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  1. I'll take those 2014 uni style all day (best wings design on the jerseys and helmets). The second (current ) uni at least has some school color.
  2. Rutgers is going old school long sleeves today v Gophers. Looks like the prima donna QB is going short sleeves , how dare he.
  3. Florida looks great. Just wish they had word these throwbacks against someone else. This looks almost like an intrasquad game.
  4. I am inebriated with the Bears throwback stripness.
  5. Great to see UNC not wearing an "omg we ready" "zero dark thursday" all black uni for Clemson. They looked and played pretty great (well except that 2 pt play)
  6. This Wisconsin/ Northwestern game looks like a Tecmo Bowl version of NCAA football.
  7. I also like mustard yellow and darker shade of royal (marino era) colors. This reminds me of McNeese State. Hope Pitt can at least put shoulder/sleeve stripes on the next set.
  8. Wish BYU would just go back to Royal Blue. I like these navy ones, but they just look right in Royal blue.
  9. and the "we're taking this game very seriously all black" unis
  10. sparky's opinion about being removed. Maybe the equipment guys are making passive aggressive statement
  11. Michigan State looks like a Any Given Sunday team
  12. dear God , I hoped we were going to see less of the HUGE logo side / numbers sided helmets trend.
  13. I agree 3000, Bama should only have numbers, and possibly Penn St. Looks like a high school team.