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  1. Guess they'll use them as practice pants when the time comes.
  2. so, Pitt just unveiled THEIR icy white unis. Didn't see a white helmet...yawn.
  3. Disco Turkeys for life! If they don't have JohnTravolta dance contest or have him throw out a first pitch, someone should be fired.
  4. Looks great! I was going to suggest this almost exactly in the City Connect thread ( maybe a snake pattern on the socks, or just turquoise socks )
  5. mono turquoise, purple accents with black socks and white sandal looking cleats. El Retirados That would have connected with the city. Hey I’m kiddding
  6. These are ok, I would have used a more royal blue and red instead of navy. And I agree, exposed socks make a huge difference. Dark pants in pajama mode looks like .
  7. White Sox wearing their City Connect unis today v Tigers, saw a few with white belts . IMO, the only way these dark colored pants work (better) is that the players wear them with socks showing. The pajama look kills it.
  8. I did a 1/4ass invert photoshop of the 90 chi Sox throwbacks. This might have been ok. https://imgur.com/gallery/GeJH07u
  9. I do like the number font. Hope we can get a white or silver belt
  10. Kinda hope he finds a couple old school windbreakers so that he can layer the collars under them.
  11. The reverse color rush pinstripes look fine, rest is .... as you said, something I’d see at the mall. With such a rich history of colorful unis to pull from, you think Nike could do better than this. But I can see these selling well to their fans and that’s what they care about.
  12. damn, these are so cool. I guess red pants may make them look too much like the Cuban national team. Moreover, what the heck have Marlin ownership been doing with the last couple sets?
  13. I've long stated that this blue should be their main color. I'd be all for matching red pinstriped pants and blue socks. But I'm enjoying my cough syrup today
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