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  1. If teams wore pullovers back in 70's then they could rock a throwback once a week. Fauxbutton pullovers would be fine. I had high hopes when UA was going to have the contract, so we might get darker gray / fauxback unis that U of Maryland had at the time.
  2. After a covid season, NFL should give the logo a breath of fresh air and get some local flair, host team colors if nothing else. But a wild night for Goodell is down in the basement sipping double malt scotch so.
  3. pretty solid. I prefer the full body leaping tiger on the sleevecaps, but that's a minor quibble.
  4. have to include the bolted to the wall goalposts, there's no wiggle room on this.
  5. Guess I can suggest changes for unis in the top 10 1. Alabama (white helmets for games when they play like colored helmeted schools) 2. Clemson (possibly rock the purple unis x2 games a season) 3. Georgia (make a red 1981 home jersey to match the road ones, rock those sweet dawg collared black unis once a year and call it a day) 4. Texas (put helmet numbers bw the horns for every game) 5. Oklahoma (lose the collars on the alts) 6. Florida ( no more two logos on the helmet, use that circular 80's UF/ Gator logo on the helmet for once) 7. Ohio State ( keep the 1968 unis permanently) 8. Cincinnati (Use more red than black weekly) 9. Penn State (put the lion logo on the helmet and have a pink and black uni game....just kidding ) 10. Notre Dame (slap a green shamrock on those gold domes sometimes)
  6. I was being a little sarcastic.
  7. finally getting to see the Rams on my new fancy TV. Their blue looks so good...and the bone looks so like old burlap sacks.
  8. couldn't the teams just make these helmet sponsor logos , like a contrasting team color? This one could be black instead of blue. Guess then it wouldn't be so glaring.
  9. If I had to change anything about these, I'd thin the stripes on the pants and shoulder caps, but I love me some drop shadow numbers.
  10. just saw on Twitter from the official Saints feed - gold britches it it! Rejoice!
  11. Love UNC Throwback look. A&M needs stripes on their pants (or socks.)
  12. This is one of those occasions where Icy whites would have been good for Cincy. Or black helmet with the rest white.
  13. Georgia-Cincinnati....well it is contrasting... and they are wearing school colors... so... Maybe a white helmet for Cincy would help. But it looks fine.