but the CBA does not...damn you isiah thomas...
  8. I like these. They're fun and well done. I like the middle right the best, but there is something about the 3rd down on the left that reminds me of the Oklahoma City Cavalry and it makes me miss the CBA so much. EDIT: I never noticed how old of a thread this is.
  9. There is nothing special about UNI's uniforms, but I always get excited remembering this
  10. Herb Alpert's Tujana Brass - Whipped Cream and Other Delights Seeing the cover makes me want to get the turntable and record out of the closet and spin it again
  11. GeoTheo

    Tampa Bay Tropics

    I love this concept. I've been working on a Tampa Tropics basketball logo similar to your but haven't been able to acomplish anything this briliant. I liked the orginal tail better, I think it unified the elements. Now it look like palm tree and "ropics" when before it looked like "Tropics".
  12. I've quietly watched you league progress. In general I'm not a big fan of a lot of your logos, they're all well done, just not my style. Charlotte and El Paso are my favorites thus far. I'm not that crazy about the Green Bay logo, again, its just not my style, but I absolutely love how the mechanics wordmark looks on those uniforms. Whereas the logos may not be my type, I really enjoy the series, and I love you map on page 1.
  13. you just blink a lot, I guess. this is exactly what thunder looks like Its impossible to represent thunder since its a sound, not an object. Dumb name for a franchise. It's true that thunder is a sound, but typically, LIGHTNING is associated with it. Seriously, how hard would it be to throw Thor somewhere in there? Thats what the QUAD City Thunder did
  14. Being a geographer/cartographer I love this concept, and anything map related. if we're nit-picking Northern Iowa should be between Iowa and Minnesota, and not way out west where you have it. the empty space between Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin would probably work, still not exact, but better.
  15. There may only be one "north star", but there are many stars in the north. No matter what, there is only one "lone star". Of course its his league, and he can do what he pleases, I am just trying to share some wisdom. It took the movie Airheads to set me straight