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  1. I love the colors of Pitt, not too wild about the font. I might not have made it so steeped. But hey, at least they aren't handcuffed for 5 years like the NFL. They can make small changes like they please.
  2. yep, he was QB 2. Got to play a snap when A.M. Hall "broke his d*ck"
  3. if they would have done the 82 version pullover AND everyone would have been on board with the high pants and stirrups/ socks, I'd fully support it. But I don't like the current ones either.
  4. does MLS do fun 1 day alts? They could have been the Hoth Wampas for this one. Could have had some sweet kits too.
  5. and got Tom Cruise to travel back in time to arrest the person who proposed them AND approved them before it happened.
  6. Throwback to 70s I see. I don't like the font, too large and should be a little arched. But I love the rest.
  7. they look like something Alcorn State would wear.
  8. Liv Tyler should perform the coin toss at the game
  9. took this in July for this board specifically, Behold, the Iconic Jaws of Husky Stadium. http://
  10. Earl Campbell's tree trunk thighs made any pants look good.
  11. watching the Fiesta Bowl, UCF looks like grayscale. Wish someone would come up with a better athletic gold instead of Khaki.
  12. saw a couple Utah kids wearing hoodies (with the laces out to boot) hope this isn't going to be a trend.
  13. Hope it's similar to this, but with Sonny Sixkiller era number font.
  14. Wazzu could have worn the grey helmets and britches. Would have beautified and diversified this Alamo Bowl matchup