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  1. The LA rams logo is ok, I don't like how the A is "tucked" into the horn, maybe if they give it a little room to the left. I don't mind the Minimal logo ram.
  2. have Tom (and his wife) model the new unis you cowards!
  3. maybe they just floated the idea to get a reaction. I don't mind the name, just not another red/black/ cool third color team.
  4. like the font on the lsu national championship caps, not the fleur de lis though.
  5. I'd like em if they were, ya know, royal blue and white
  6. Saints rocking long union whites verses the battling Barney’s of minny. If the. Ikings dropped the sail font and had a white face mask, they’d look good.
  7. wonderful ... @Kat_Terrell The Saints are wearing white jerseys, white pants again vs. the Vikings. They did ask to wear their color rush jerseys but the request was denied for this week.
  8. oh you are correct, the Sugar Bowl is SEC Big 12 game.
  9. Georgia looks like its wearing white for sugar bowl. Seems odd, are they not the home team?
  10. just heard Desmond Howard voice his displeasure with the Ducks choice of Olive green unis for Rose Bowl.
  11. well, it does sorta look like an intrasquad game, but at least they are wearing school colors. UVa stripe consistency is great. Love the matte white helmet but hate the numbers on one side (at least the number fonts match the jerseys) SOCLOSE.
  12. Those sleeves are miles better, maybe if they outlined the tv numbers in silver it would be fine