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  1. DROP SHaDOW NUMBERS FOR LIFE(but the white stripe on the helmet is too blah)
  2. They had to get an Oscar winner to do the narration? They couldn't get Dennis Haysbert as Pedro Cerrano to do it? But seriously, I figured Guardians was the safest choice. I do not like the Guardians font nor the winged logo. They do feel rushed.
  3. Folks, white and gold don't look good together
  4. someone had a good point on twitter that it was difficult to identify the individual players because they weren't in their team unis, how that wasn't a smart way to showcase the stars. Hope we never see that again.
  5. GET YOUR COLORED BRITCHES HERE ! GET YOUR COLORED BRITCHES HERE ! Get those concepts updated with mono sets. I liked the AL's dark britches, Get ready for more of these in the future.
  6. what was so hard about this?
  7. Giants wore them last night, looked brighter than their usual orange. Drop the GG on the cap and add a smidge of slate/ gray ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE UNI and these would be ok.
  8. Mets in Silver jerseys with Queens in script Graffiti font.
  9. So with the NIL becoming a thing this coming season, will we see any athlete trying to sneak an ad onto their helmet or wristbands , etc? I saw OU QB Rattler has his own logo.
  10. it would seem that a unique number font would be right up the swoosh's alley.
  11. I'm sure they will have a similar templet as LSU and Ole Miss, which had issues with shoulder loops in the past, but Nike has them looking better.
  12. sorry I just saw this was leaked a while ago.
  13. just saw the 49ers will have a red dropshadow throwback (looks like the 94 one) this coming season.
  14. team owners and focus groups approved this crap.
  15. love that font, but they did look like the bears.
  16. well, Cam Jordan is pushing hard to bring back the ugly gold jerseys from the late 90s. Even tweeting at Sean Payton while coach is on his honeymoon. Cam been hit in the head one too many times...and I'm a fan of his. We are way more likely to see the 69 preseason black Saints helmet and jerseys.
  17. agree and if they use a red facemask, these would be great as a permanent away set.
  18. Guess they'll use them as practice pants when the time comes.
  19. so, Pitt just unveiled THEIR icy white unis. Didn't see a white helmet...yawn.
  20. Disco Turkeys for life! If they don't have JohnTravolta dance contest or have him throw out a first pitch, someone should be fired.
  21. Looks great! I was going to suggest this almost exactly in the City Connect thread ( maybe a snake pattern on the socks, or just turquoise socks )
  22. mono turquoise, purple accents with black socks and white sandal looking cleats. El Retirados That would have connected with the city. Hey I’m kiddding
  23. These are ok, I would have used a more royal blue and red instead of navy. And I agree, exposed socks make a huge difference. Dark pants in pajama mode looks like .
  24. White Sox wearing their City Connect unis today v Tigers, saw a few with white belts . IMO, the only way these dark colored pants work (better) is that the players wear them with socks showing. The pajama look kills it.
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