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  1. Notice the inconsistencies between the swooshes. One is solid black and another is black outlined in sand.
  2. It should be noted that FSU dabbled with white helmets with their previous design and old spear (same white and garnet design, sans gold) and I don’t think they ever saw the field.
  3. This is interesting because the same thing happened with Chicago and yet I thought the merchandising pipeline was already approved for ~2 years, ensuring they had to wear the new crest before being able to change again.
  4. Leak of Bayern’s new away kit. I like the color palette, which is inspired by the Munich flag. The coat of arms is seen on the rear neck. The leak does not have stars above the crest. I’m guessing this is so adidas could confirm whether to manufacture it with four or five stars (Bayern just won their thirtieth league title, which gives them a fifth star in German football). There was a similar situation over a decade ago when they went from three stars to four, and they simply added the fourth star above the others. That solution still beats what Dortmund did going from one to two stars. The single star was central above the crest and they simply added the second, creating an imbalance. Interestingly, Bayern will wear it at home next week when they will be presented with the Meisterschale and Lewandowski attempts to get the record breaking 41st league goal. An untraditional move for Bayern, who almost always wears red at home. They usually debut the new home kit with the last game of the season. I wonder if this swap to the away kit is to give adidas more time to manufacture five star shirts, which I’m sure sell much better than alternates.
  5. The new Arsenal kit is near perfection and brings back the classic cannon. They should really streamline their look like Liverpool did several years back and go with the cannon as the primary badge. The yellow and navy is the quintessential Arsenal away look. The one problem, however, is that they selected yellow shorts. The kit is begging for navy shorts. Hopefully there is a change pair.
  6. At my club (Atlanta), all of the supporter’s groups were grassroots, many of them forming years leading up to the team’s inaugural season. I think the clubs and supporters may occasionally butt heads but it’s a very good relationship with the club providing resources and budgets to the groups to create tifos, storage space, designated time to practice tifo operation, regular meetings between the club and the groups, among other things. The club also benefits heavily from being able to market the “hype” and atmosphere. But the creation and leadership of the groups is all self led by the groups.
  7. I still say they should drop the navy and clean up some of the striping inconsistencies but it’s a good look overall.
  8. The new Dortmund shirt has leaked. They will supposedly use this for league play and have a more highlighter shade for cup play.
  9. Don’t want to get too off topic, but I really have no interest in a playoff with more than 8-12 teams. If it were my decision, I’d go with 8 playoff teams. With a 16 team playoff, we’d be seeing multiple 2 and 3 loss teams, which is a lot for a 12 game conference schedule. 8 teams would ensure the regular season is important, all of the conference winners could get in, and there’s room for at large teams either as independents or very good teams that did not win their conference. Perfect. You could even schedule it where all six CFP bowls play a meaningful game each year with four used for the quarterfinals and the other two as semifinals. Keep the rotation but this would eliminate the “meaningless” CFP games when it isn’t that bowl’s turn to host a semifinal.
  10. Watching the debate over uniform numbers has been a great study into whether someone watches college football. You do? Then this number change is totally normal and accepted. You don’t? An outrage!
  11. The benchmark for a good redesign shouldn’t be “whether the casual fan can notice a difference.” What a load of rubbish. They took a cliche early 2000s over designed mess, stripped it down to the essential elements and came up with a clean design that still clearly reads as the Bengals. That’s a win in my book. My only complaint is the white pant with the outlined orange stripe that everyone has talked about. Matches nothing else. Should just be a black and orange panel like they’ve done for decades. I was also intrigued by the possibility of orange pants. I feel that could have been a nice look on the road or paired with the black jersey, similar to how the Jaguars use their teal pants on occasion. Overall, this is an upgrade.
  12. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned yet: same Nike template. We’d heard rumors about a new template rolling out so it’s somewhat notable that the latest release continues with the same design.
  13. So how bout them uniforms huh Thought we had another major leak or something!
  14. Philadelphia is wearing this kit today against Deportivo Saprissa (Costa Rican side) in the CONCACAF Champions League: When they revealed the kit, they showed it with the Artesano sub-brand of Bimbo. Perhaps the Bimbo brand is better known in Central America? Or maybe there is a regulation that prohibits changing sponsors in the tournament? I’m speculating but I would still expect to see Artesano in MLS play.
  15. That’s true. I forgot about the trefoil and was looking forward to how adidas would implement that into some of their retro inspired designs. Who else has used that pattern?
  16. Leak of Manchester United three kits and also showing the new sponsor layout (it was rumored to have the logo atop the text). Also, if you look closely, you’ll see a bit of the Arsenal primary kit and their blue lightning style one. I’m a fan of the light blue Manchester United strip.
  17. If the NFL loosens the number restrictions, what are the odds some players are locked in to their current number due to merchandising? Didn’t we see a problem with LeBron James unable to swap to #6 because Nike had produced too many #23 jerseys?
  18. Here are a few extra shots of Austin. Here is some game video which really shows that they selected the wrong colors to emphasize. When viewed from the rear, you can’t hardly see any green at all. Austin looks like a black and white club. They really need either a green back of the jersey (or stripes under the number) and green socks. A comparison can be made with Atlanta since the design is similar. Despite not using stripes on the back of the shirt, the red back provides contrast from the shorts and gives balance. In another case, the stripes on the rear hem and red socks seen below give the kit a nice overall color balance when viewed from any angle. In Austin’s case, it’s great from the front and a snoozer from the rear.
  19. Surprised this hasn’t been posted yet. This seems like a nice way to pay tribute while still allowing for both the 150 anniversary and ASG patches.
  20. A few photos of Germany debuting the new kit, now seen with name and number prints. I’m a big fan. The understated and simple look gives me a throwback vibe. I don’t think it’s one of their best away kits but it’s still class. I prefer the 2010 black away, the 2012 retro green, 2014 red and black hoops, and the 2018 teal to name a few. I think that just speaks to the quality that adidas always puts out for its home nation. Germany is always top notch.
  21. With international fixtures going on currently, I’m surprised we haven’t heard more about this. This time of year is common for Nike’s international releases. Footy Headlines commented that they expect it to be worn by both the men and women. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2021/02/usa-2021-away-kit-leaked-first-look-at.html?m=1
  22. I much prefer the gold accented uniforms rather than the full on gold scripts. It allowed the team to still bear a strong resemblance to their regular uniforms, just with a small touch to commemorate the championship. Anything else looks weird and over the top. The Cubs looked good from the front but check out the back: The only one that kinda worked was Kansas City because it fit their aesthetic.
  23. For visual reference, the Spanish federation logo: And the national team crest: Also of note, the German kit will use white printing for obvious visibility reasons, but it clashes a bit with the understated tonal look of the rest of the kit.
  24. Atlanta makes the AT&T sleeve patch official. This means they will continue with two sleeve patches (the other being Piedmont Healthcare) and have no MLS patch. The only positive I can say is that at least all sponsors continue to be gold and match the rest of the kit.
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